Auctioning Off Virginity??????

Ok, this is not a usual post for me… but I had to post this.  There’s this 22 year old girl who is auctioning off her first sexual experience to the highest bidder.  The story can be read here.

Online bidding in the auction of a 22-year-old student’s virginity has reached $5.6 million after more than 10,000 responses, with the top offer so far coming from an Australian businessman.

I know sex sells but…. WHAT??????  😯

Miss Dylan told ninemsn the auction was a “business opportunity”.

“A lot of media are saying I’m doing this to pay for school — school is definitely one of the things I’m going to put this money to but I see this as a really good business opportunity,” Miss Dylan said.

“I wanted to get my masters degree and will put some of this money toward that but it was not the reason I decided to do it.”

Check how much the bids have grown:

Since then bids have rocketed from US$243,000 (A$356,000) to US$3.8 million (A$5.6 million) with an unnamed 39-year-old Australian businessman as the highest current bidder.

And this is her take on it:

“I’ve been offered to write a book, a possible movie deal and there’s other business opportunities coming my way from just putting this out there, so I’m not going to prematurely end something that can bring me a lot of money and success.”


I found this link while traversing the pages another online community I’ve joined up – the Daily Audio Bible –  there is a prayer request for this girl here.

I just thought I’d mention it here because there needs to be a serious prayer for the world – it is so depraved!  What are your thoughts on this?


6 Responses

  1. Sick world we live in! Calling evil good- and good evil. U know my life story Rob-ppl justify and trivialize evil

    • Yeah… I had to post it… I couldn’t believe what I read….

  2. WOW.

    And … I don’t know if this will be encouraging news to you, but I’ve been avoiding your blog because it’s so good. (Is that twisted??) Pretty much that just means I don’t have time to really read what you’re writing and post an intelligent response.

    Sorry about that. I’ll try to get over here more. :]

  3. You’re avoiding me?????

    Please don’t do that…. I miss you when you’re not here…..

    But I understand what you’re saying … intelligent response!

    (and you’re right…. it is twisted – avoiding me because the posts are good… psshh) 😆

  4. Oh yeah – it’s encouraging, don’t get it twisted! 😆

  5. I’m sorry, I’m sorry …. :]

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