When two or three…

Had a great time in prayer on Wednesday night with my friends Carol and Angela.  Carol has been sensing a call to carry the gospel to the entire island, and gathering those who turn to Christ in small manageable churches (what others might call cells or house churches – I’m bucking the naming game.)  She’s asked me to come alongside and help where I can, especially in the area of deliverance.  

So we decided that we would meet once a month and seek the face of the Lord for this new intiative that the Lord is starting.  Talk about explosive!

We met in Angela’s home, in an upstairs open room that she said was built for the sole purpose of thechurch assembling. It is a lovely house… I’d love one just like it 😀

We just started to worship – I spontaneously started to sing while the others were praying in tongues… we spent a time worshipping until I started prophesying.  My hands got hot, and then…

Carol’s vision is to have passionate worshippers meeting and building community where they are, and she constantly speaks of fire – the universal emblem of both passion and the Holy Spirit himself.  So when I started to spontaneously call fire down from heaven, she felt it!  The manifest presence of the Lord filled the room as I spoke of this first meeting as being one of commissioning and consecration; I said that it was our Pentecost experience, our Upper Room experience.    Yeah, I know I didn’t have to say it 😀 but it definitely fit – the room looks out onto a balcony with a wonderful view.  Anyway…

I started calling fire from heaven and she started to react as the power of God hit her.  I saw in the Spirit an outline of Barbados, with little fires spontaneously starting up all over the island.  I started striking my hands together sharply,  calling out that the Lord was striking the matches to light these fires.  By this time both she and Angela were under the power of God, being filled with his presence and responding by praising in tongues.  

 I continued calling for the fire of God, and they continued to respond with shaking and tongues.  I was sitting in my seat still. I hadn’t laid hands on them. I deliberately stayed in my place, although the warmth in my hands is usually a sign to me that the Lord is present and I am allowed to lay hands on those present.  I stayed where I was and told God, “It’s not about me. I don’t have to lay hands for you to touch them.”  In fact, I told them the same thing.  

Then I spontaneously started to speak prophetically to Carol, commanding out fear of failure, fear of missing God or of not hearing him – and she started to heave!  At that point I went and gently touched her back while commanding out spirits of fear, intimidation, heaviness, depression… I stopped only to ask Angela to bring something for her to spit into as well as tissue.  

I started to prophesy to Carol about her apostolic call to the work that we are praying about – both she and Angela go into the parish of St. Phillip and evangelize, and need a team around them to help disciple those who come to faith.  In our initial conversations about this work, Carol kept speaking about ‘flames of fire’ – that the power of the Holy Spirit would be like fire around those who would come to faith, or something like that…

As the heaving subsided, I led in breaking soul ties and generational curses, and prayed against the main open doors which allow evil spirits to enter – when I broke off occultic covenants, she started retching again.  God moved sovreignly and she was awesomely delivered!

I prayed for Angela as well after this, for the Lord to consecrate and set apart both of them for the work he has called them  to.  Again the presence of the Lord filled them as I asked for them to receive the ability to speak, not to people’s minds, but to their spirits.

After this, while we were composing ourselves, Carol felt led to release spiritual gifts on Angela as well.  I agreed, and encouraged her to lay hands on Angela herself.  We prayed for every spiritual gift necessary for Angela’s call to be released, and I started to prophesy that I already spoke of her gift when I prayed for the ability to speak past the natural mind and into the spirit of people.  I prophesied supernatural faith – and found myself saying that healings would take place, even of AIDS!

All glory be to the Father!  Yet more adventure in the Kingdom of God…. I’ll keep you posted when we pray again.   

I’m thinking of the Scripture that says that when two or three gather in Jesus’ name that he is in the midst!  As I remarked to the others before we left… this was church! The church met, and Jesus showed up,  as he promised!  

My friend Archie calls those things “God spots”  …. let’s have another, Father!

My prayer is that you all be released into your own divine encounters – your own God spots!  May we all have more powerful times with God!


8 Responses

  1. WOW!!! Amazing GOD moment. 🙂 By the way … I studied (and technically am still studying, since it’s not completed) healing in the Bible. There are three words in the Greek that are translated ‘heal.’ One is therepeuo from which we get our words ‘therapy’ and ‘therapeutic.’ It is taken from the Greek root work thero which means … ‘hot.’ 🙂 I believe this is why when the power of God shows up to heal, many times there is a physical sensation of heat. God doesn’t use His words lightly.

  2. bajan, I wish I could have been there. Sadly, I am ignorant when it comes to manifestations of the Spirit. Certainly, a God Spot. 🙂

    I don’t know if you are comfortable with this venue of communication so it’s ok if you can’t answer, but tell me. Was Carol doing the retching? I assume she is a believer before and after the event? So, forgive me, but I am confused about the possibility of a believer being possessed?

    Can you explain? It obviously was an awesome time of God doing an incredible work. Thank you for sharing!

    • I haven’t had the time to respond to you yet, Archie… but I will… soon!

  3. What an amazing experience! Thank you for your comment on my blog! I answered you there if you’re interested! 🙂

    • Hey! I’m going to check it out right now 🙂

  4. Yes, Archie… Carol was the one retching… and yes, she is a believer. I’ve answered your query in part one of a two part series of blog posts on deliverance. Check it out!

  5. OK. bjp. Am back to the series to read, learn and discern. I have not read ahead so will comment as i go through the material. My first thought is God works in mysterious ways and I’m ok with that.

    My immediate concern is the issue of light and darkness. If we are possessed by God (that is He indwells and engulfs) there is no place for satanic possession or so I’ve been taught.

    It is difficult to not be judgmental based on my life’s experiences and what i’ve been taught, so i’ll just say, ‘thank you for sharing’ and I’ll read on… 🙂

    • Looking forward to your comments…

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