Salvation Testimony: Social Media Salvation!

I know that I had a post to write concerning deliverance and healing – but I have to post this! God constantly blows me away with his power and goodness….

While sitting at my computer today I had a Gmail chat with one of my friends, J, in Africa. She had a young family member, T, who wanted some advice… who felt smothered at home because she is female as well as being the first born. My friend thought about me because she thought there might be some deliverance involved.

After we started to chat, T told me that she’s not the type of girl that can sit and do nothing for long periods of time. Since she’s doing nothing at home all the time, she finds herself disobeying her parents and doing things her friends do. She said to me, “I’m messed up and I need help.”

As she talked I heard the voice of a teenager that wanted to grow up, that wanted to be accepted. It seemed as though there were overall control issues (at least from her perspective) .. I could hear every teenager in her voice “My parents treat me as if I was 15-16 years old. My mother doesn’t let me do anything on my own… my dad gets angry if I want to be treated as an adult…” I know, I’ve been there too, right?

So I told J that I’d be willing to join her in praying for T… and as we started to pray, I started to hear the Spirit whispering “1 Cor 13.” I told T that God was giving her the definition of love! J continued praying and said to the Lord that she does believe that T did need to be reassured of God’s love and the love of others around her. As I assured T of my love for her, I started to prophesy to her…

me: The word says ‘when father and mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up’ in the psalms. You feel as though they have rejected you, have forsaken u, but God is taking u up right now

j: Thank you Father for you are her true FATHER! Onlly u Lord know that T has these Fatherly issues!

me: yes

j: Praise you Lord for using Robert! Continue downloading knowledge and wisdom to him

I continued, words of knowledge and prophecy kept coming:

me: I was praying … she feels abandoned, but the Lord is saying that he will release the spirit of adoption over her. She just needs to accept it

When I heard that, I knew what was coming next – an opportunity for another life to be snatched from Satan’s clutches! So I called her by her name and I said:

T, do u know Jesus Christ? Would you accept him right now? God wants to be your FATHER?

j: T verbally responds – YES I WILL ACCEPT! YES

me: AMEN 🙂

j: hallelujah!!!!

me: Do u believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and do u accept him as your Lord and saviour right now?

j: I sense such an awesome presence Robert!

me: Well pray this: “Father, I accept your sacrifice and accept Jesus into my life.”
j: Praise you Lord! (T is doing it robert)

me: “I turn away from all sin and believe that my life is changed right now”

j: AMEN!

me: “I accept you, Lord, as my FATHER”

j: thank you Jesus! hallelujah!

me: “And ask you to heal me from the pain of not being fathered properly”
“I Thank you that my life is changed and that my name is now written in the Lamb’s book of life”
“I accept what you have done on the Cross – and I am YOURS! AMEN”

j: Praise You Lord!

From there, I wanted to pray that she gets filled with the Spirit of God immediately:

me: The angels are rejoicing, and so am I! I pray right now that the POWER OF GOD would overshadow T now! SEAL HER with the HOLY SPIRIT! J, place your hands on her for me.

j: doing just that!

me: IN the name of JESUS CHRIST I release the anointing of the Spirit of GOD that she be baptised in the SPIRIT RIGHT NOW. LET HER FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD in LOVE and JOY. Let laughter bubble forth from her belly! Remove the spirit of depression! I curse the spirits of suicide. I reject the demons of rejection! IN the NAME OF JESUS
“He gives beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness” Is 61:3
(tell me what’s happening)

My friend told me that she DID feel the presence of God when we prayed:

j: she feels like a breeze over her

me: lol
keep coming Holy Spirit! that’s the presence of God fill her to completion, to overflowing
tell her to speak out in faith…let the tongues flow NOW. I’m putting my hand on the screen and releasing the power of God through my own tongues now

Then I saw a mini vision:

I just saw something representing sludge being pushed out… she’s being cleaned out from the inside. T, how do u feel, honey?

jady3375: praying with her here!

I continued to pray:

me: the power of God is evident. he is present to heal and to deliver… and to SATISFY. I pray right now that the SATISFACTION of GOD be upon her. That she is satisfied by GOD HIMSELF and not needing men’s approval!

j: Thank you robert- T did expereince the power of God! When i placed my hand on her chest and then her tummy – she felt like a release… like something loosened…………
she will be staying over with me tonight – i will continue praying!

Isn’t God awesome???? I had a final word of knowledge of a personal matter for T, and J confirmed it and glorified God as I prophetically spoke out words of restoration!

GOD IS GLORIOUS!!!!!!! I’m so glad that the Internet can and IS being used to extend the Kingdom of God as easily as this? Thank God for the Internet 😆 – it makes it so much easier to “go ye into ALL the world….” without leaving my seat!


Supernatural Stories – Called to Deliverance Ministry

I thought I’d continue my stories with how I got called into the deliverance ministry. As I’ve said before, I was introduced to the ministry of Drs Paul and Claire Hollis by my wife, who saw a Break Free deliverance conference that was hosted by Pastor Ferdinand Nicholls.

At this time, my wife and I were having problems … we were arguing a lot and we really were struggling to keep our marriage afloat. We actually had started to see a counselor, when I went to our annual Gospelfest‘s sunset concert and was given a flier for this “Break Free” conference. I read it, but wasn’t too interested in going. She read it, and suggested that we attend. When we went, we were blown away by the teaching about open doors to the demonic into our lives, and how to get rid of that demonic infestation… and we both knew this is what we needed.

So we went to get personal ministry, and we went through the process and did the homework assigned and each had separate deliverance sessions. We were both set free from major issues in our lives – and immediately saw a more harmonious household!

The last day of the conference, Dr. Paul Hollis was scheduled to speak on “How to Stay Free” .. the premise being that the satanic forces that have been expelled will try to return, and we needed to have an understanding so that we could maintain our deliverance. We came in during the worship, and as we settled into our seats a saxophonist came out and started to play a wonderfully soulful song (I forget which one .. it was a couple years ago.)

While worshiping, I suddenly saw a vision – I was kneeling before the Throne of God, and Christ himself was tapping me on each shoulder with a long bright sword! As I became aware of the conference room again, I was in tears…. I didn’t understand it, but I knew God was calling me for something. I was crying, and the presence of the Lord came on me and I shook gently, similar to the low vibrations one would feel when touching a wire that is plugged into a power source…

After the message, Pastor Paul (which is what he’s called by his church people) asked all who felt that they were being called to the deliverance ministry to stand. I stood, along with another 100 people or so. He also asked those who felt that they were called to serve as Christian counselors (their ministry is an accredited college for Christian based psychology as well) and another large group stood. He said that he felt the Lord leading him to give an impartation, where he and his team (around twenty people) would lay hands on and prophesy over everyone who has stood up. Then it clicked! God was knighting me! He was calling me to the deliverance ministry!

The line of people who had stood up bent around the room – there was over a hundred people in that line! When I got to the front I received prophetic words confirming my call to the deliverance ministry from people I had obviously only met via that meeting. That was a great, profound experience!

I later read that Dr. Claire Hollis had received a similar vision of having a sword placed on her when she was called to the ministry as well!

Since then, I’ve gone to Tampa twice and participated in training – and I had been seeing demons routed by the name of Jesus from before this event… but this is one of the definitive moments in my life – and the start to the current ministry I am now in.

Supernatural Stories – First Prophetic Word – UPDATED!

UPDATE – While talking to Jenny recently I suddenly realized I had forgotten to mention a key thing that happened before I had that first prophetic word! So, I’m re-publishing the post, with the addition highlighted in bold. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!


I remember my friend Jenny asking me how I knew I was called into prophecy and deliverance. That question has been the catalyst for this series – that’s why my first post in this series was about my first demonic encounter. Now, let me tell you about my first prophetic word. (Now I was hearing God’s voice before this – go back to my Reminiscing post on my Holy Spirit Baptism – but this is the first time I was actually in a prophetic role, as in having to give a message to someone else…..)

Now, onto the story… There is a place on the Barbados Community College campus that was the home of the owner of the land on which the campus now sits. It was called Eyrie House, after the name of the owner. It was not in use by this time and was in a state of disrepair and neglect. That being said, it was a place where the UCCF would meet for “Prayer Garden“, which was a small group meeting in the middle of the day.

Ok, after that background… I went up the hill to Eyrie House to have some alone time with the Lord. I was just going to worship and to commune with him by myself. I carried my Bible, some paper and a pen up there and started to sing and worship the Lord.

I started to read Isaiah 6, where Isaiah saw the Lord… and when in verse 5 he was under a strong conviction of his humanity and sinfulness, an angel came down and touched his lips with a coal, cleansing him of sin (vs 6 -7)

6 Then one of the seraphs flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar. 7 With it he touched my mouth and said, “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.”

When I read those words my lips started to tremble uncontrollably all on their own! I couldn’t stop them! I recognized God was doing something, but I didn’t know what …

I read the next verse (verse 8) which says:

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

And then the shaking stopped….

Suddenly, I felt the urge to write. And I mean write. I started to write a long letter, like if I was a secretary and God was doing dictation… that’s exactly how I felt. I wrote about how this person was weak and needed to go to the Lord for strengthening, but that God was kind and he wanted to restore him. It was a long letter (a full front and back of foolscap paper) … the specifics of which I can’t remember at this moment, as it was over 10 years ago. However I remember reading it afterward and thinking, “This is harsh… ‘You are weak?’ ouch!” I even remember reacting internally to when God dictated the words, “You must listen to the prophet in your midst…” And I was like, “Who? ME??? Oh no, you must mean somebody else!” I had just read a story in the Bible where a false prophet was killed…. I didn’t want that label!

Then came the clincher. I felt as though I heard the Lord say, “Oh, by the way… I want you to give that to your pastor.” Wait …. WHAT?

“Yes. I want you to take this letter and give it to your pastor….”

I really felt like Samuel – his first word from the Lord was one of judgement and warning too… 1 Samuel 3:10-15. And just like Samuel… I was scared spitless. How would you like to have the responsibility of going to your spiritual father and tell him that GOD says he’s weak and needs to be restored?

I cried over that letter. I begged God to reconsider. I told him I didn’t want to do that – that my pastor didn’t teach me about spiritual gifts and so he wouldn’t understand this… but Father was resolute.

So… I wiped my tears and got down off that hill.

Next Sunday, I got to the pastor alone and passed on the message – gave him the paper and waited for the inevitable. He read it and asked me, “What does this mean?” So I told him the whole story. He looked unconvinced and upset. I eventually said, “Look, don’t shoot the messenger! I’m doing what God told me to!”

What was the result of that? For my pastor at the time, I don’t know. But for ME? Since that time, my prophetic gift has increased and my prophetic responsibility has deepened over the last 10+ years. At the end of this encounter, the Bible says that God did not let any of Samuel’s words fall to the ground, because, although scared, Samuel told Eli everything he was told, leaving out nothing. (1 Sam. 3:17-21)

I remember that I talked later to my prophetic mentor, relating the whole story from beginning to end. I said, “I don’t understand what happened!” I mean, I knew God something, but I didn’t understand what … until she asked “But what was Isaiah, Robert?” I didn’t get it at first – and then it clicked. “He was a prophet….” God was calling me to the same thing! stunned silence…..

Laying on of Hands – Online Style!

Just had a prayer session with one of my good friends Annie who was going through a rough week. Just want to testify to the power of God! This is another time where God reached across distance between me and the person I’m praying for… and they received a powerful impartation of His presence. This is the relevant part of the conversation.

It started with a prophetic impression:

Lord I am starting to feel that you are telling me that her condition is spiritual as well
as physical…I don’t know… I feel like the tension in the marriage is manifesting in ur
muscle pain
01:34 so I ask u Jesus to step in
and heal her physically as you heal her marriage
as u remove the tension
as PEACE rules her household

And then moved into prophetic declaration:

I declare that the peace that passes all understanding will not only guard her heart and mind
01:35 but guard her house as well
you will have a peaceful house once the satanic tentacles have been cut off
and a husband who will learn the meaning of Godly authority

Annie started to feel the manifest presence of God – the earlier prayer (not shown) had started to show results!

01:36 Annie: presence of God is here
me: my hands are warm
Annie: I feel … weak
but I know the feeling
And [hubby] just started playing worship music on his computer
he never does that
me: yes, Lesanne [my wife] feels weak under the presence of God as well

I continued to prophesy:

01:37 As the Lord has been invited in and satan’s hold has been bound for a while
01:38 u are experiencing a taste of what God has for you and this marriage
Increase your presence, Holy Spirit!
Overpower this house tonight

And then extended my faith by virtually laying hands on my friend:

In faith I lay my hands on Annie’s head as I touch the screen now
01:39 and I say receive another impartation of strength from our Father
speaking in tongues.. and my left palm where I was touching the screen is warm
01:40 I can say like Jesus, “I feel virtue flow from me…”
and in faith I just say one word:

😆 She was so overwhelmed with the presence of God, I didn’t see her respond for a while… her online status went from “online” to “Away”… 😆 She eventually came back and said:

01:42 Annie: I feel it
I can barely type

We continued to pray for a while after that, but isn’t God AMAZING? I have seen God release his presence at my word over the Internet before, but it still always leaves me in awe… what a powerful God we serve!

MSN Healing of a Migraine Headache!

Here we go! This is a spontaneous healing that has taken place when I started chatting with my friend Rianne.

Here’s an edited version:

Hey Rianne! what’s up dear?
Rianne says:
a migraine unfortunately
BajanPOET says:
ouch! Well I pray against this pain right now in Jesus’ name! You heal and release people via my prayer. Now – pain … I command you to GO in Jesus’ name!
I pray in faith and speak against this migraine in Jesus’ name
In my mind I see something in my hand and I’m squeezing it. I am keeping on it right now. Be gone in Jesus’ name!
God release Rianne from this migraine in Jesus’ name
Rianne says:
Thanks Robert
it actually feels better

Rianne sounded surprised that she’d feel better! lol I know that it’s unusual to be prayed for like this over the Net, I know …. lol

BajanPOET says:
u sound surprised
I want it gone – In the name of Jesus Christ… I command this pain to go completely now!
Rianne says:
yeah i was here just try to do this stuff to get into my bed and i realised that i was not hurting as bad suddenly
BajanPOET says:
I’ve seen God do this several times now, as I minister to ppl over the internet So I’m staying with it. I rebuke every pain in Jesus’ name, and speak peace to every screaming nerve ending in Jesus’ name
I rebuke every spirit that is manipulating this pain and command it to leave Rianne right now in Jesus’ name…. Thank you for her healing – thank u for her deliverance
Thank you because YOU are healing her
Rianne says:
thank you lord amen
BajanPOET says:
how r u feeling now?
Rianne says:
alot better it is a reducing balance

Then I had a mini-vision … a small impression in my spirit that I communicated to her…

BajanPOET says:
I can see it squeezing smaller and smaller. So I release u into God’s hand It’ll go and u will be surprised when it does lol
Rianne says:
yeah almost there
thanks a mil
BajanPOET says:
man that’s a rush! Thank you JESUS!!!!!!
Rianne says:
BajanPOET says:
Keep pressing in! Hallellujah! The word said that he sent forth his word and healed them! The Word heals you! Jesus – the LIVING word, who carried all your sicknesses on the Cross!
Lord, I want another testimony for my blog! come on now lol
Rianne says:
u are something

After we went on to talking about other things, she then said:

Rianne says:
Amen halleujah
i need to rest tho
Rianne says:
cuz i feel the pain wanting to ince back so i am going to operate in some wisdom.
BajanPOET says:
Rianne says:
luv ya much thanks again
BajanPOET says:
I rebuke every sprit of pain…. u will not come back – even as she rests

I wasn’t going to let it stay there, not after it was leaving with a word! I kept at it… till she said:

Rianne says:
the headache is gone
BajanPOET says:

Rianne says:
i am definitely going to sleep now
BajanPOET says:

And as we ended, she was in awe of God…

Rianne says:
it is great to be used of God
BajanPOET says:
it is humbling

Isn’t God AWESOME? 😀

My Heart’s Cry!

My dearest friend sent me a laptop a couple months ago to help with my ministry…. rammed to the hilt with some awesome music!  She had responded to a comment (complaint?) I wrote on  my weekly newsletter where I said I didn’t have enough worship music close by – and that lack was hindering my personal worship time.  (I love you, Tola!)

I recently got a desktop as well, and decided to transfer the music to it so that I can listen to it better as well as use the CD-burner to burn the music onto CDs for use away from home.  I came across this song from Don Moen, and every time I hear it since then I have been whisked into an intense worship experience:

“Be it unto me
According to your Word
According to your promises
I can stand secure
Carve upon my heart
The truth that sets me free
According to your Word O Lord
Be it unto me”

This song is based on Mary’s prayer after being visited by Gabriel, when she was told that she would be the one to bear the Christ – after her questions were answered, she was ready for God to do as he had said “… be it unto me according to thy word…” (Luke 1:38 KJV)

This song is my heart cry!

“These things you have spoken
And you’re bringing to pass
This world’s disappearing
But your word will last”

For every prophetic promise you have spoken over my life and ministry, “Be it unto me according to your word”, Lord Jesus!

Supernatural Stories: Reacting to the Presence of God!

I’m enjoying this series, reminscing over the power of God working through my life!  Now, here’s a funny one – short and sweet!

I was visiting a church one day – it was in one of our cinemas in the island.  I got in during the worship, and the usher/hostess had pointed out a seat in the middle of the row where I had to pass behind a lady and a little girl to sit down.

The lady was in full worship, with her hands upraised and her eyes closed.  Now, in situations like this, you would gently touch the person’s shoulder to get their attention, so that they can just move forward or backward to allow you to pass, right? So that’s exactly what I did.  I touched her shoulder with my mouth opening to say, “Excuse me….”  And then..


She just dropped out under the  power of the Spirit!  I mean, she just crumpled!  And she fell right across the lap of the little girl who was sitting next to her…

I still had my hand in the air – where her shoulder had been!

The hostess looked at me in horror – and I stared down at the floor at the lady – I didn’t know what to do!  We decided to leave her there as she seemed to have fallen out under the Spirit and hadn’t fainted… I went to my seat and started to pray.  After about five minutes or so the lady gets to her feet, assisted by the hostess.

I wonder what was happening in the Spirit when she was out?