Supernatural Stories: Reacting to the Presence of God!

I’m enjoying this series, reminscing over the power of God working through my life!  Now, here’s a funny one – short and sweet!

I was visiting a church one day – it was in one of our cinemas in the island.  I got in during the worship, and the usher/hostess had pointed out a seat in the middle of the row where I had to pass behind a lady and a little girl to sit down.

The lady was in full worship, with her hands upraised and her eyes closed.  Now, in situations like this, you would gently touch the person’s shoulder to get their attention, so that they can just move forward or backward to allow you to pass, right? So that’s exactly what I did.  I touched her shoulder with my mouth opening to say, “Excuse me….”  And then..


She just dropped out under the  power of the Spirit!  I mean, she just crumpled!  And she fell right across the lap of the little girl who was sitting next to her…

I still had my hand in the air – where her shoulder had been!

The hostess looked at me in horror – and I stared down at the floor at the lady – I didn’t know what to do!  We decided to leave her there as she seemed to have fallen out under the Spirit and hadn’t fainted… I went to my seat and started to pray.  After about five minutes or so the lady gets to her feet, assisted by the hostess.

I wonder what was happening in the Spirit when she was out?


8 Responses

  1. Wow! You have some amazing stories! God must have touched her through you? I guess you didn’t get a chance to ask her what happened? Bless you! Jenny

    • Yeah, that must have been what happened… but no, I didn’t get to ask her what happened to her or how she felt! Unfortunate! God is just….*shaking head incredulously*

  2. Ha! What a story. I’ve seen this happen, but not completely unexpectedly like that. 🙂

    • Yeah I know what you mean! I was scared! Then I sorta slinked to my seat hoping no one would call me out for killing the woman! 😆

  3. I have been slain in the spirit too. It certainly wasn’t quite so sudden though! I have seen my mother suddenly be slain like that as well. She fell and hit her head, but didn’t feel any pain for the euphoric state she was in.

    We humans are amazing creatures.

    • Welcome to the Hand of God, Infidel…. God is amazing, and we are privileged to serve him. I hope you enjoy the stories and testimonies on the site!

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  5. […] Reacting to the Presence of God […]

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