Laying on of Hands – Online Style!

Just had a prayer session with one of my good friends Annie who was going through a rough week. Just want to testify to the power of God! This is another time where God reached across distance between me and the person I’m praying for… and they received a powerful impartation of His presence. This is the relevant part of the conversation.

It started with a prophetic impression:

Lord I am starting to feel that you are telling me that her condition is spiritual as well
as physical…I don’t know… I feel like the tension in the marriage is manifesting in ur
muscle pain
01:34 so I ask u Jesus to step in
and heal her physically as you heal her marriage
as u remove the tension
as PEACE rules her household

And then moved into prophetic declaration:

I declare that the peace that passes all understanding will not only guard her heart and mind
01:35 but guard her house as well
you will have a peaceful house once the satanic tentacles have been cut off
and a husband who will learn the meaning of Godly authority

Annie started to feel the manifest presence of God – the earlier prayer (not shown) had started to show results!

01:36 Annie: presence of God is here
me: my hands are warm
Annie: I feel … weak
but I know the feeling
And [hubby] just started playing worship music on his computer
he never does that
me: yes, Lesanne [my wife] feels weak under the presence of God as well

I continued to prophesy:

01:37 As the Lord has been invited in and satan’s hold has been bound for a while
01:38 u are experiencing a taste of what God has for you and this marriage
Increase your presence, Holy Spirit!
Overpower this house tonight

And then extended my faith by virtually laying hands on my friend:

In faith I lay my hands on Annie’s head as I touch the screen now
01:39 and I say receive another impartation of strength from our Father
speaking in tongues.. and my left palm where I was touching the screen is warm
01:40 I can say like Jesus, “I feel virtue flow from me…”
and in faith I just say one word:

😆 She was so overwhelmed with the presence of God, I didn’t see her respond for a while… her online status went from “online” to “Away”… 😆 She eventually came back and said:

01:42 Annie: I feel it
I can barely type

We continued to pray for a while after that, but isn’t God AMAZING? I have seen God release his presence at my word over the Internet before, but it still always leaves me in awe… what a powerful God we serve!


5 Responses

  1. God is amazing! 🙂 When you were praying for me yesterday, I felt weak in God’s presence too. That’s a good way to describe it. I know what Annie means. Even now I can feel God’s presence, his warmth on me, as I read your prayer for Annie. Its almost as if God is hearing this prayer for me as well. God is amazing! Jenny

    • WOW

      God is SOOO GOOOD!

      I’m glad that God is no respecter of persons! If you can feel his presence while reading that post for Annie, you are encouraged to take it on as your own prayer, my dear…. read it slowly again and assimilate the prayer as your own, and ask God to release his presence over you again! If there’s one thing I’d be wasted on, it’s JESUS! haha!

  2. Rob, you are SUCH a blessing, my brother! “He who waters others will himself be refreshed. May you be divinely refreshed for the watering you are so faithful to give.

    You know … I didn’t mention it … but the part where you said you were touching the screen with your hands – I didn’t read that until a few sentences after, because I had slumped my head forward over the keyboard, and was crying. So … literally, if your hands were on the other side of the computer screen, they were right over my head when you prayed. Only neither one of us knew that. 🙂

    SUPERnatural time … I thank God for it.

    Love you, brother!

    • Really?????????????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!


      God is….. awesome….. (yeah, I say that a lot these days!)

      KEEP COMING HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And BTW… thanks for the blessing… I appreciate it! 🙂 HUGS

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