Supernatural Stories – Called to Deliverance Ministry

I thought I’d continue my stories with how I got called into the deliverance ministry. As I’ve said before, I was introduced to the ministry of Drs Paul and Claire Hollis by my wife, who saw a Break Free deliverance conference that was hosted by Pastor Ferdinand Nicholls.

At this time, my wife and I were having problems … we were arguing a lot and we really were struggling to keep our marriage afloat. We actually had started to see a counselor, when I went to our annual Gospelfest‘s sunset concert and was given a flier for this “Break Free” conference. I read it, but wasn’t too interested in going. She read it, and suggested that we attend. When we went, we were blown away by the teaching about open doors to the demonic into our lives, and how to get rid of that demonic infestation… and we both knew this is what we needed.

So we went to get personal ministry, and we went through the process and did the homework assigned and each had separate deliverance sessions. We were both set free from major issues in our lives – and immediately saw a more harmonious household!

The last day of the conference, Dr. Paul Hollis was scheduled to speak on “How to Stay Free” .. the premise being that the satanic forces that have been expelled will try to return, and we needed to have an understanding so that we could maintain our deliverance. We came in during the worship, and as we settled into our seats a saxophonist came out and started to play a wonderfully soulful song (I forget which one .. it was a couple years ago.)

While worshiping, I suddenly saw a vision – I was kneeling before the Throne of God, and Christ himself was tapping me on each shoulder with a long bright sword! As I became aware of the conference room again, I was in tears…. I didn’t understand it, but I knew God was calling me for something. I was crying, and the presence of the Lord came on me and I shook gently, similar to the low vibrations one would feel when touching a wire that is plugged into a power source…

After the message, Pastor Paul (which is what he’s called by his church people) asked all who felt that they were being called to the deliverance ministry to stand. I stood, along with another 100 people or so. He also asked those who felt that they were called to serve as Christian counselors (their ministry is an accredited college for Christian based psychology as well) and another large group stood. He said that he felt the Lord leading him to give an impartation, where he and his team (around twenty people) would lay hands on and prophesy over everyone who has stood up. Then it clicked! God was knighting me! He was calling me to the deliverance ministry!

The line of people who had stood up bent around the room – there was over a hundred people in that line! When I got to the front I received prophetic words confirming my call to the deliverance ministry from people I had obviously only met via that meeting. That was a great, profound experience!

I later read that Dr. Claire Hollis had received a similar vision of having a sword placed on her when she was called to the ministry as well!

Since then, I’ve gone to Tampa twice and participated in training – and I had been seeing demons routed by the name of Jesus from before this event… but this is one of the definitive moments in my life – and the start to the current ministry I am now in.


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