Salvation Testimony: Social Media Salvation!

I know that I had a post to write concerning deliverance and healing – but I have to post this! God constantly blows me away with his power and goodness….

While sitting at my computer today I had a Gmail chat with one of my friends, J, in Africa. She had a young family member, T, who wanted some advice… who felt smothered at home because she is female as well as being the first born. My friend thought about me because she thought there might be some deliverance involved.

After we started to chat, T told me that she’s not the type of girl that can sit and do nothing for long periods of time. Since she’s doing nothing at home all the time, she finds herself disobeying her parents and doing things her friends do. She said to me, “I’m messed up and I need help.”

As she talked I heard the voice of a teenager that wanted to grow up, that wanted to be accepted. It seemed as though there were overall control issues (at least from her perspective) .. I could hear every teenager in her voice “My parents treat me as if I was 15-16 years old. My mother doesn’t let me do anything on my own… my dad gets angry if I want to be treated as an adult…” I know, I’ve been there too, right?

So I told J that I’d be willing to join her in praying for T… and as we started to pray, I started to hear the Spirit whispering “1 Cor 13.” I told T that God was giving her the definition of love! J continued praying and said to the Lord that she does believe that T did need to be reassured of God’s love and the love of others around her. As I assured T of my love for her, I started to prophesy to her…

me: The word says ‘when father and mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up’ in the psalms. You feel as though they have rejected you, have forsaken u, but God is taking u up right now

j: Thank you Father for you are her true FATHER! Onlly u Lord know that T has these Fatherly issues!

me: yes

j: Praise you Lord for using Robert! Continue downloading knowledge and wisdom to him

I continued, words of knowledge and prophecy kept coming:

me: I was praying … she feels abandoned, but the Lord is saying that he will release the spirit of adoption over her. She just needs to accept it

When I heard that, I knew what was coming next – an opportunity for another life to be snatched from Satan’s clutches! So I called her by her name and I said:

T, do u know Jesus Christ? Would you accept him right now? God wants to be your FATHER?

j: T verbally responds – YES I WILL ACCEPT! YES

me: AMEN 🙂

j: hallelujah!!!!

me: Do u believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and do u accept him as your Lord and saviour right now?

j: I sense such an awesome presence Robert!

me: Well pray this: “Father, I accept your sacrifice and accept Jesus into my life.”
j: Praise you Lord! (T is doing it robert)

me: “I turn away from all sin and believe that my life is changed right now”

j: AMEN!

me: “I accept you, Lord, as my FATHER”

j: thank you Jesus! hallelujah!

me: “And ask you to heal me from the pain of not being fathered properly”
“I Thank you that my life is changed and that my name is now written in the Lamb’s book of life”
“I accept what you have done on the Cross – and I am YOURS! AMEN”

j: Praise You Lord!

From there, I wanted to pray that she gets filled with the Spirit of God immediately:

me: The angels are rejoicing, and so am I! I pray right now that the POWER OF GOD would overshadow T now! SEAL HER with the HOLY SPIRIT! J, place your hands on her for me.

j: doing just that!

me: IN the name of JESUS CHRIST I release the anointing of the Spirit of GOD that she be baptised in the SPIRIT RIGHT NOW. LET HER FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD in LOVE and JOY. Let laughter bubble forth from her belly! Remove the spirit of depression! I curse the spirits of suicide. I reject the demons of rejection! IN the NAME OF JESUS
“He gives beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness” Is 61:3
(tell me what’s happening)

My friend told me that she DID feel the presence of God when we prayed:

j: she feels like a breeze over her

me: lol
keep coming Holy Spirit! that’s the presence of God fill her to completion, to overflowing
tell her to speak out in faith…let the tongues flow NOW. I’m putting my hand on the screen and releasing the power of God through my own tongues now

Then I saw a mini vision:

I just saw something representing sludge being pushed out… she’s being cleaned out from the inside. T, how do u feel, honey?

jady3375: praying with her here!

I continued to pray:

me: the power of God is evident. he is present to heal and to deliver… and to SATISFY. I pray right now that the SATISFACTION of GOD be upon her. That she is satisfied by GOD HIMSELF and not needing men’s approval!

j: Thank you robert- T did expereince the power of God! When i placed my hand on her chest and then her tummy – she felt like a release… like something loosened…………
she will be staying over with me tonight – i will continue praying!

Isn’t God awesome???? I had a final word of knowledge of a personal matter for T, and J confirmed it and glorified God as I prophetically spoke out words of restoration!

GOD IS GLORIOUS!!!!!!! I’m so glad that the Internet can and IS being used to extend the Kingdom of God as easily as this? Thank God for the Internet 😆 – it makes it so much easier to “go ye into ALL the world….” without leaving my seat!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks Robert! There is no bigger miracle than the miracle of new life. Another life snatched from eternal death. Awesome! Pray for Michelle at 37stories. God bless.

  2. Hey Rob, that is so awesome! A new baby Christian!!! Again, I feel God’s presence, His warmth, as I read your prayer now! That is amazing to me. You’re right, we can reach so many people through the internet all over the world. Isn’t God awesome?! 🙂

  3. AWESOME!!!!!! How wonderful! God is amazing!

  4. yes he is, isn’t he?

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