Deliverance and Healing

Finally I have gotten around to this question of deliverance and healing… I know I promised I would look into it. Actually, a post on another site I visit brought it up, and I decided I would link to it. I like what it said, and I agree with it. So go here to read the full article…

What about people who truly believe or truly want to be free but cannot get their breakthrough? – as a couple people who have gotten into contact with me are…

Why do some get their deliverance easily and others don’t? Is God unfair?


Supernatural Stories: Weather Control 2

Continuing my stories of supernatural weather control – here’s another quick one:

Once when I was going to classes at college, the rain was pouring down as I was in the minibus approaching the campus. Now, I didn’t have any umbrella and I needed to get out in the rain and run for cover so I did the only logical thing I could.

“Lord, I want to get to shelter without getting wet! Could you please stop the rain temporarily so that I can get to the buildings?”

Immediately, the rain subsided, but the clouds were still black and angry looking….

I got out, thanking God for answering my prayer, and sauntered slowly towards the library.

Just before I got to the shelter of the library I was surprised by THREE HEAVY DROPS OF RAIN that dropped rapid-fire – squarely on my head: 1-2-3! I jumped under the canopy of the library’s stairwell and the rain let loose again, immediately.

I am sure God wet me with those raindrops as if to say impatiently, “Come on, come on, I have this rain to release and you are holding up everything! Get moving!”

Supernatural Stories: Weather Control!

Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops. James 5:17-18 (New International Version)

I have had God answer my prayers to stop the rain a couple of times in my life…. When my wife and I were just friends, and we felt as though God was calling us to get into a relationship, I was hesitant because of my previous rejections. After we prayed, I set about to hear what he was saying.

A couple hours later, I was interrupted when the Lord said to me, “My children, go in peace!” Anyone that knows me will know that I’m very forthright, so I said to the Lord, “That’s too vague!” It can be taken either positively “You have my blessing!” or negatively (Part in peace….) So which was it?

As soon as the thought came, the rain started to fall. So I said, in effect, “I’m going to test this – like Gideon did!” So I asked the Lord to make the rain fall faster if he was telling me to get involved with this young lady…. and it did. I couldn’t believe it; I said, “Nah, that’s a fluke!” So I tried again.

“Lord, if you are really telling me this, let the rainfall slow down ever so slightly, enough that I can barely hear it on the roof…” Again, so said, so done.

I was still unconvinced. “That HAS to be another fluke…”

So I sat down and started to eat. By this time, the rain was falling steadily, quite heavily in fact. So I ate quite slowly and methodically and then – trying to ‘catch God off guard’ (yeah right!) I suddenly said, “God! STOP IT!”

And IT STOPPED. God turned off the tap in heaven…. At first rain was pouring down, beating a crescendo on the rooftop. Next – NOTHING.

All I could say is, “Yes sir, God, sir! I don’t need any more proof!” 😆


BTW – my wife and I have been married now nearly 8 years!

Family Devotions!

I had an interesting experience last night….

My wife called when she was on her way home with our elder son Nikao. She said that he had not wanted to come home, but he wanted to go to church. There was no official church meeting for him to go to, so my wife said that we’d have church at home! Now it was just transplanting the structure of Nikao’s grandparent’s church to our home, and to be honest I was grudging (because I was roped in at the last minute and I wanted to study!) but God was there regardless….

She had Nikao (who is 4, for those who haven’t read the About page) 😉 sing any song he could remember – he knows a lot of songs … we sang “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” – and then he wanted to sing the alphabet song (“A-B-C-D-E-F-G….’) lol My wife said, no honey, we’re in church…. I started Chris Tomlin’s song “How Great is Our God” and the whole family sang along – even 23 month old Jonathan… that’s one of our family songs!

Then Lesanne gave a testimony and we encouraged Nick to say what God did for him… as four year olds do, he rambled a bit, but I think we got him to say something coherent … or not (ha!)

She wanted me to bring the word… so we talked about Samuel, when God called him and he was told by Eli to ask the Lord to speak to him. I encouraged my boys that God can call them at their young ages and I prayed that God would speak to them. I also prayed that we, the adults, would not take as long as Eli did to recognize when the Lord was speaking to our children, and encourage them to follow where God was leading.

I told them about when God called me and gave me my first prophetic word and I said that it was hard for me to give that to my leader too, but God honours obedience. Samuel became the most respected prophet in Israel because he was faithful to give the entire word to Eli, even although it wasn’t pleasant, and I can say that I have seen the fruits of obedience in my life as well.

So it was a wonderful session – my wife and I decided that we’d have to do that more often… so let’s see what God does!

Satan! Bite the Dust!

This is a little different from what I usually post here…

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard this old song, by Carman – “Satan, bite the dust!”

I felt the shiver of pleasure as I identified with Carman’s character in this video:

“… not only take you on, but take you out, by the Spirit and the Word/I’m not my own, I’m bought with a price, I’m a Holy Ghost filled man/ and I’m authorized and deputized to blow you clean away!/ I’ve got a weapon with two bullets, to overcome all sin and crud, one is called the Word of my Testimony – and the other is called the BLOOD…. SATAN! Bite the dust!”


Repost: The True Meaning of the Cross

I am reposting this article here for two reasons – it is the most sought after post on my blog (still!) AND Easter is coming! Fine time to think about … The True Meaning of the Cross! Here we go…

I am putting a link here that I want people to visit. This website is so deep! It is Biblical teaching at its best. I’ve been reading things about House Churches and the Biblical fear of God…. but it was the teaching on THE MEANING OF THE CROSS that made me put up this blog entry. (The above link opens a new window.)

God sent his son who lived a perfect life and then, according to the plan of God, they rejected Him, whipped Him etc and God looked at all Jesus’ suffering at the hands of men and considered that to be payment for all our sins against Him.

That is heresy. The deepest form of heresy. You can be wrong about a lot of things but if you are wrong about the cross you are in trouble.

What? Our common conception of what happened on the Cross is heresy? What does the Bible teach about the Cross, then?

God‘s word says that if anyone declares the sinner to be right when he is not right is an abomination before Him. So if God declared you to be right when you were not right, If God simply forgives the wicked, He would become an abomination, according to His own word. He would become wicked. Imagine a judge sitting up there in his place on the bench, forgiving a murderer and letting him go. He would no longer be a just judge.

God is a just judge and God justice demands he throw men in hell

Therefore if God is a just God He cannot forgive… He must punish the wicked, That is the point of the whole Bible. All through the Old Testament we see animals dying.. it is symbol and type of the final and ultimate sacrifice.

More excerpts ….

Perhaps it is becoming a little more clear as to why God had to die. If he justifies the wicked person and declares the sinner to be righteous He, according to His own word, becomes an abomination. God can not simply forgive.

The law… God law demands that the sinner has to die.


Now the only way that God can forgive sinful men is if God who made the law and God who demands satisfaction .. comes down Himself and pays the penalty.

So what are we saved from?

When some one says they have been saved, the question to be asked is saved from what? Many people will say from sin. This is simply not true! Sin was an act you did. Sin isn’t going to throw you in hell. You have sinned, but sin is not a living being that going to judge you then throw you into hell.

What you have been saved from is not a what, it is a who.

    Much more then, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from the wrath of God through him. Romans 5:9. [Emphasis Added]

You have been saved from God. God is the judge of all the universe. YOU have sinned and made yourself an enemy of God. So when you stand before Him, He will judge you and throw you into hell.

Wow…. really…. never looked at it like that…. that’s – well, that’s true! ouch.

So we realize we have to be saved from God and His punishment, but how is that punishment to be done away with? When Jesus was dying on the cross it was not the nails in His hand, or the crown of thorns or the Roman spears that save you. The suffering that men heaped upon Jesus is not that which pays for the crime. God did not look on that suffering and okay Good Enough!. What paid for your sin is written in Isaiah 53:10 and 12

    Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of Jehovah shall prosper in his hand.

Usually when you hear a sermon or preaching on Isaiah 53, it usually centers around verses 3,4,5, and six, which talk about the suffering heaped on Jesus by men. Very rarely do you hear about Isaiah 53:10.

    It pleased the Lord to crush Him.

    Isaiah goes on to say

    “…[He] was numbered with the transgressors; Yet He Himself bore the sin of many, And interceded for the transgressors.” (Isaiah 53:12)

So how is the Cross the way of salvation?

How is it that that cross saves you? Because Jesus bore on the cross all the sin that God hates. The sin of all God’s people, from the first man ever saved on the face of the earth to the last man ever saved on the face of the earth was placed on His son.. the sins of all of God’s people. Everything that should be poured out on sinful creatures through out eternity, God throws down on His only begotten Son in a matter of moments. Crushes Him under the weight of His own justice.

When Jesus said let this cup pass from me, people think it because He did not want to go to the cross. They usually imagine it was the physical agony that He did not want to go through…

No, Jesus wasn’t thinking about nails in His hand, about spears and crowns of thorns or Roman soldiers. He was thinking about the fact that He had never been out of the Father’s bosom. That He had never been separated from His Father and now the Father was about to turn His face away from His Son. The Father did not turn His face away because He did not want to see His son suffering, He turned His face away Because His son had become detestable. Which is why Matthew 27:46 tells us..

    “About the ninth hour [3:00 PM] Jesus cried out [quoting Psalm 22:1] with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani?’ that is ‘My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?'”

You and I deserved to be crushed with the hammer of justice, to be crushed under God’s wrath. But in order to save us He was crushed under His own wrath. That is what the Cross is. That is what it means. If you ever fully realize what happened that day, it will affect you for the rest of your life. You will never be able to get away from it.

Wow. Lord, Jesus…..

And so, the conclusion:

And if the day comes that you stand before this Holy God who is about to pass judgment on you without having your sins paid for by His Son, then be afraid, be very afraid, as the wrath which made Jesus say ‘let this cup pass from me’ is about to descend on your shoulders.

Remember that when you hear about Jesus dying for you, you know now that it is more than just some whips. While one cannot possibly depreciate the physical suffering it was nothing compared to the Son of God being crushed by His own Father. Comparatively those whips were nothing. And when He cried out “It is Finished” that meant ‘Paid In Full’. If you are a Christian, God can never pour out His wrath on you. It is impossible because His son drank it. It does not exist anymore. There is no more punishment left for you. But if you are not a Christian you don’t even want to know what awaits you..

Why did Jesus die on a Roman cross? He died for the sins of ungodly mankind, to save us from the wrath of God, and to make peace between us and God. “Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…” (Romans 5:1).

It was a long post… and there’s much more to that article…. but … I’m speechless.

If you are reading this right now, and you have been impacted by these excerpts, or this article, and you don’t yet know Jesus – if you would like to escape God’s wrath and become a positive son of God because Jesus paid your price in full…. say this prayer with me.

Father God, I recognize now what you have done in the Cross. I acknowledge that I have sinned and deserve your punishment. However, I recognize that Jesus has paid for my sins with his own blood… and all I have to do is receive him. I turn away from my sins now, and accept what Jesus’ blood has bought for me – my life! I repent of my sins, and say to you, “I want to be a new creature in Christ.” Thank you Jesus! Amen

If you have prayed this prayer…. respond to me by posting a comment. If you have been impacted, share the site with others.

Testimony: Another soul free!

“Glory to God in the highest heaven
Peace to all men on the earth…”

I have just come from two nights of deliverance ministry – praying with a friend of mine in South Africa! We’ve been starting at 3 AM my time because I am about 6 hours behind her in Durban, so it was 9 AM her time, and we spanned two days because I needed to prepare myself for work at 5:30 my time….. but SHE IS FREE!!!!!!!

She was very prepared, and very willing. Exercising God’s authority routed the demonic hordes, and yesterday, although only half done, she was so light inside she just wanted to go and celebrate! We finished the second half this morning, and again, I exercised the authority in the name of the Lord and routed many devils.

Again, God showed his awesome power over distance – and I bless God for the Internet, and for Skype, that made the connection possible. It was great to hear her voice for a change rather than connecting via words on a page! So unfortunately, there is no transcript to post this time, but God has connected me to some wonderful people in South Africa!

One thing that really stood out – when we were battling a spirit of depression, it did not want to leave! We battled and battled for a while, until I called on the angels of war to drag this foul demon out of her. She told me that as soon as I called out “Angels!” she felt this cloud lift off of her – immediately!

Another story – one demon tried to call me out on a particular sin. I had fallen in that area, but had repented before God prior to this ministry time. The demon was trying to shame me – I was ministering to a female, and my wife was also there. But it had the opposite effect: shame is not a part of my make up! I laughed out loud and told that demon, “We are not dealing with me. We are dealing with you! My sins are under the blood… and so are YOU. COME OUT!” In “two two’s”, as we say in Barbados, or within a short space of time, that demon came right out of her!

We battled a flirtatious multi personality as well that she named and renounced before it left – and a spirit of poverty that was on her family through a curse. A spirit of suicide also was on her via a curse, but every one of them were subject to the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST!