Testimony: Another soul free!

“Glory to God in the highest heaven
Peace to all men on the earth…”

I have just come from two nights of deliverance ministry – praying with a friend of mine in South Africa! We’ve been starting at 3 AM my time because I am about 6 hours behind her in Durban, so it was 9 AM her time, and we spanned two days because I needed to prepare myself for work at 5:30 my time….. but SHE IS FREE!!!!!!!

She was very prepared, and very willing. Exercising God’s authority routed the demonic hordes, and yesterday, although only half done, she was so light inside she just wanted to go and celebrate! We finished the second half this morning, and again, I exercised the authority in the name of the Lord and routed many devils.

Again, God showed his awesome power over distance – and I bless God for the Internet, and for Skype, that made the connection possible. It was great to hear her voice for a change rather than connecting via words on a page! So unfortunately, there is no transcript to post this time, but God has connected me to some wonderful people in South Africa!

One thing that really stood out – when we were battling a spirit of depression, it did not want to leave! We battled and battled for a while, until I called on the angels of war to drag this foul demon out of her. She told me that as soon as I called out “Angels!” she felt this cloud lift off of her – immediately!

Another story – one demon tried to call me out on a particular sin. I had fallen in that area, but had repented before God prior to this ministry time. The demon was trying to shame me – I was ministering to a female, and my wife was also there. But it had the opposite effect: shame is not a part of my make up! I laughed out loud and told that demon, “We are not dealing with me. We are dealing with you! My sins are under the blood… and so are YOU. COME OUT!” In “two two’s”, as we say in Barbados, or within a short space of time, that demon came right out of her!

We battled a flirtatious multi personality as well that she named and renounced before it left – and a spirit of poverty that was on her family through a curse. A spirit of suicide also was on her via a curse, but every one of them were subject to the name and authority of JESUS CHRIST!



7 Responses

  1. SWEET!! I’m really thankful to God for how He’s been using you.

    • Welcome back Jason!

      Missed you on the blogs man!

      God is AWESOME, no? 😀

  2. Praise the Lord!!!!

    • Yeah, Annie…. 🙂 for REAL….

  3. Praise God! He is awesome! 🙂

    • YEAH!

      Girl when are u coming to chat? I miss you!

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