Family Devotions!

I had an interesting experience last night….

My wife called when she was on her way home with our elder son Nikao. She said that he had not wanted to come home, but he wanted to go to church. There was no official church meeting for him to go to, so my wife said that we’d have church at home! Now it was just transplanting the structure of Nikao’s grandparent’s church to our home, and to be honest I was grudging (because I was roped in at the last minute and I wanted to study!) but God was there regardless….

She had Nikao (who is 4, for those who haven’t read the About page) 😉 sing any song he could remember – he knows a lot of songs … we sang “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” – and then he wanted to sing the alphabet song (“A-B-C-D-E-F-G….’) lol My wife said, no honey, we’re in church…. I started Chris Tomlin’s song “How Great is Our God” and the whole family sang along – even 23 month old Jonathan… that’s one of our family songs!

Then Lesanne gave a testimony and we encouraged Nick to say what God did for him… as four year olds do, he rambled a bit, but I think we got him to say something coherent … or not (ha!)

She wanted me to bring the word… so we talked about Samuel, when God called him and he was told by Eli to ask the Lord to speak to him. I encouraged my boys that God can call them at their young ages and I prayed that God would speak to them. I also prayed that we, the adults, would not take as long as Eli did to recognize when the Lord was speaking to our children, and encourage them to follow where God was leading.

I told them about when God called me and gave me my first prophetic word and I said that it was hard for me to give that to my leader too, but God honours obedience. Samuel became the most respected prophet in Israel because he was faithful to give the entire word to Eli, even although it wasn’t pleasant, and I can say that I have seen the fruits of obedience in my life as well.

So it was a wonderful session – my wife and I decided that we’d have to do that more often… so let’s see what God does!


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