Supernatural Stories: Weather Control 2

Continuing my stories of supernatural weather control – here’s another quick one:

Once when I was going to classes at college, the rain was pouring down as I was in the minibus approaching the campus. Now, I didn’t have any umbrella and I needed to get out in the rain and run for cover so I did the only logical thing I could.

“Lord, I want to get to shelter without getting wet! Could you please stop the rain temporarily so that I can get to the buildings?”

Immediately, the rain subsided, but the clouds were still black and angry looking….

I got out, thanking God for answering my prayer, and sauntered slowly towards the library.

Just before I got to the shelter of the library I was surprised by THREE HEAVY DROPS OF RAIN that dropped rapid-fire – squarely on my head: 1-2-3! I jumped under the canopy of the library’s stairwell and the rain let loose again, immediately.

I am sure God wet me with those raindrops as if to say impatiently, “Come on, come on, I have this rain to release and you are holding up everything! Get moving!”


5 Responses

  1. my son prays for the weather regularly. he has done so since he was a wee chap – he is now 7 and has done it since he could talk. he used to pray for his days he went to preschool for a ncie sunny day so he could play in the sandpit and seriously every preschool day was nice and sunny during session times. every time. one day we were driving there it was raining gently and i heard him praying quietly in teh back seat “God, please make it stop raining” – he was abuot 3 or 4. i was about to be a grown up and say that sometiems it needs to rain for the plants to grow etc and immediately though the rain stpped. who got hte lesson there eh! ME! i think God delighted in answering the faithfilled prayers of a child, just because he did. he still prays for the weather and 95% of the time i think God answers his prayers, regardless of the weather report. it has happend so often that we just know that is what is going on. God is wonderful. blessings, fireball

  2. Welcome to the Hand of God! Loved that story!

    May the Lord use your son’s gift of faith in more miraculous ways!

  3. I love your story! God is awesme! 🙂 I’ve been feeling better since I’m off that antibiotic, praise God! Jen

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  5. […] Weather Control – 2 […]

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