Deliverance and Healing

Finally I have gotten around to this question of deliverance and healing… I know I promised I would look into it. Actually, a post on another site I visit brought it up, and I decided I would link to it. I like what it said, and I agree with it. So go here to read the full article…

What about people who truly believe or truly want to be free but cannot get their breakthrough? – as a couple people who have gotten into contact with me are…

Why do some get their deliverance easily and others don’t? Is God unfair?


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  1. Absolutely not. God doesn’t show favoritism at all. Revival, deliverance and breakthrough come when the vessel is ready. it is not a question about God, it’s a question on the person who wants it.

    • “it is not a question about God, it’s a question on the person who wants it.”

      Interesting comment. Care to elaborate?

  2. Congrats on the license and now your readers anxiously await…

    • Thanks again Arch….

      The article on which this post was based seems to have been removed. 😦 So let’s stick to the question: Is God unfair? (I’m following in your footsteps, Arch, and asking provocative questions I hope brings lively discussion!)

  3. Oh this is really thought provoking! Is God unfair? No, I don’t think that God is unfair on fair. Fairness almost suggests entitlement and God owes us nothing, yet He is merciful. I agree that sometimes it does have to do with the will of the person and whether or not their will is conformed to God’s will. Then again however, they could have a will for deliverance, but not everything is supernatural. Sometimes God will instruct us on how to overcome a stronghold and in this case we would need to apply that instruction or wisdom to our life and the stronghold.

    Use dept for an example. Instead of supernaturally depositing $10,000,000 into our bank accounts, he may give us insight on how to better budget our finances in order to overcome dept or poverty. Nothing that we go through is ever for ourselves so this could also be for the purpose of ministry so that we can share with others how to overvome dept or poverty.

  4. i will come back in a few months (or more-hope not 🙂 and answer this question then—unfortunately i am lying on the middle of the fence right now–literally LOL–and a question i ask myself several times a day—but maybe can give some insight later.

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