Mentoring the Gifts

My friend Annie ( is front and centre in this post today.

She was explaining what she feels she is called to here on our friend Tam’s blog…And I think the vision God is giving is important enough to highlight here

So, Annie – let’s see where God goes with this 🙂

Tam’s post was Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Parts, and she was speaking about the different parts of the Body and each part’s gifting – according to 1 Cor 12 – and then she asked us what we thought our ‘part’ was… this is where Annie’s comment comes in.

I think in some ways I do know how God has called me to ‘fit’ in the Body … and at the same time feel like I have SO much yet to discover.

God is so limitless that we’ll never know it all! There is ALWAYS something new to discover in God. AWESOME!

The Body – fit together – every part functioning. It’s a good thought. I would love to increase clarity among the members. Which, I think, comes firstly from defining. “This is what part you are. This is how you fit.” and also “This is what part they are; this is how they fit.” So many times satan’s tactics are to isolate us, and then convince us that 1) we don’t have a place, and whatever we have to give really isn’t that important to the Body, and 2) everyone else’s place is either a subject of envy or condemnation because we don’t clearly understand what their place is and how we are all just as important regardless of function. yeah. I’m lovin’ this subject.

There are a LOT of people who don’t know where they ‘fit’. They keep asking “What’s my purpose?” “Why am I here?” “What does God want me to do?????” It seems that Annie’s call seems to be helping people figure that out – but not in isolation.

As Annie says:

Well, I feel like … there are a fair number of people (but certainly nowhere near a majority) who have taken a ‘Discover Your Calling’ class to find out what general part they might play in the body. However by and large, there is little more knowledge or productivity that comes out of this.

One of the things the Lord seems to be doing is setting her up to assist the Body as a whole understand itself. It’s bigger than an isolated part of the body understanding its role; that part must understand its role in relation to the other roles in the Body.

On the other hand, I myself have been functioning a bit more in things I am called to and gifted in lately, and am finding that 1) I’d really like it if I knew more about these gifts, and how they function, 2) I’d really like to know what gifts everyone else has that is connected to me and how they function as well.

I usually say that when the Scriptures say that God will grant us the desires of our hearts, it’s because he’s put the desires there in the first place. So, what is God birthing in Annie? This is the first person I know who feels called, not just to find out about what gifts she has or other people have, but how those gifts fit together. She continues:

I liken it to a corporation: If Kraft is asked (by the board) to come up with a new label for all of their cheese products, will they send it to the Maintenance Department? Perhaps the IT group? No … they will send it to the advertisement department, and specifically to the graphic design department. Conversely, if they find that they are interested in expanding business oversees through internet commerce … are they going ask the Personnel Department to look into it? No … they’d send it to the internet development group.

So, areas of specialization, right? If you are good at something, and I know you’re good at something… I won’t ask you to do something you’re not good at if I know someone else who can do what I want better if I know their ‘specialty’. It works in business, so…

So … in the Body of Christ, I find that perhaps we would be better functioning as a whole if we knew and recognized everyone’s strengths and abilities, and could ’source out’ (only in a manner of speaking) certain things that we (as a Body) have need of. For instance: A church finds that there is a large pocket of desperately discouraged single mothers out there. Who to call? Firstly, those with a gift for encouragement. Secondly, those with a ministry of helps. And then perhaps if specialty needs arise, you can call others: intercessors, administrators (if a group should be started) etc.

This basically speaks for itself…

Specifically what I have been thinking lately is in terms of specifically spiritual gifts (rather than practical functions). For instance, in the prayer group I’m a part of there are many gifts represented: word of knowledge in one; word of wisdom perhaps in me (still testing this one), prophetic dreams in another, acting of miracles in another … and all of us are prayer warriors. So when we have a task at hand (an area of prayer) we can lean on certain gifts with more accuracy if we know what they are and how they function. God gave the finger to the body – why not understand how and when and where to use it? Otherwise we may end up sending the elbow to do the ring finger’s job. Makes for a very disjointed and awkwardly functioning body.

And here we get down to starting to dreaming with God – As the word says, “Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.” (Habakkuk 2:2)

If we were in fact, to be able to discover and define these things, my idea (dream, perhaps) is to then be able to have mentor groups for each gift. In these mentor groups there would be a ‘head’ which would consist of whoever is willing, but preferably has experience and age (the two frequently come hand-in-hand … not always though) who could mentor those who are just coming in and learning, etc. For instance, “I find this is particularly effective for me in this area,” or “This seems to be a common pitfall for those of us with this gift.” The purpose of the mentor groups would be two-fold: 1) to instruct people with what their place and strength is, and ground them in it, and 2) to know how the Body ‘joins together’ – IE: know when and how to lean on the other strengths (represented by the other mentor groups).

I’ve been prophesying for about 10 years now … but I know that I benefited greatly from having someone to bounce questions off of who was able to ‘edit’ my written prophecies, judge them and help me to see what was of God and what was ‘from the flesh’, as it were. Mentorship is such an important concept when learning something new.

Annie concludes her comment with this:

This could be a structure that could be instituted at individual churches, but I think perhaps most effectively online, simply because of the vast people pool there is on here. Mentor groups could be as large or as small as people wanted them to be, and would be duplicatable as well. Prayer groups would be more effective; ministry groups would be better organized (all with the Holy Spirit of course – everything falls flat if it isn’t done with Him and by Him and for Him.)

I just love this! My own calling to the deliverance ministry seemed to be expanding into a community of like minded people, all ministers in their own right, who could call on the whole community to come behind them and pray for them while they were doing what God had called them to do. I could definitely use a mentor, as I was moving out into new areas of ministry… it’s not the same thing exactly, but the concept of strengthening those who need it is there.

I can’t see the entire vision right now, but I feel like this could be a strong thing. At any rate, this is what’s been rolling around in my spirit recently.

Well I’m doing my part, hon…. spreading the word. Love you! 😉

What do you think, guys? Does this sound like something needed in the Body of Christ? How many of you know where you fit, and how many of you want to find out where you fit? And, how many of you, knowing where you fit, would like to know how your place impacts the Body as a whole?


6 Responses

  1. WOW, Rob. Torch bearer and armor bearer! A coat of many colors! 😀 I know I’m hanging on to my hat here …

  2. Yes, yes, and yes!

    And, just in case it wasn’t obvious…just like it does with the rest of life, the Bible offers virtually all the keys you need to be successful in business – Annie (and Rob) has just shown how to take those principles and apply them. Surely this is what practical faith is all about – application 🙂

  3. Yes, I think we do need to know where we fit in and how we affect the body as a whole. I think its important for us to know this, to feel useful in the body. I guess I’m still wondering myself. I guess it takes a while for God to reveal the whole plan, because we would be overwhelmed otherwise!

  4. Lord I hadddd to respond to your post Mentoring the Gifts., The Holy spirit is amazing as I was in conversation with God 2 days ago about how do I fit and him leading me.
    A few weeks ago I was invited to what my church calls the Barnabus ministry to join and be an encourager to new disciples and I didnt respond back until today after reading this blog, it was confirmation. It has been in my spirit for some time now and especially recently about mentoring and coming together in our gifts at the body. God is always on time.

    Thank you for being obedient to the spirit and posting this. God Bless brother, as usual I always enjoy your postings.

  5. WOW, Praise the Lord!! I am so encouraged! I am still studying folks … I’ll keep you appraised of what I find. 😀 Praise the Lord!!!

  6. 🙂

    Annie – I’m soooo eager to find out what you are learning – keep pressing in, darling 🙂

    Tanita – my beautiful rose! I am so glad that this post has confirmed a call into your life! I sense that this Barnabas ministry is a perfect fit for you – may the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT empower you to release prophetic words of edification, comfort and exhortation not only to the new believers, but to the other members of the Body of Christ!

    Jen – This post is for you – I know it! Like Tanita, you’re an encourager, like we talked about, right? 😉 I pray that the Lord release more understanding and revelation concerning your gifts and where you are placed in his body!

    David – My brother, you are sooo right! Let the Lord shine wisdom and revelation upon you as well, so that as the Scriptures are opened to you, you will be able to share with those you and your wife minister to even more effectively!

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