Happy Birthday To ME!!!

This is a shameless post (singing)… it’s my birthday and I can post if I want to, post if I want to… you would post too if it happened to you..  (Ok, I have NO idea where that came from!)

Just a short post today…  Now I accept well wishes, gift cards, cars, houses, land, credit cards, frequent flier miles as birthday presents!  Be creative!

Love you guys!


19 Responses

  1. missing you Bajan. Where you be?

  2. Belated Happy Birthday and well wishes, my Barbadan brother Poet 🙂

    Yet another cheapskate here with no presents you wanted 🙄

    i was going to offer a birthday poem but i see Ric already beat me to that 😉

    Maybe a little of something more valuable than gold to us – Wisdom?

    “19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
    Matt Ch 6

    May you receive much cake though! 😉


  3. Concerning young Archie’s ( 😉 ) earlier comment about purity and the commandments and your reply…

    I confess i had a similar view to yours Bajan a while back but am becomming convinced to look at the subject somewhat more prudently.

    We may or may not be Israelites – the time that has passed since Leviticus was written is long and few could trace our ancestry and hereditry back that far to know ‘for sure’ if we are or not.

    We may no longer practice the same practices as our possible ancestral family and consider ourselves as ‘gentiles’ now – but only He knows the truth for certain.

    I have to correct you also – Jesus did not ‘cancel out’ the Law – He was the Perfection of that Law – not one jot or tittle of the Law is to change before the world ends. Those who knowingly break His Law are to be condemned and must seek forgiveness Those who break the Law Deny Christ is the Law Perfected. and thus deny Him in ALL that He is – we do not have the luxury of picking and choosing which parts of Him we follow and which we ignore. The Law is of God and therefore Perfect.

    Only those without knowledge of the Law are ‘free’ to follow Jesus. Those who follow Him perfectly follow His Father’s Law also as He did. Admittedly he did do things others considered were against the strict letter of the Law but He had a better understanding of the Law than those who accused Him. And the Spirit is to rule over the letter, but the letter is still ‘perfect’ and we do not do wrong by following it to the best of our human ability.

    We need to take care to understand exactly what Jesus said and did. Jesus is often misquoted as saying His Greatest Commandment is to love God and love your neighbour. If we read the three times he says this in Matthew, Mark and Luke He is replying to a lawyer who is asking which is the greatest commandment under the Law of the OT and Jesus answers the question, he is not declaring a new commandment, but ensures we follow His Father’s Commandments given to the Israelites so that they learn to obey God and thus find eternal reward in heaven. Sadly many failed the ‘test’. So God Sent Jesus to bring the lost sheep back into the fold.

    Jesus appeared to Paul and charged him with bringing the gentiles into the fold also, but through Christ in Spirit, not through the Law, but those in Christ will by no means break any Commandment of God.

    As for Archie being ‘pure’, we know our bodies are nothing but a corruption, that they are not able to attain ‘purity’ – even if we try, and turn ‘Kosher’ 😉

    Purity in man can only be achieved in our Spirit which is a gift from Christ/God through the Holy Ghost, by all means seek to purify that and keep it free from corruption but do not attempt the impossible (for any man) and try to make your human body ‘pure’.

    Resist evil as much as is within you, but understand only our spirit (which is ‘separate’ to our flesh) has the capacity to purify or be pure while we remain walking on the earth with our feet of clay.

    Follow Christ truly and love the Lord thy God with all your heart. Build up the spirit within us and learn to overcome the impure flesh, that we do not follow it’s desire over that of the Father’s Will.


  4. Can’t believe I missed your birthday… it’s been almost a month. But I love birthdays, and so…here’s wishing you a great year ahead of you. I can sense that there is a kingdom alignment involved in our getting to “meet” in cybespace, so I do want to honor you on your birthday, and tell you again, even if you already know it, you have a unique destiny to follow. God is delighted by you, and sees your heart, and your heavenly is mighty proud of you… wants you to know He’s watching of you… preparing some heavenly bellows to blow into your life, for a big conflagration the likes of which you’ve never seen before happening in your life. I pray He himself will confirm this in your heart.


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