I’m not dead!

I’m not dead!  I can’t believe that I haven’t written a blog post in such a long time!

I want you all to not lose hope – I am not dead….. this blog is not dead…. I will not abandon it.  The friendships I have here are too important to me.

I have bee n going through a lot recently, and I have not been on my computer as often as I have been since my birthday.  That, plus the hectic nature of my job (gotten even more busy….)  I have not had the time to sit and craft new blog posts.

Please pray for me.  And remember I’m not dead!


8 Responses

  1. Praying and glad you’re not dead!! 🙂
    Hugs, Jonie

  2. Got it…you’re not dead 🙂

    Prayers from down under too!

  3. You say, “Going through a lot”. Anything the blogosphere can do to help? We will pray. Keep the faith! archie

    • Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

      Let’s say, without getting into details, that I’m off ministry for an extended time while I seek counseling and prayer to refocus. The ministry of deliverance is extremely taxing spiritually – attacks from the enemy are par the course. That being said, weaknesses in my character have been unearthed that have left me vulnerable to potential hurdles later on, so I’m going through sessions to strengthen it.

      Pray! Not only that, but the day job has been taxing as well, so much so that I have hardly had time to do the homework set by my counselor.
      Pray! That the things that are being unearthed do not shake my faith with hopelessness, and that I don’t stay in a position where I return to the wrong stuff – who knows that doing the wrong thing feels good?

      Thank you for your offer of support… I know that I have made some great friends here – and I’m just going one day at a time right now. Keep me in prayer.

  4. “Pray! That the things that are being unearthed do not shake my faith with hopelessness.”

    Robert – you are weak, but God is your strength. Hopelessness does not exist in our Father’s vocabulary. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that our Father can’t forgive or change in our lives.
    Don’t allow the devil’s lies to dwell in your heart!! When he attacks it’s because he’s extremely annoyed with what you are doing. God uses us broken pots, he has used you in my life, you know!!
    Read the Shack – I pray that you will experience an even greater closeness to Father.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever read C.S.Lewis “The Screwtape Letters”. Please do – it’s very funny and very profound as it shows us how the devil tries to ensnare us!! A must-read!!
    I pray that you now rejoice in God’s love for you – focus on Him, forget yourself and remember – there is nothing, absolutely nothing that is beyond redemption.
    Hugs, dear brother!

  5. Struggle is the birthing ground for growth. Usually if there is no struggle, there is no strengthening. Keep the faith. Read (no consume) His Word. Then produce the God Spot of epic proportions! Did I mention, CONSUME His Word if you are serious about a comeback….

  6. Glad you’re not dead! 🙂 I answered your comment on my post. I hope you’ll check it out because I’ve been going through something recently that is similar to what you have. I hope it will help a little! 🙂 Jenny

  7. You’re not dead!! 😉

    The song that started going through my head:

    God’s not dead (NO!)
    He is alive
    God’s not dead (NO!)
    He is alive
    God’s not dead (NO!)
    He is alive
    I feel Him in my hands …


    I know you’re not dead – very much alive. 🙂 I like what 1stChurch said up there – struggle is the birthing ground for hope. Good stuff. Sounds like Fall comes before Spring. 😉 God knows what He’s doing. The most important thing I learned from studying seasons was: that each season is a place in time to meet with God. This is His appointment. with you. He’s got something specific for right now for you. This is the point of the season. So press into Him. Listen. He won’t leave you hanging. “They will seek Me and find Me, when they search for me with all their hearts.”

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