LoTR Parallels Coming Up….

I will soon have the house ALL TO MYSELF for at least 3 weeks – the rest of the family is going to the States for a family wedding.  I wasn’t interested in going, since the lure of being a bachelor for 3 weeks was too strong! 😆  I love my family but one word was resounding in my heart when I heard the news and the date of the travel – Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

One of the things I plan to do during this time is to catch up on my watching of Lord of the Rings (again!)  I have watched these three movies so many times that I can ad-lib along with the movie if it is on…. don’t u hate people who say the next line before the actor does on screen? ( 😛 )  😆  Well, that’s me!

As I said over at ShawnW’s place, I hear God speak in several ways – one of the most unusual being that the Holy Spirit reminds me of movie quotes that fit into the theme of what He’s trying to say to me. (For example, look at my comment section of the last post.)

So one of my personal missions is to ‘research’ for my next post by re-watching the entire LoTR trilogy (AGAIN – Oh JOY!)  God speaks so much to me about fellowship (which was the theme of my last series), spiritual warfare, courage and sacrifice through that movie!  I wanted to research fellowship as well as spiritual warfare, so expect to see some LoTR themes for a couple posts.

For those who are praying for me, knowing that I’m going through some stuff…. a heart-felt THANK YOU!  I’m seeing breakthrough…. God is working in my life!  Keep praying that I come out of the dark wilderness with the power of the Spirit – like Jesus did!


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  1. Hi Robert!
    Nice to see you post again and I’m so glad you see the end of the tunnel!!
    I hear and feel the excitement in your voice and I am so happy for you. May these 3 weeks be amazing as you draw closer to our Father’s heart!
    I do want to thank you again for your prayers and the support you have given me. God has been changing me and the result is that I feel a new freedom to express my pain – through poetry!
    8 days ago I wrote my first poem – and can’t stop since!
    Here’s the link – perhaps something there will help you also.
    God bless you on your journey – there is only one set of footsteps – but you do not walk alone!!!!
    Hugs, Jonie
    Unchained Me — http://joniem.wordpress.com/

    • I’m impressed with the poems, Jonie… keep it up! I’m proud of you… and I will be standing with u as we help each other heal 🙂

  2. I will be looking forward to your LOTR posts, Robert. Enjoy being home alone with God for the next few weeks!

    • Oh yeah I’m enjoying it! 🙂 The house is so…. quiet! 😆

  3. I really enjoy it when I have the whole house to myself! (Is that bad? I love my family too, but the alone-time is nice!) Mostly I enjoy just being alone with God! Just me and Him, no interuptions, no one to hear me if I want to sing or talk out loud to Him or whatever. And I get to have as much time with Him as I want. I enjoy His company, getting to just hang out with Him and focus totally on Him. Hope you have a great few weeks! 🙂 Jenny

  4. Read “The Shack” — and I pray you’ll find yourself in “the Shack” !!!!

    • You’re like the THIRD person to recommend “The Shack” to me. I seem to NEED to read it 😆 Ok I’ll look for it!

  5. Reading the Shack is a must!!
    Don’t let another day pass!
    And expect to be blessed and changed!
    Hugs, Jonie

  6. Hey Rob, I already left a comment on this post, but it must have gotten lost in computerland! 🙂 I was just saying that as much as I love my family, it is nice to be home alone once in a while, and to get to spend all that time with just me and God! I can talk outloud to Him or sing or whatever and no one can hear me! And besides that I just enjoy hanging out with Him, having only Him for my company, just spending time with Him, even watching movies with Him! Hope you have a nice time with Him too! Blessings, Jenny

    • Rescued you from Spamville, Jenny! Love u!

      You’re right… I haven’t had this alone time for so long I hardly know where to begin anymore! Keep praying for me!

  7. I’m here, Robert! How have you been? Sorry I’ve been out and missed these posts. I’m on to the second one. 🙂

  8. […] ways his wonders to perform, right?  I’ve mentioned this method of hearing God in some of my earlier blog […]

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