Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Today is the 8th anniversary of my wedding day!  Woohoo!

I share this wonderful occasion, it seems, with inProgress and inWorship – two of the coolest people I’ve met online ….

I had to interrupt the blog post that I had all planned out (all right all right, it was planned in my MIND…)  to bring this shocking development in my life! A more mundane post that shows what else is new in my life will fillow….. soon, I hope…

Those who are close and know the struggles my wife and I have gone through in the last 5 months or so can rejoice with me that God has been working towards quick and total reconciliation between us… and for those who don’t know the details – just know that GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!

So, what are our plans?  We’re taking a walk on the beach and have a little picnic on our own, with our boys staying at my parents’ house.  I told one of my friends today, when I told her my plans, that if I get a girl tonight (lol) I’ll name the child after her! (lol)  Jen, I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to all the happily married couples out there – and those, like mine, that God is working on….

(We are still accepting gifts – money, houses, land, aeroplanes, cars, credit card info….) 😉  😆 😛