Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Today is the 8th anniversary of my wedding day!  Woohoo!

I share this wonderful occasion, it seems, with inProgress and inWorship – two of the coolest people I’ve met online ….

I had to interrupt the blog post that I had all planned out (all right all right, it was planned in my MIND…)  to bring this shocking development in my life! A more mundane post that shows what else is new in my life will fillow….. soon, I hope…

Those who are close and know the struggles my wife and I have gone through in the last 5 months or so can rejoice with me that God has been working towards quick and total reconciliation between us… and for those who don’t know the details – just know that GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!

So, what are our plans?  We’re taking a walk on the beach and have a little picnic on our own, with our boys staying at my parents’ house.  I told one of my friends today, when I told her my plans, that if I get a girl tonight (lol) I’ll name the child after her! (lol)  Jen, I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to all the happily married couples out there – and those, like mine, that God is working on….

(We are still accepting gifts – money, houses, land, aeroplanes, cars, credit card info….) 😉  😆 😛


5 Responses

  1. God bless you with a fantastic day and I’m so glad that you’re working through your problems with Father!
    Congratulations and blessing for a beautiful future together!!
    Big hugs, Jonie

  2. Finally getting around to blogs today.

    Happy belated anniversary!!!

  3. happy belated anniversary

  4. indeed. here’s to the next 8, and eighteen, and eighty-8!


  5. Happy Anniversary! May God bless your marriage and continue to strenthen it. And may He bless your anniversay and restore and heal your marriage. In Jesus Name, amen.

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