Calling for a Counter Culture

I’ve had a message the Lord gave me about 3 weeks ago that has shaken me up – again.  God has been speaking to me about the fact that he wants to create what he called a ‘counter culture’ of Christianity – which is not the same thing as the religious culture of having Christian music, Christian apparel and stuff… but really, really impacting society by bringing in Kingdom thinking and Kingdom principles.  I emailed it out to a couple friends (okay, about 20) asking for input, and Archie put it straight on his blog – go to it here –   I am also attempting to attach the document itself here – until I do get it done sucessfully, you can get it from the above link.  (Update: Here is the link to the Counter Culture document itself. Finally figured out how to get it done!)

Disclaimer – For those who read the text of the email on Archie’s website I wasn’t thinking at the time I sent my original email that it would go beyond the Caribbean – at least not yet …. so the original wording is specific to that region.  (“Yeah, right,” I can hear some of you saying. “You didn’t think it would get out?”)  The other thing is that the wording seems to single out my Christian experience at my tertiary institutions, but underneath God is really speaking to the fact that he wants to interact with society in a real way, in a new way.

The other thing I want to say about this you will not get from either the email or the article.  The words God actually told me were, “Counter culture is dangerous!”  Then he showed me that Jesus was into counter culture – he interacted with society where it was at – without the religious body of his day – and the religious people killed him. As the article shows, Jesus’ followers continued to radicalize the faith and were killed as well!
What God was telling me – and what I’m passing on to you – is that this direction is where his heart is, but that whoever decides to seek the new thing God is doing will be at least questioned by the more traditionalistic thinkers … and, in the worst case scenario, you will be persecuted for it.
However, this is what God is saying in this time.  It’s not like God is saying, “This is too dangerous for you.”  He is saying, “This is dangerous – but this is where I am.  Follow me in spite of the danger.
Please comment.  This is not about stats for me. This is about getting God’s word into as much hearts as possible – and finding out what God is doing to extend his Kingdom.

Supernatural Stories – Blessings and Curses

I remembered my Supernatural Stories series the other day (actually, every time I look at my stats – realizing that people like to read them!)  and I said to myself that I really should do another one. 

I was listening to a Derek Prince Legacy Radio program yesterday entitled “The Nature of Blessings and Curses” where Derek Prince explained what blessings are and what curses are, and it made me remember something that happened to me when I was young….

I remembered having a diplomatic discussion with my parents as a teenager as to appropriate forms of punishment. (Don’t ask!)   My father decided then that, as I hated going outside for any reason (I lived on my computer and in books) that one day, when I needed to be disciplined, he would make me go outside (at around 7 pm – which is dark in Barbados) and water our trees that he had planted on our land.  We live on a good size property with dozens of trees planted orchard style around our house. 
It was a good punishment for me – I hated the idea of dropping my books to go outside at that hour to water plants!  My mother tried to help me by suggesting that I talk to the plants while I watered them.  I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I named each plant and literally swore at it as I watered it. 
She was right.  It did make me feel better… but not for long!
I forgot to adjust my language and my volume when I got close to the kitchen window – where my father was washing dishes…. and I ended up getting a spanking anyway… 😆
But you know what?  I realized over the next couple months that each plant that I cursed had stunted growth…. would not grow at all, bent and gnarled!
I mentioned the plants’ pradicament to my then girlfriend (now my wife) Lesanne about a year later.  When I told the whole story, she told me that I should go back to our orchard and bless the plants again.  She reminded me that we’re created in the image of God, and as such we have creative power in our mouths.  Added to that, she reminded me, as a prophetic person I have double responsibility to be careful what I say.
So, sheepishly, I went outside and reversed the curses and blessed the ground….
And years later, the trees are even taller than me!!!!!!

Statistics Show Spiritaual Searching

I realized with a shock while looking at my blog stats that the most searched term on WordPress that gets people to my blog this week (and last week too, I think!) is ‘demon stories’.  Interesting….

I realize that a lot of people read these stories a lot:

The most popular post on my blog for all time is still The True Meaning of the Cross.

For those interested, here is the post linking to my entire deliverance series: Deliverance Questions Revisited.

These statistics show me one thing.  There are a lot of people in the world who are searching for a spiritual connection, a spiritual experience.  Many of them may have questions about whether demons exist or if Christians can be demonized. Maybe they’ve gone through some unexplained things, or maybe they are questioning one of the things they were taught.  Whatever the reason, I realize that many many people still need to be touched by the power of our risen Saviour!

I encourage all of you reading this right now to send a prayer to the Lord, praying for everyone who is going to be impacted by the words they read.  And then go out and do something!

I was reading John 4 this morning… and Jesus speaking to the Samaritan woman was an unusual mission opportunity!

The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.[a]) Jn 4:9

And Jesus’ challenge – to his disciples and to us – the fields are ripe to harvest.

34“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. 35Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. 36Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. 37Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. 38I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

The Internet – a ripe mission field!  Get involved!  God is speaking to us to find the unusual circumstances where he can speak into lives.  God does not deal with being boxed in!

I pray for everyone reading this.  I ask you, Father God, to speak into their lives.  Let them hear your voice, and prompt them in unusual ways to extend your kingdom.  I pray that the power of the Lord be upon them!  In Jesus’ name!  MAY YOUR KINGDOM BE EXTENDED! AMEN!

Throne Room Experience!

I promise that this post will be short – to make up for the last one… I’ve been inspired to share this one while listening to Pastor Bill Johnson from Bethel Church speak about the Throne Room experience.  As I mentioned at my friend Tam’s blog, Pastor Johnson comments often that testimonies carry an anointing with them to duplicate the miracle spoken of.  The reason for this blog is testimony – at it’s core – and I do pray that all who read, pass by, lurk ( 😉 ) or are in any way connecting with these words…  I pray that the Spirit of the LORD be released into you for miracles!

My wife and I had a time of praying to the Lord last Sunday that was so strong – the presence of the Lord descended and she was into heavy intercession before she started prophesying over me!  But after that time,  this happened: (This is an excerpt from my journal)

The presence of the Lord was so strong that, after we had prayed, when she went to the computer (that has been playing Israel and New Breed songs all through our prayer time), she could literally feel the Presence of the Lord all around the computer.  She sat there to make sure a song played, and I had come up behind her and touched her shoulder to get her attention – and she fell out under the power of the Lord, which surprised both of us! She was down and speaking in tongues, with the power of the Lord heavy on her.  I tried to lift her up when it seemed to lift – but when I spoke again she crumpled for a second time and she said, “It’s you!” So when it started to lift for the second time she told me not to speak until it lifted completely.

And, we have a prophetic miracle too – she prophesied that rain would come when she played “Open the floodgates of heaven – let it rain!” and – after it had not rained for the WHOLE DAY…. at 5 pm, when we finished our prayer time, and EXACTLY when she started to play the song … the rain poured down in a torrent!

She also told me before we prayed that, when she prayed the chorus, “Let it Rain” on the computer that it would rain physically – and, so said, so done!  It hadn’t rained all day – and, just as she said would happen, when she started to play the song the rain suddenly POURED down!  I was in the shower, and I heard a faint shofar in the distance – it sounded like it was coming from the computer.  I asked her if she heard it, and if it was in the song – but she hadn’t heard it, nor was it in the song – I played it over twice to make sure!

Come! Share a testimony or connect with the power of the Lord!

Testimony of FIRE!

I’m about to share another AWESOME testimony of God’s power, but for once – it isn’t mine! haha!  (This post may get long, so bear with me, ok?)

One of my closest friends (actually, my Spiritual sister Jen, who lives in South Africa) was telling me about a meeting that she was going to lead in her home.  She was meeting with about 20 women, and she and I were having a discussion about it beforehand.  It started with a conversation about the manifestation of gold dust.  We’re jumping into the middle of our conversation:

Rob: well God has just given u the strategy and told u how he wants the meeting started 🙂 Leave the rest up to him 😀
For them to have the fire, u will have to carry it … it wasn’t for nothing that I said it should come to u early… God can and will move, but with u in the fire early he can move through u to release on the others much easier.

Jennifer: AMEN…thats been my prayer…in fact a few days ago…i felt the Lord tell me that the power is in my hands……just to release it….and at that time the meeting wasn’t scheduled as yet
so yes…i feel i need to release the FIRE onto the ladies and for them to take back to their homes, families, churches (different churches they all are from) and their situations….
cos i can sit and counsel with them…but if i give them the FIRE of God…then they can make the necessary moves and changes on their own by the power of God!

So after that Friday’s meeting I asked her what happened… this is what she said:

Jennifer: there were abt 20 women there……and the Glory just fell…..literally….with the manifestation of Gold Dust…..women were set free….broken ones were healed and the ones who were desirest and yearning for more….received the gift of prophecy…..we truly had the dancing hand of the Lord there……by 8a.m. the next morning….no one wanted to leave…..the Spirit of the Lord just filled us up….What amazed me was the obedience of the people so much older than me ….that just became submissive to the Spirit of the Lord and cos of that they received a greater breakthrough…..i am gettting calls left right and centre of breakthroughs in peoples lives and in their spiritual walks

PRAISE GOD….It was awesome stuff!!! And over me I just felt the demonic hold over our lives just break….a women there that never spoke a word in the prophetic….broke into this new level of the anointing and the Lord gave her words for my life…..


Jennifer: oh i have so much to say…..the Lord allowed me the night before to bless three cloths…more like shawls.. red, gold and purple..

well [one of her best friends] and i prayed over them the night before and i said that i would keep them away until the Lord shows me how he was going to use them in the meeting

and lo and behold he did……

She interrupted herself to tell me about a dream she had that was relevant to her meeting:

well before i go on….let me tell u about a dream…i had few days before the meeting…l it was about a murder and the cops were raiding my home and i was feeling guilty…..

And then she continued:

Jennifer: well i forgot about that dream until the Lord pressed in my spirit to read ps 51 before the meeting

and when i read it aloud…especially the part about have blood on our hands…and being guilty…i nearly fell to the floor when i remembered the dream

and yes…thats what the Lord wanted us to do…get on our knees and truly repent….we spent like an hour doing this….it was phenomenal

Rob: my word ….

And here’s the awesome part – God sovereignly moving to direct the meeting with the cloths that were blessed the night before:

Jennifer: just as we were on our knees the Lord told me to get up and get the red cloth….of course….THE BLOOD OF JESUS….washes away our sins
and so it went on….after cleansing….the Lord made me take them through the tabernacle…and then bring out the gold cloth…THE GLORY! that went on for a while….
and then eventually…..ABUNDANCE, BREAKTHROUGH, PROSPERITY, ROYALTY……the purple cloth….

Rob: wowwww

Jennifer: and that was basically the night…interwined with loads of prophetic words, words of wisdom, knowledge etc…but different women in the group…all guided by the Holy Spirit

And as an epilogue … she told me about what happenend when God told her get the cloths:

Jennifer: …well this part about the cloths….i know it was from God….well as we were on our knees….remember i got up first and ran for the red cloth….and just dropped in one of the ladies on her knees…she had no idea what i was doing….she just nearly collapsed under that strong anointing…and at that time…[my best friend] gets up from being flat out and was just abt to run for the cloths…and she saw me already started…..she barely could get the words out! She was saying,”Jen, the Lord just told me as well about the red cloth…..”  i just stood back and marvelled at the Lord.


So that’s it.  What an awesome testimony – of hearing the Lord, obedience – and the Glory!  I loved the progression: from the Blood of Jesus to the Glory to the Abundance, referenced by the Red, Gold and Purple cloths.  She was worried that she was rambling, but I think she hit the nail on the head, don’t you????

Has anyone else seen Gold dust? Any other manifestations of the Spirit?

MSN Testimony!

I’ve again had an awesome time praying for someone over an MSN chat. I hope these testimonies bless those who read as much as they bless me for the telling!  Here’s another way God is shown POWERFUL!

I have been home on sick leave from work, and I’ve just started a conversation with one of my friends.  Just after the small talk, “Hi, how are you!” kind of opening I said to her:

I was gonna ask you how your relationship with God was going [but] God interrupted me and gave me the word, “Fire-carrier”….  with the sense that you should ask him for ways to extend the reach of his Spirit beyond the church building and carry it to those around you, as it is inside you already!    Your passion for him is radiating off of u… I can see it from here!

That doesn’t mean u don’t have bad days   Just that God sees the direction of your heart and it is still towards him, no matter what’s going on right now.

She replied:

wowww   as usual God is always on time and i really thank God for you and even more for your openess to allow God to use you as a voice piece…i have something on my mind (cant share it as yet) but that is just some confirmation.

I told her:

don’t have to share it with me ….  His presence is around you like sparks …. you need to stop doubting who HE is in YOU and ACT

To this she replied:

uhhhumm i keep getting that … i need to get up and do something i am a bit too relaxed.

So I gave her encouragement about time management (yeah right, ME??? Ha!) only by telling her to let God tell her what to do, when, and for how long.  She told me she set her timetable deliberately so that if she got a job she could go to class in the evenings.  No job has come yet, so she wonders what else God has in store – she told me that she felt God had given her something in her heart that she should do – so I said, “God says GO FOR IT”

So near the end of the conversation I gave her my cell number and said to her:

I know that there’s a reason I connect with your spirit every time we talk – so I want to keep u close lolol

whenever we talk the prophetic flows freely. That shows me that there’s a like spirit there, shows me that u’re open to it; shows me that God has plans for u

She replied:

uhhum – you’re telling me and it always leaves me in awe because it encourages or re-affims and it is just when i need it.

uhhumm – now this is profound! wowwww …. but Lord i thank you

(Isn’t that the goal of prophetic ministry?  God is awesome!)

I have sensed that she herself has prophetic giftings, so I said:

I want to see you step out coz I am sure that you have a prophetic streak in you that you’re afraid to use …. or don’t know it’s there.  I feel like you get thoughts about others but never say it coz you’re afraid you might be wrong … you know what? I started out like that too! Just have to jump for it and take the risk… and realize that you don’t miss it as much as you think you would!

To wish she exclaimed:

OOMMGG (g=goodness) ROBERT u need to stop it!!!!! no i am jus kiddin

(Sounds like I hit a nerve, eh?) 😆

While she continued to exclaim I told her

You have gifts that Father wants to nurture and release – not only back into your Wesleyan context – but outside into the world!  There are people who are not going to grace the inside of a church but will meet God as u speak into their souls, revealing what God has shown you.

What is happening with you is that you are seeing – for yourself – that God is real, his VOICE is real and HE KNOWS YOU; so that you can use that as testimony to others when u tell them what God is showing u for THEM.  When others challenge u, u can say, I know it’s real – it HAPPENED TO ME!

She confessed that I was right and that she never went ahead because of fear, so I started to pray over her right there, praying against fear and releasing the BOLDNESS OF THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. I said in part:


lay hands on the sick and they shall recover

prophesy to the breath and let the Spirit revive those slain (Ez 37)

God has a mighty work for her to do

Do not fear the uninformed… God breaks you from your tradition NOW

in the name of JESUS CHRIST

He wants to be able to move you wherever, whenever

give him ur allegiance!

When I asked her what happened she said:

well i even as you prayed i prayed and believed God with you and yes i yawned and i felt a release and i started shaking and said something i did not understand and i kept saying Jesus is Lord

She told me later she’d heard the tongues in her head, but this was the first time she’d spoken them out loud.

All I have to say is: WOW. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have anything else they’d like to share?