MSN Testimony!

I’ve again had an awesome time praying for someone over an MSN chat. I hope these testimonies bless those who read as much as they bless me for the telling!  Here’s another way God is shown POWERFUL!

I have been home on sick leave from work, and I’ve just started a conversation with one of my friends.  Just after the small talk, “Hi, how are you!” kind of opening I said to her:

I was gonna ask you how your relationship with God was going [but] God interrupted me and gave me the word, “Fire-carrier”….  with the sense that you should ask him for ways to extend the reach of his Spirit beyond the church building and carry it to those around you, as it is inside you already!    Your passion for him is radiating off of u… I can see it from here!

That doesn’t mean u don’t have bad days   Just that God sees the direction of your heart and it is still towards him, no matter what’s going on right now.

She replied:

wowww   as usual God is always on time and i really thank God for you and even more for your openess to allow God to use you as a voice piece…i have something on my mind (cant share it as yet) but that is just some confirmation.

I told her:

don’t have to share it with me ….  His presence is around you like sparks …. you need to stop doubting who HE is in YOU and ACT

To this she replied:

uhhhumm i keep getting that … i need to get up and do something i am a bit too relaxed.

So I gave her encouragement about time management (yeah right, ME??? Ha!) only by telling her to let God tell her what to do, when, and for how long.  She told me she set her timetable deliberately so that if she got a job she could go to class in the evenings.  No job has come yet, so she wonders what else God has in store – she told me that she felt God had given her something in her heart that she should do – so I said, “God says GO FOR IT”

So near the end of the conversation I gave her my cell number and said to her:

I know that there’s a reason I connect with your spirit every time we talk – so I want to keep u close lolol

whenever we talk the prophetic flows freely. That shows me that there’s a like spirit there, shows me that u’re open to it; shows me that God has plans for u

She replied:

uhhum – you’re telling me and it always leaves me in awe because it encourages or re-affims and it is just when i need it.

uhhumm – now this is profound! wowwww …. but Lord i thank you

(Isn’t that the goal of prophetic ministry?  God is awesome!)

I have sensed that she herself has prophetic giftings, so I said:

I want to see you step out coz I am sure that you have a prophetic streak in you that you’re afraid to use …. or don’t know it’s there.  I feel like you get thoughts about others but never say it coz you’re afraid you might be wrong … you know what? I started out like that too! Just have to jump for it and take the risk… and realize that you don’t miss it as much as you think you would!

To wish she exclaimed:

OOMMGG (g=goodness) ROBERT u need to stop it!!!!! no i am jus kiddin

(Sounds like I hit a nerve, eh?) 😆

While she continued to exclaim I told her

You have gifts that Father wants to nurture and release – not only back into your Wesleyan context – but outside into the world!  There are people who are not going to grace the inside of a church but will meet God as u speak into their souls, revealing what God has shown you.

What is happening with you is that you are seeing – for yourself – that God is real, his VOICE is real and HE KNOWS YOU; so that you can use that as testimony to others when u tell them what God is showing u for THEM.  When others challenge u, u can say, I know it’s real – it HAPPENED TO ME!

She confessed that I was right and that she never went ahead because of fear, so I started to pray over her right there, praying against fear and releasing the BOLDNESS OF THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. I said in part:


lay hands on the sick and they shall recover

prophesy to the breath and let the Spirit revive those slain (Ez 37)

God has a mighty work for her to do

Do not fear the uninformed… God breaks you from your tradition NOW

in the name of JESUS CHRIST

He wants to be able to move you wherever, whenever

give him ur allegiance!

When I asked her what happened she said:

well i even as you prayed i prayed and believed God with you and yes i yawned and i felt a release and i started shaking and said something i did not understand and i kept saying Jesus is Lord

She told me later she’d heard the tongues in her head, but this was the first time she’d spoken them out loud.

All I have to say is: WOW. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have anything else they’d like to share?


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  1. Wow, this is awesome, Robert! Sorry it took me so long to visit. Praise God! He is always good!

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