Supernatural Stories – Blessings and Curses

I remembered my Supernatural Stories series the other day (actually, every time I look at my stats – realizing that people like to read them!)  and I said to myself that I really should do another one. 

I was listening to a Derek Prince Legacy Radio program yesterday entitled “The Nature of Blessings and Curses” where Derek Prince explained what blessings are and what curses are, and it made me remember something that happened to me when I was young….

I remembered having a diplomatic discussion with my parents as a teenager as to appropriate forms of punishment. (Don’t ask!)   My father decided then that, as I hated going outside for any reason (I lived on my computer and in books) that one day, when I needed to be disciplined, he would make me go outside (at around 7 pm – which is dark in Barbados) and water our trees that he had planted on our land.  We live on a good size property with dozens of trees planted orchard style around our house. 
It was a good punishment for me – I hated the idea of dropping my books to go outside at that hour to water plants!  My mother tried to help me by suggesting that I talk to the plants while I watered them.  I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I named each plant and literally swore at it as I watered it. 
She was right.  It did make me feel better… but not for long!
I forgot to adjust my language and my volume when I got close to the kitchen window – where my father was washing dishes…. and I ended up getting a spanking anyway… 😆
But you know what?  I realized over the next couple months that each plant that I cursed had stunted growth…. would not grow at all, bent and gnarled!
I mentioned the plants’ pradicament to my then girlfriend (now my wife) Lesanne about a year later.  When I told the whole story, she told me that I should go back to our orchard and bless the plants again.  She reminded me that we’re created in the image of God, and as such we have creative power in our mouths.  Added to that, she reminded me, as a prophetic person I have double responsibility to be careful what I say.
So, sheepishly, I went outside and reversed the curses and blessed the ground….
And years later, the trees are even taller than me!!!!!!

4 Responses

  1. Great application! And a great lesson.

  2. LOVE your stories Robert! You are a gifted writer and communicator!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

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