Supernatural Stories – Instantaneous Healing!

Continuing with my Supernatural Stories,  I remembered this one from when I was in Tampa on the Break Free conference with Warfare Plus Ministries – the umbrella body of New Beginnings Fellowship, where I had gone for my deliverance training.  I was staying with two of the guys Michael and David in their room that night, spending time with the group. (My aunt lives in Florida, so for the majority of the trip I was staying at her her house.)

Michael and I were talking up a storm, about anything and everything – about what we were learning at the conference, about family etc.  Michael was asking me questions about God and about ministry and I was answering to the best of my ability, as well.  He was telling me about his son and was asking me to pray for him and stuff.  We talked long into the night and finally drifted off to sleep – typical behaviour when out on a road trip, right?

In the morning, however, he woke up – and told me his tonsils were swollen.  Just. Like. That.  I mean, he wasn’t sick or anything before.  It wasn’t like he was catching something that was going around.  I even think, if I remember correctly that he was fine in the morning, but somehow this thing dropped on him and he got hoarse and felt his tonsils swelling.

All I remember is, he asked for prayer, so I was starting to ask God to heal him when I interrupted myself and felt faith rise up within me.

“I ask you Lord, to heal – No…”, I said, getting up and placing my hand gently on his throat, “I command healing NOW in the name of Jesus Christ. Be healed!”

His head rocked back a little, like if he’d been struck on the forehead.  When he brought his head up again, the pain had gone.  Instantly.

Just remembered that and thought I’d share it.  Isn’t God amazing????????

(What’s also amazing is how short this post is! HA!)


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  1. Awesome!! Great testimony! 😀 I’ve got one too, but … I’m waiting for the right time, I think. 🙂

    • When’s the right time? When, huh? Come on, come on!! 😉

  2. […] Instantaneous Healing […]

    • My Testimony for Christ regarding my newborn Son baby Oliver Emmanuel Touchton who was in NICU!

      I had confessed and meditated Gods word during my pregnancy to create my child’s every part to be normal and perfect and I was praying on my baby . Every medical report was normal regarding my baby till the end. I was suppose to deliver the baby on 5th of Dec,2012.But Dr had a feeling that I should do my c section on 27.11.2012. On 26.11.12 at 12 pm Dr told me to do final scan before c section. When I did , the Dr. told me to go immediately to do emergency c section . So we went immediately went , and the baby boy by name Oliver Emmanuel Touchton was delivered on 26.11.12 ,at 4.15 pm Indian time. When the baby was born there was no cry, no heartbeat, no breathing, He was resuscitated back and immediately put on oxygen. He was breathing on his on, but not fully. When he breaths in and then exhales co2, not all co2 is coming out, so his body is storing co2. The storing of the co2 and not breathing and the heart not working at birth damaged his kidneys, liver, and caused some pressure on his heart which is called cardiomelagy. Also causing him to retain body fluid all over his small body making him look puffy. So he was taken to a separate hospital only 5minutes from where he was born.
      And placed in NICU. The Doctors there started immediately and found kidney damage, liver damage, Lungs putting pressure on heart, co2 build up in blood and organs. The co2 build up in his blood has caused his ph to become low which also has caused some damage to his organs. The doctors ran brain scan an echo cardio and found brain ok and heart ok with the exception of the pressure on the heart. He is currently still on the ventilator at 40% . His kidneys are now functioning normal lever is improving, pressure on heart improved, sugar levels stabilizing. He has edema and it’s very slowly coming down. His phosphorus count is low at 0.4 and needs to be 1.5. His platelet count is extremely low @ 26,000 and needs to be 150,000. He was given a plasma and protein transfusion yesterday. He’s not able to take and digest breast milk so he has some abdominal swelling. Overall he is improving, but very slow. My baby boy desperately and urgently need of prayers and healing and fast recovery in the name of Jesus Christ. It has been 7 days I am not with my baby ,baby lives in different hospital and I was discharged from another hosipital, I feel lonely miss my baby , hurts that I and my family cant be with baby.
      He has low phosphorus count, and low platelet count, which causes edema and metobolic problems including problems in lever etc.Please pray for him that platelate count should be normal in Jesus name. Right now his platelet count is 8000 ,it should be atleast 1lakh. His body has too much fluid .If platelet counts becomes high or normal,His edema will disapper, phosphorus will come back normal and he will getter better in many things. Kindly pray and ask prayers warriers to pray for his healing for all his internal organs .Amen
      Today is Dec 4th 2012, compared to yesterday ,my baby oliver emmanuel is doing better, his heart beat is stable,brain is perfect from beginning, liver is improving ,platelet count from 8000 to 31,000 has increased after transfusion . phosphorus level from 0.4 to 0.5 increased but it has to be at least 0.8 to 1.05. Edema has decreased, breathing is stable, glucose is stable, BP isnormal, If platelet count is normal whiah is 1,50,000 edema goes away, he will be healthier, his metabolic system will be all right. Everything gets right with him.

      To day is 5th of Dec, yesterday they did platelet transfusion, his platelet counts went up to 86,000 and today it has dropped to 45,000. The normal platelet level is 150,000 to 450,000. This is considered normal. When platelets go down, protein level, phosphorus level comes down. Right now his readings are below normal. His whole body is filled with fluid and swelling because of this which is called edema and still he is in NICU on ventilator. Rest of the body organs are improving by the grace of God. I was praying that blood culture report and all medical reports to be normal and my son to be recovered from all kinds of physical complication he is having now. Please I need mercy, Lord God have mercy on my baby, Give him a life of God, heal him and save him from death. Bless him to declare the works of God. Amen.
      In Jesus name I command his edema to go away from his body and never to return back. May his Blood be cleansed with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
      I hold the Blood of Jesus Christ against Low platelet count, Low phosphorus level, and low protein level. Amen.
      Today is 6th Just now I came from hospital after seeing the baby ,its 9.15pm night, Baby’s edema has reduced a lot. his phosphorus level went up from 1.9 to 2.4. calcium from 9.3 to 9,protein level is 4.1. Blood culture report will come tomorrow. overall he is doing good except platelet count should come up at least 150,000. Since it was 45,000 its should not drop. Dr. Krishnan said they will remove him from ventilator tomorrow, I and many people all over the world were interceding over my son that He will breathe by himself without any problem and everything concerned about my baby Oliver Emmanuel to be normal In Jesus Name. Amen What I heard from Doctor was, that he has enlarge heart which is taken most of his space in his chest, and lungs are small and there is fluid in between because of edema, so when he expands his lungs, he cant breathe properly because of big heart and fluid in between..

      Today is 7th,By everyone’s prayers he is doing better, his platelet count went up to 50,000 by Gods grace, his phosphorus and protein level went up high a bit. He is off the ventilator from 3pm,, breathing on his own by Gods grace but still he was in need of more prayers and miracles in my son’s life.

      Today 8th Morning, 10 am Oliver had been breathing by himself off the ventilator till now from yesterday 3pm, without support of ventilator.Dr. said he is struggling to breathe ,instead of exhaling carbon dioxide ,he is storing in his body which will damage his internal parts. So they have put back him on ventilator again. Also there is fluid in his body, which has to come out, which will help his lungs to xpand.Platelet increased to 52,000 which is good. I am not that happy today because he went back again on ventilator, so that he cane inhale oxygen and exhale co2. Inhaling oxygen is good but he is having difficulty to exhale co2..Please pray that he is able to exhale co2, without support of ventilator. May the infection in his body disappears, pray more ,need more miracles, in his breathing, edema to disappear and pray that there is no pressure from pulmonary arterial on his heart and lungs. Pray for his divine healing. Please friends do not stop praying for him. Thanks a lot !

      Today 9 th,protein 4.10,platelet decreased from 52,000 to 34,000,phosphorus decreased from 2.3 to 1.7,hemoglobin is 8.1, should be min.12,albumin is 1.05 should be 3.5 to 5.2, but yesterday it was 0.7.,he digested mothers milk about 5ml through pipes in his mouth to nose,and could nt digest another 5ml. First time he was fed with mothers milk. plasma transfusion was done again, he was active , … shaking his legs and hands, opening his eyes wide, most of time he was sedated, but he was not sedated . Overall he was looking good yesterday , his edema has come down more. But still he is fighting hardly and making and recovering step by step, He needs a lots of miracles and strong prayers! Please I beg you friends , keep praying for him ,, Also i just got a news that the Dr. krishna was treating our baby so well, He was an angel surrounded by my baby, just few hours ago, his dad passed away and he is from different state so he is back to his state which is called Chennai. I am worried now about my baby because, he is not there with my baby, he has handed over his work to Dr. Sameera, please pray for her so that she treats my baby just like Dr. krishna Did. Also Pray for Dr. Krishna’s Dad ( Mr. Raman), may his soul rest in eternal peace. And give strength to Dr. Krishna and family. Please Pray for Dr. Krishna’s Dad Mr. Raman’s soul! Also Pray for Dr. Sameera is guided by God to treat my baby well! Thanks to all!
      Today is 10th Dec, The plasma transfusion has done, albumin transfusion done, protein level is good, His platelet count was 46,000 Cardiologist reviewed and said there is no major concern about heart issues, the pressure on the lungs and heart is reduced, Edema has bit reduced in his body but still too much fluid ( water retention on his stomach. The size of the stomach with edema is 44 cms. Stomach is very much bloated, where all veins is easily seen on the stomach , which has shiny look. The doctors are concerned much about his swelling on his stomach. He drink milk through tube about 5ml every 3rd hour. He was able to digest milk. ( The Dr. went to Chennai (different state) bcoz his Dad passed away , he was the one who was treating my baby boy, He was an angel and he was so positive and giving hopes by saying He is improving , the in charge Dr took his place and making us worried because she is talking too much negative about my baby and she is saying no improvement).

      Today is 11th Dec, Today platelet count was 50,000 in the morning, he had slight blood pressure 105/60. The incharge Doctor scared us that his life is in critical condition. Edema in the thighs and legs has come down a lot. Stable glucose levels. The in charge doctor told to stop feeds(milk) and baby is given IV.Waiting for The Positive come back who knew more about my baby so that the my baby is treated well .The size of the stomach is reduced from 44 to 43. But still there is too much water in the stomach.
      Baby looks very nice very active , since he is pulling out all medication pipes, he has been sedated most of time . They have again sent the platelets transfusion and sent to lab, waiting for results and they have repeated blood culture test again, results will be known after 72 hours. But again the doctor is very concerned about increase blood pressure, since he has enlarge heart. The blood pressure must be below 90. Also they are concerned the bloating of stomach because of Edema. Please friends Pray , Pray , Pray for my son , so that every damaged part in his body be healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Pray that his lungs, respiratory system, digestive system , heart works normal. Also to remove edema from his body .He need a strong miracle prayer, please do not give up on prayers.

      Today is 12thDec, The orginal Dr. came back to that my baby the one who is out of state. His Blood pressure was 124/92, edema size on stomach was 44-distended from 43. His edema swelling has come down a lot on his body. Platelet was 48,000 count. Albumin level was 2.3 which is suppose to be to be 3.5 to 5.3,Protein was 4.5 which suppose to be above 6- 8, hemoglobin is 10.8.Baby is improving . Dr. Krishna advised to give mothers milk about 10 ml through tube which the incharge Dr had told to stop. Couple of times he was aspirated but many times he digested. Still need lots of constant prayers for Oliver.

      Today is 13thDec , Lots of improvement can be seen, platelet increased to 71,000 by itself without transfusion of platelets. Protein level is 4.8.Albumin is 2.3,phosphorus was 2.9. Edema has reduced a lot on his whole body and his stomach swelling reduced to 39cms.which is very good. His digestive system is good and tolerating mothers milk. His bp is normal, sugar,heartbeat, everything normal.Overall he is good by the grace of God,by all ur prayers and blessings and great angels are surrounded by him in the form of doctors and nurses. Still need lots of constant prayers for Oliver. Also pray that he comes home soon in perfect health to celebrate Christmas.

      Today 17th Evening , Dr who was taking care of oliver went back to Chennai, different state to do his fathers death rituals. Again mean doctor is in charge from 18th onwards. So far everything is good , Oliver is out of ventilator doing good, Dr. said to to do direct breast feeding .

      Today 18th, He is doing good by the grace of God, the incharge doctor said to do abdomininal scan from radiologist, but he did not come . she told me to give breast feeding only one time.Hb is 10.8.

      Today is 19th , total blood count is high 32900,hb level is 11.70,platelet 49,000.radiologist said he cant perform scan on infants because its meant only for adults .crp test is 24.7, before that 2.5 weeks ago it was 74.9.

      Today is 20th, platelet is 56,000,protein is 6.4,albumin is 4,phosphorus is 2.5,creatin is 0.2,pus cell in urine -1-2,crp test is 24. Which shows there is infection or inflammation in the body and they have started antibiotics. The incharge doctor scared us by talking rubbish with us. By the grace of God he is really doing inspite of negative incharge doctor.Just waiting for Original doctor to come , he said he will come on Saturday night which is 22/12/12.They have started to give antibiotics.
      Today is 21st,The incharge doctor said that oliver can be shifted to ward tomorrow. Todays platelet counts was 1,13,000, billurubin is 0.45, rest is normal. Dr.Aftab children’s pediatrician surgeon came to examine oliver, oliver had some bums on his head, shoulder, thigh, back,because of laying for almost 26 days in sick NICU bed. So, the bumps have become pus, so removed with aspirator. He is maintaining 100% saturation without oxygen. Thank You Jesus for all ur miracles and blessings.

      Dec 24th 20012, Oliver was doing good with stable platelets, he was able to breathe without the help of ventilator and oxygen, all his internal organs are healing, so he has shifted to ward 2 days ago and was suppose to get discharged on 25th for Christmas,but on 24th night he was shifted back to NICU as he was lethargic, had fever not drinking milk properly and oxygen saturation was in 80’s instead of in 90’s. I was waiting in ward that he will come back soon, but he stayed their upto 30st of Dec 2012 in Nicu again, later found that he had stones in Gall bladder and kidney . After 5 says in ward I discharged myself back to home because it was getting too expensive to stay ,since we already spent too much and yet to spend too much for his health and we were in shortage of money and my mother helped us financially.

      Dec 30th 2012: He was shifted to ward again as he was doing better in the NICU, and later in the ward also he was good with 95 above oxygen saturation and was discharged on Jan 1st 2013 to home with Oliver. It was a happy day in our lives.
      9th Jan 2013: we were going to hospital for follow ups , found out that he had hypercalcimia which was 18.6 and doctor told to admit him again because it was the rarest and life threatening disease. Again he was getting treatment by Dr. V Krishnan who is a Neotalogist and pediatrician and I was in the ward for whole time, his calcium level was still high when medication given it comes down and after few hours again its high, so Oliver had a baptism on January 13th which was Baptism of the Lord that day, Doctor V. Krishnan gave an 1 hour permission to baptize him and bring back to hospital, we did baptism and bought him back to hospital, and he was discharged on 15th as his calcium level was normal. Again we went for follow ups ,by the grace of God its normal.
      I had made a vow in the Infant Jesus Church,Viveknagar ,Bangalore that when my baby was in NICU. I went to this church alone without baby with much pain in my heart and I prayed God to heal my son completely and I will come back to Church with my baby .As promised on 17th Jan 2013 we whole family went to this church gave a thanks giving mass and said our testimony for God healing our Son Oliver Emmanuel. Through this experience, I have had to heavily focus on the subjects of FAITH and HEALING. I never departed my faith in Christ. I keep on praying ,crying to God to save my child from the terrible sickness he had been suffering. My little baby’s body is full of pricks ,everyday there were pricks for blood samples, Iv’s, canula’s glucose tests, dozens of tests performed on my son by doctors, everyone said his condition was critical and its not their in their hands. But I know My son will live in perfect health and be a testimony for Christ. Everyday I called and sent prayer requests to prayer warriors, all kinds of Christian denominations, pastors, priests all over the world, many church people came and prayed over my son in the hospital by laying their hands. Every minute I was pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ on my sons’s sickness. By the stripes of Jesus Christ my Son is completely healed and has a new life in Christ to declare the miracles of God. Now he is happy with us at home and we whole family are testimony for Christ and our prayers and belief in God has strengthened even more. The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and his BLOOD, and the WORD OF GOD is more power in the world. The name of JESUS is above ALL other names, (Eph 1:21 & Phil 2:9). God sent His Word to heal my son , and His word works. I thank and praise God for providing great health, healings, protections grace, peace, blessings, provisions, and favor upon my son and on our whole family. Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Word to deliver my son from all sickness and disease. Father, thank you for all of the healing miracles that you are bestowing upon my baby son Oliver Emmanuel Touchton.Also I thank everyone who prayed for my son and interceded on behalf of him.

      Thank you God for bringing my son back home from NICU with perfect health .Jesus healed my Son Oliver Emmanuel completely. I praise God and Thank God for all his wonderful miracles and healings. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Father, Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.

  3. Yes, command that healing!! 🙂 Yay God!

    • Yay God indeed 🙂 That was one of the most awesome things I’ve seen – God’s mighty hand extended!

      Welcome to the Hand of God 🙂 Please don’t be a stranger! Read on! There’s more!!!!! 🙂

  4. […] Instantaneous Healing […]

  5. God surely answers prayer made in faith…our God is truly an awesome God!

    • Sure right about that, Linda…. he’s so good he even answers prayers not made with 100% rock solid faith as well… heck, sometimes he does it just coz he’s good and not coz we have any faith at all!

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