Quick Question: Supernatural Callings




A lot of the Bible heroes were called by God through some supernatural means – a burning bush, angels announcing their birth, things like that.

I even started to remember when God called me to ministry by giving me a vision of being knighted.

I realized recently that a lot of prophetic people I know have had the same type of vison when the Lord called them – and it made me curious….

Has the Lord used any supernatural means to tell you about your calling? Tell us about it!

Or am I the odd one out here?  I can’t be!


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  1. Lovely! You were knighted… Sir Robert? :-)))
    Our Father has a brilliant sense of humour!
    My gifts just suddenly arrive, like writing poetry now and I’m surprised by joy!
    Perhaps you are the odd one! :-)))))
    Keeping you and your wife in prayer!
    Hugs, Jonie

    • LOLOLOL I don’t think so…

      But my prayer is that more gifts will ‘suddenly arrive’ for you, my dear! Be released into your destiny!!!!!

      (And thanks for keeping us in prayer too!)

  2. I’m still slightly puzzeled by the dream i had ages ago (quite literally ages.)

    I was in my grandmothers house praying with my gramdmother and my own mother, and i looked to my left and saw a pathway that was in now way soppoused to be there. Through that pathway i could see a white hallway and out of it came a man dressed in white with long curly brown hair, and tan skin. Immediately I recognized him as Jesus. He turned towards us in all gentleness and walk up to me, smiled and shook my hand. Then He put himself in a picture that my grandmother has of a face of Jesus and Mary (it’s hard to explain how exactly he put Himself in it, but imagine being sucked in to a blackhole… i guess that’s how you could see it looked like it happened) and I looked at it three times. The first time i saw nothing different. The second time I saw a bell ringing in the middle of the picture. The third time i saw a flying saucer opening up in the middle and speaking to me (or us) but I don’t remember what it said (If anything at all.)

    that was the dream… maybe you could see something I don’t, but I did speak to a priest afterwards and he said the bell symbolized a call, and the talking ufo would resemble speaking of unwordly things, like the gospels and such.

    I’ve had at least 2 other dreams with Jesus in them, maybe I’ll share them later if you’d like

    • Welcome to the Hand of God, Xavier!
      Now that’s an interesting dream… I’d be glad to hear of the other dreams … and I’ll ask the Holy Spirit if he would clarify these dreams to me – like Joseph; get an interpretation of what is being said.

  3. alright then,

    In another dream … I was in my room, people were talkign in the dining room (parents and other people) and it was possibly evening time, somewhere between 5pm and 8pm.

    I was in bed in my lit up room, walked out and i saw the people in the dining room. then i walked outside into the front of my yard and i looked to my left and to my right.

    At everyones yard there was a a sack of lit up candles. The sack was transparent and looked like it was of a silk material, but it wasn’t worldly, it was like a spiritual cloth. Then i look back at my house and i see those spriciritual candles outside of my sister’s window, and along the side windows of mine and hers.

    Then i turned around and looked up

    The clouds we an omunious gray purple sort of color, and within them i noticed 1 candle (or sack of candles). That candle was the center of a face of Jesus in the clouds… now it was that the clods made the form of a face of Jesus, but more like how an artist uses a layer of something to drawn on, on top of the background of the cartoon (trying to make it understandable.) But Jesus was not happy there, and He zoomed up! and I believe the candle stayed.

    and that’s it… on more dream to go… I’ll type it after this comment get’s feedback

    • Well here’s feedback! lol

      In all seriousness… I haven’t gotten anything from the dreams as yet – may I share them with a couple of my prophetic friends? We will all seek the Lord to see if he’s saying something – or not!

      I think I would tend to agree with the priest on the first dream, but again, I will pray.

      Have you ever asked Jesus into your life? Accepted his sacrifice for your sins and decided to follow him? I feel as though God does have a call on your life to speak about the supernatural – just as you said, not on ufos and stuff, but about the gospel – the Kingdom of God! I’m agreeing with the first dream. Have you ever preached?

      The second dream I’m not so sure about, yet… but I’ll continue praying!

      I remember that St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, had visions and dreams and was led by angelic voices. Those things are not at all uncommon – the Father WANTS to be found by his seeking children…

  4. go ahead, share with everyone, but yeah I even considered being a priest at one point, and still do, but right now God has me in a relationship for one or two purposes i guess… Just kinda waiting to see what He wants me to do… but I have tried making a website, I’ve played the part of Jesus at a Good Friday crucifixion play a few times, I’ve been reading the bible, prayed loads to the point where I’ve been ridiculed, I’ve tried converting others or at least explaining the truths of God and the bible (too many misconceptions going around.) Been to a retreat, a “curcillo” (it’s a small, yet intense 3 day class on a weekend preceded by a small retreat; it’s in spanish), Vocations Awareness Weekend at the St. John Viahney seminary college. Try to go to confession regularly, now I’m reading on people’s experiences with demons, ghosts, oujia boards, etc, and I’m sure there are other things I’ve done in my religious life that aren’t predominant in my mind at the moment. (I don’t mean that as a boast or to gain praise, but just to let you know I’m active spiritually :D)

    as for the last dream, it might have to wait, I’m trying to install windows 7 at the moment…

  5. ok, now for the last dream i can remember about Jesus…

    It was daylight out in the clearing of a forest where I was at, and I walked with Jesus speaking about things, not sure what… We were walking through a empty circus/fare sort of thing (it looked like they were closed for the day, or a day off or something.) We walked and talked side by side, then took off in to the sky, He and I both flying upwards and forward towards a very tall tree. After I passed by the top of the tree, i looked back and I saw He was gone, and the tree started to fall in the direction i was flying, so I started to land. Then when i landed the tree fell just seconds after, but missed me by like an inch.

    that was the last one… I remember it quite vividly, but the words i cannot remmeber, even in the dream i don’t think i actually heard much, but it was very nice to be able to fly with Jesus for a while 🙂

    All Glory and Honor be to God. Amen.

    • As I read that dream over again, I hear the same things now that I heard when I first read it – “Intimacy” … the words were not as important as being with Jesus. I have read of other people who have had supernatural transport in the Spirit (think Phillip in Acts) and I have read testimonies of that happening.

      God is a God of FUN – and I’m really sensing that he loves to be with you! I pray that God does release more supernatural experiences with HIM to you – for your own edification – as well as for you to testify to it to others…. “Greater works than these will ye do, because I go to my father…”

      I feel like there is more for you, Xavier… and that God wants to reveal more of himself, more of the supernatural …. “Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near…”

      I pray a blessing over you, I ask that God’s Spirit empower you and direct you and that others will get to know the Living Word through interacting with you!

  6. To my knowledge, no. I’ve had a couple brief visions – one where God asked me what I wanted and I pictured a huge stadium of people I was speaking to – but no specifically prophetic visions at the start of anything. Love you!

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL as well. God’s been doing awesome things, and I’ve needed to focus and stay quiet. You’re not far from my mind, though. Love you, brother.

    • I JUST emailed you to find out how you were doing!!! Love you, little sis 🙂

  7. […] earlier post and decided to make it a post on its own. To backtrack – I asked a question on my very first poll about if God ever revealed his destiny to you (my loyal readers, and even those who just happened […]

  8. I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. I channel in public weekly on Thursdays at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. The main purpose of the being I channel is to put people on or to keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment.
    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!!.
    my blog can be found at:

    Erik Sudberg

    • Erik – happy you enjoyed the blog! I just want you to know that I respect you, and I thank you for coming by.

      You said, “The main purpose of the being I channel is to put people on or to keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment.”

      Jesus Christ says, “I AM the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

      I hope that coming here will point you to Jehovah in a real way… and I encourage you to continue coming so that you can encounter HIM. Be blessed!

      • Thank you for being very respectful. This is a trait not often seen in regards to these matters. I do feel, however, that our paths are not too far apart. I really do appreciate what you do. Thank you for your comment!


        • Well keep on coming back 🙂 I welcome your comments. 🙂

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