I Thought I Understood

A couple years ago a new friend of mine, Phil Iszatt, from England, came with his wife to Barbados for a vacation and a rest for health reasons.  While there, he consented to minister prophetically in one of our meetings.  When he came to me, he said, among other things, that I would be acquainted with Christ’s sufferings.  He asked me if I understood what it meant – and I thought I did. I even had tears in my eyes when he asked me that question.

Now I know.

The circumstances are different.  Christ was suffering for things not of his own doing, as he was and is Sinless, and I am suffering for my mistakes, the things I’ve chosen to do that have been wrong, that have hurt so many others – and yet again threaten my marriage.

But listening to God’s word on Derek Prince Legacy radio, where Derek posthumously intones that I need to ask for things (pray) not because I want them, but because God wants them – I am beginning to see it.  Jesus said, in the Garden of Gethsemane, “If there is any way this cup can pass from me, let it pass, but nevertheless, not my will, but yours.” (paraphrased Matt. 26:39, 42)

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible says about this verse, in part, ” Those are best prepared to suffer with Christ, who have by faith beheld his glory.”  I have been stuck at this sentence.  I know that I have seen the glory of the Lord through miracles and the call of God on my life… does that make me prepared to suffer with him?

His humanity recoiled from his sufferings – but he accepted them anyway.

And so must I.


2 Responses

  1. Robert,
    This quote from Henry, “Those are best prepared to suffer with Christ, who have by faith beheld his glory…” touches my spirit as well.

    I read your latest post, then scrolled down until I finished reading your two other recent ones as well… and I must say that I am coming away full.

    Will have to go back and re-read, and digest some of the insights you have shared.

    I did try to sit down to write a guest post a few times but nothing materialized until I realized that if I did something out of my human intellect and understanding, it wouldn’t be pleasing to God. I am sure you know what I mean. Will let you know when there’s an inner stirring for me to do the promised post.

    Meanwhile, I have appreciated coming here today, and seeing this wealth of fresh insights. Thanks for sharing.


    • Lidj…Thank God you have “come away full” .. that warms my heart! I think even I need to come back and re-read what was shared and let it sink into my own spirit… “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY RHEMA out of the mouth of God!”

      I have not gotten any response so far from the guest post idea either – so it’s in the Lord’s hands 🙂 Whatever he brings to you, I will be grateful for! May the Lord add blessings to the sharing of his Word – both Rhema AND Logos…..

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