Question: Why do you blog?

Got into a heated discussion with someone who suggested I stop blogging because I have too much of my life on public display. I disagreed.

I blog for social reasons as well as to testify to God’s goodness to me.  I blog because I have gotten major support from the blogosphere as I go through my struggles.  I have gotten the major part of my support from people I met through my blog.   I ministered through my blog as well, but that is on hiatus for the moment – right now it is to give and receive encouragement and have connection with other parts of the Body of Christ.  If someone has gone through what I have and can relate, so much the better – we might have a great conversation.  If not, it at least it might be a good read, right? Right now,  God has encouraged me to blog my devotions so that I can get more consistent with it – make the devotion fun by mixing it with something I enjoy doing, you know?

However, this argument made me start to think.  If you blog, why do you?


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  1. I blog to share some of the thoughs in this head of mines. Sometime it’s to say the things I want to say but will not say aloud.

    And your right it helps to have people who have either been through what you going through give you encouraging words.

    • Welcome Sunny 🙂 I’m so glad you commented! Yeah I agree 100% … I blog to get the thoughts in my head out too… and I feel you about saying things on the blog that you can’t say out loud…. good comment! I’m sure a lot of people wish they had a way to vent without hurting anyone. That’s what my blog does – mind spew! haha 🙂

  2. i blog for similar reasons—and is the 1 place i get any support in my life—and also an easier way to get prayer requests for yourself and others–i think blogging/internet is just another way to spread the word, learn, “church”, and grow together as believers–and help those of us who struggle you know—but that is my opinion—guess in my personal life (and as “weird” as it is)–i would be the first one to step out of my personal comfort zone and talk about it, and stuff if i KNOW it helps at least one person–and i think everything you write, i write, anyone writes for that matter–touches one person in a way you never knew, and may never know–but that is just my opinion–me, i am so much more a “writer” then a speaker–and as for others maybe it is easier for them to “read” something–and it sticks with them-then to just “hear” it in a physical setting.

    • Thanks boo… 🙂

      I agree 100% – the support, the growth … and if someone can get something from it….

      Yeah you are right – I am ALSO a ‘writer’ more than a ‘speaker’… so much easier to get things out in text (was gonna say ‘on paper’, but no trees are killed in the making of this blog….!) 😆

  3. I blog, because I want to tell the world how wonderful our Lord and God is … thank God for the internet!
    (((Robert))) – may 2010 be a great year for you and your family. Keeping you in my prayers! Jonie

    • Thank you my dear! (I feel that LOVE … I FEEL that HUG!) May the Lord be with you in the coming year!!!!!!!

  4. Just found this link, I hope you find it a blessing.

    • I’m reading that review now, Jonie 🙂 Thanks! 😀

  5. I blog simply because I like to. I am not sure if I ever have anything great to say but it is a great outlet that is not work 🙂

    I LOVE that you share your personal life and testimony of God. Those who say you shouldn’t might not understand the power of learning from others.

    In the US we have a financial radio host named Dave Ramsey who works from a Christian perspective. He is all about being debt free. All during his show, people call in to tell their stories, scream that they are “debt free” and share information about how they did it. Some might look at this as sharing too much information…no provides people a lesson and hope.

    Great work…keep blogging my friend.

    • I LOVE that you share your personal life and testimony of God. Those who say you shouldn’t might not understand the power of learning from others

      Couldn’t say it better myself bro. Thanks for your encouragement!

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