Coming off of my last post and the thought of being hidden away in the secret place, I found a chapter in this book I’m reading that resonates along that line.  The book is “Living Water” by Brother Yun – the second book from this author.  He is a Chinese Christian who detailed his testimony of being persecuted in his home country in his first book “The Heavenly Man”.  This, his second book, is a collection of his own teachings which, as the book says, “have evolved from his life experiences of persecution and revival in China.”

This book is deep. So much so that I can only take it in small doses!  In fact, I’ve gotten this book as a gift (thanks Phillip!) since January 13th this year, and I’ve only just gotten to chapter 6.

I have been stuck for a while on chapter 5 – “The Pregnancy of the Holy Spirit”.  Yun starts off with the account of Jesus’ incarnation – of him taking on human form to be our example.  He comments how God the Father orchestrated this event and protected his Son from the evil Satan was throwing at him in Herod’s murder of thousands of baby boys to get rid of him.  Yun mentions the shepherds on one end of the social scale  and the Magi on the other – all come to worship Jesus.  Next, he recounts the meeting of Mary with the angel Gabriel.

After this account, he states this:

Do you realize that God wants all Christians to be pregnant with the Holy Spirit today? He wants to give you a vision of His kingdom that originates from heaven, not from yourself.  He desires that all of His children would be overshadowed by His presence in such a way that they are changed and give birth to something in their lives that brings many into His kingdom.

He also comments that, “The message I want to share with you is that you must be willing to become pregnant by the Holy Spirit. When a heavenly vision comes to dwell inside your innermost being, the entire direction of your life will be changed.”

This is the season I am in.  I am crying out to the Lord for his birthing in me as I stay in his secret place.  I’m in a period of gestation.  I am seeking God to be formed in me, so that I can express his life through mine!

Brother Yun next speaks to the effect of people allowing themselves to be pregnant by the Spirit.  He starts of by speaking of the persecution of the Chinese Christians after the Revolution in 1949, where churches were destroyed or turned into “gymnasiums, granaries or government offices” and where all of the foreign missionaries were expelled.  The Christian church was forced underground.

Then God started to move in the 1970’s.  Yun used the analogy of seeds scattered on the ground and growing into thousands of trees as a few believers became many.  He said, “Thousands of believers became millions as revival swept our nation, and millions turned into tens of millions, and now even 100,000,000!”

He comments that, “This great revival happened after God found people who were willing to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  They were available and willing to preach the Gospel to every part of China.”

He complains that much Christian activity “seems to originate with our human plans, and it is then carried out in human strength, with human results.”  He mentions that “God is only interested  in His work, not our work. He oversees and empowers those things that originate in His heart.”

This is why I have come to a place of peace concerning this season in my life. Where I was champing at the bit like an over-eager stallion, now I am learning to rest in him and let him do the work in me.  I am not wanting another thing to spring up that is “our work.”  I’m only interested in “God’s work.”  I’m seeking his rest, as he builds me and forms me in the secret place.

I like what he says here:

If you become pregnant by the Holy Spirit, it is very important that you go and visit someone else who is also pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  Only people who are going through this experience can provide encouragement and comfort when others are attacking you.

Mary visited Elizabeth, who was also pregnant.  And what happened? Elizabeth blessed her, and the unborn John the Baptist leapt in the womb at the sound of her voice!

He continues:

When you become pregnant with a vision from the Holy Spirit, seek out your Elizabeth.  Such a person will not mock or condemn you for obeying God’s call on your life…. Spend as much time with others who are pregnant by the Holy Spirit. I know that each time you see them, something will jump in your spirit!

Brother Yun warns next that birth is a very painful process, but he encourages us not to be afraid, for “God will sustain you and complete the birth of that which is inside of you.”  He says that for the “joy of being pregnant by the Holy Spirit, I have been called to endure persecution and torture for the sake of the gospel”, but “[a]ll of this was worth it for the great joy of seeing God glorified as he blessed and saved people through that which He placed inside of me.”

This gives me encouragement, and I am ready to go forward – whatever the cost.

He ends his chapter with a challenge:

Our loving heavenly Father is looking for people who are willing to become pregnant with His presence, vision and power.

Are you willing to surrender control of your life into the hands of God?

Will you be like Mary, and pray, “I am the Lord’s servant; may it be to me as you have said”?

You will never regret such a prayer.

Lord I am willing.  Make me pregnant by your Holy Spirit.  May it be unto me as you have said.  Hear my heart’s cry, Lord JESUS! As you have hidden me, I submit to your hand upon my life.  I pray for all those reading this as well, that they will be moved to cry out in the same manner – Be it unto me, according to your word!!!!! May those that read this also become contagious, so that the revival fires will continue to rage, and many more will know the Saviour of the World!  AMEN


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    Yes Bro Yun is deep and I love his books. Because of his experiences and what he went through, he is able to write at a higher level than most. I love how he applies and relates scripture to the personal.

    If you have not yet done so, check out the website also re the call the Lord has given the Chinese church to take the gospel back to Jerusalem (it went via Antioch, Asia, to Europe, then to the New World, now it is back in Asia going back to Jerusalem – the Chinese feel called to evangelise not just the Buddhists in China, but the Hindus in India, the Muslim Arab world and the Jews – they are actively engaged in sending out missionaries to travel West of China all the way back to Jerusalem).

    Stay blessed!

    • Time for me to check out ‘The Heavenly Man’ now, Phillip…. 🙂

      The website is so interesting – I’ll check it out more fully. I’ve only had time to glance through so far. From what you say, things seem to be coming full circle….

      As one of my blog friends has said: awesomesauce! LOL

  2. Amen! Wonderful exciting hidden times! :-)))

    • I just had the thought today – if I’d had this understanding months ago I would be farther along than I am *sigh*…anyway, without vision (rhema), the people perish…. so I’m seeking the rhema of God!

      I know u’re praying 🙂 Thank you so much!

  3. Love this, Rob! Yeah, I have felt this feeling, for sure. Although in my case I have related it more towards seasons — fall and winter — but seeds are going through exactly that in the ground: a period of dormancy, gestation, waiting. Waiting for spring. I have at times felt pregnant with these things as well though. I think I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. As a woman gets impatient for the baby to be born, so I am. I know, though, that this has to go to term. If I force it too early, it may seriously damage or even kill it. So … all in His time.

    Love you, Rob!

    • Yes, that’s what I’m holding on to… waiting for his time and not pushing when the baby isn’t born yet. Like you, I don’t want to kill it!

      Holding hands and waiting together!

  4. Hey Rob
    Yes, we need to be a Mary generation, boldy stating ‘May it be to me as You have said’.
    In this gestation time we definitely need to be with people that are also pregnant by the Holy Spirit. I do beleive even across continents God divinely connects us like how you and I connected. mmm…DEEP CALLING UNTO DEEP.
    WOW, how matter the painful birthing, I’m also looking forward the the birth itself IN GOD’S Time.

    Love Vino

    • Welcome to the Hand of God, Vino…

      Yup – God doesn’t have any geographical limitations, does he? 🙂 I’m so glad we have connected – and am looking forward to pressing into his Kingdom together!

  5. awestruck! thank you for your words. i have hidden them in my heart and will be pouring over them for the next few days.

    • Welcome to the Hand of God!

      I’m so glad you have been blessed by what I have written. May the Lord birth new things in your spirit as you seek him – may YOU have a gestation period yourself!

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