Real Life Meeting – Almost!

Next Saturday, I’m getting ready to meet one of my best friends from the blogosphere….. well, almost.

One of my Spiritual sisters Annie told me that her dad and step mom are coming through Barbados on a cruise next weekend, and asked if I could host them for the day.  I’m excited…. even although I will not be able to hug Annie in the flesh yet…. I get to meet the parents! hahaha

I’m planning their itinerary as we speak… looking forward to sending back photos of my family and I, and to carry them all over the country.  That should be too hard, it’s a small dot in the water anyway! 😆

I’m hoping this is the beginning of actually meeting people face to face – not just Annie, but all of you wonderful friends – no, family …..

And – Annie boo… I’ll met the parents – time to meet YOU!  😆


One Response

  1. Awww, blast! I missed this fantabulous post! (My own fault there, I know. I’m sorry.)

    I’m so glad to hear how much fun you all had. Kind of amazing I could hook my Dad and step-mom up on their trip, in a way. haha. Blogging gives me no contacts in my own city, but plenty all over the world! hahahahahaha.

    Sometime I’ll get to Bajan land. I really need to become a world traveler. 🙂

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