Thoughts on Resurrection….

Just finished a prayer time with a guy from one of the online communities I have connected with… and after our prayer, where I confessed some sin issues and struggles and had him pray with and for me – I felt the Lord remind me of the word “Resurrection” that he spoke to me in December.

I agree. Things pretty much look dead right now.   Certain things I was looking for, relationships that I thought would be restored, situations that I thought would be cleared up have not been as yet.  Struggles that have been overcome in the past have crept back in.  I have been feeling alone and disconnected for a while now.   But the thought came – “Things are ripe for resurrection.”

You can’t resurrect something that still has life.  You can revive something that has life, but you can only resurrect dead things.

And I have this thought at the beginning of Holy Week.  This is Palm Sunday (just turned midnight while writing this, so it counts 😆 )

Jesus is about to be crucified… taken to the cross for the sins of the entire world.

But he isn’t staying in the grave. (Disclaimer: I know this happened in the past… but bear with my present tense lolol – makes it more real for me right now, ok?)

The Passion of Jesus leads to the RESURRECTION of Jesus.

And as I ponder that right now … I look towards the resurrection of my own situations by the power of the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead!

Before my prayer time, I was feeling despondent.  About to give up.  Hanging on with the barest of touches, by the edge of my fingernails.

But now I have hope.  Things may seem dead – but there is resurrection around the corner!

Father it was interesting to hear “Resurrection” immediately after pouring out my heart to Tom. My feeling was “like, whatever” before the prayer and even during the prayer… but after the prayer you spoke that word and revived my hope.  Thank you God.  I put every situation into your hands. Home, personal life, Sharplife, everything.  As Jesus said on the Cross, “Into thy hands I commend my spirit” (Luke 23:46)  I say the same thing.  Into your hands I give you my spirit, my soul, my body, my desires, my intimacies, my everything.  And as I give them up, even as Christ gave up the ghost – I do it expecting that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me, and that I will also be raised up from this dead state I feel I’m in.

Thank you Jesus – awaiting your resurrection….



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  1. Hey Rob,

    Very well put. Resurrection is just around the corner….remember Romans 8:28 nothing is wasted. Keep on pressing on….

    • Hey Rosie 🙂 Welcome to The Hand of God….

      Yeah I even heard a hint about resurrection when I went to church with Lesanne on Sunday… so yeah, I know God is saying something 🙂

      I even told him I felt like I was running in place for the past 3 months… hope that he gets me out of this plateau soon.

  2. My thoughts as I read your post – remember my Easter poem you commented on a few days ago –
    I don’t know if you noticed the “Saturday” right in the middle of it – like the axis or turning point.
    I’ve always wondered – what went on on that Saturday, it must have been a terrific battle for our souls?
    I mean, Jesus could have been raised on Saturday morning – why wait until the 3rd day?
    I think the point I’m making is that in our lives also, after sin has happened, isn’t there a “Saturday” ? We are in a battle, sin isn’t pushed aside in a moment, something has to happen.
    We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes – the Bible is very quiet about that Saturday (perhaps it’s just too much for us to comprehend?) – but on our Saturdays, we have to change, those who we sinned against have to heal, it won’t happen overnight.
    Don’t despair on that Saturday – it is a time to morn, to change, to think, to allow Father to do the work necessary in all those lives which were affected. It can’t be rushed.
    End of sermon and thoughts, just me rambling 🙂
    Resurrection comes, hallelujah!
    God bless you and your family with healing, Jonie

    • Yeah the Saturday is shrouded in mystery…. the Word says that he took the keys of death and hell from Satan, but … we have no idea of exactly WHAT happened then….

      But thanks for the encouragement…..Sounds like something I need to meditate on… I’m in my Saturday – that’s probably why I feel like I’ve been running in place for so long.

      All I can say is – ramble on! 🙂 God bless you too!


  3. Hi Robert,
    I haven’t been to your blog place in months, and today, I spent a loto f time here, reading up on the recent posts you have done. And there were many! I love the latest series you have done on personal devotions, starting with this one on resurrection. (I read the latest one first, then scrolled down until I read the last post on the page). Meaty posts, Robert, really meaty. And honest, too. Honesty and transparency are really good ingredients to coming up with a post that is able to speak into the lives of others. We are all on a journey together…a journey of healing and being made whole.

    And naturally there are the seasons of rest in between.

    There are those who impact us with their lives because of their humility, their willingness to let their stories be told…to be used as a voice of God to speak life and cause dry bones to come back to life.

    I will come back to reread some of what you have written.

    Thanks for reconnecting with me. We have so much to learn from fellow travellers. I like what you “said” about taming the virtual tongue. You are so right. We have to be careful how we type. In cyberspace, our fingers are our tongue – but they still form words – the tongue speaks them, the fingers write them – and words come from the wellspring of the heart.

    I believe the taming of the tongue actually depends on the taming of the heart!

    All for now. See you around one of these days.


  4. “Honesty and transparency are really good ingredients to coming up with a post that is able to speak into the lives of others. We are all on a journey together…a journey of healing and being made whole.”

    Try telling that to the people close to me who are telling me that I’m spilling too much of my story on the internet for the whole world to see… I have gotten great support from being honest and transparent here. Many of my best friends and greatest intercessors come from my honesty here…

    “And naturally there are the seasons of rest in between.”

    Yeah … the rest is the hard bit, when you are so used to being plugged in… I told someone the other day (did I mention it in a post?) that when the ministry stuff was taken away I felt like I’d lost my identity…. that’s bad, isn’t it? I need to find my identity in GOD and him alone, not really in what I do FOR him….

    “I believe the taming of the tongue actually depends on the taming of the heart!”

    Well put! May my heart be tamed…..

  5. Hi! I’m Dave from the Philippines and I’m also a servant of God. Sometimes, I have these feelings that I have to do something but I don’t really now if it’s just me or it’s God talking to me. I just know that it’s not enough. I was born again a year and a few months ago. Sometimes I want to do those stuff, and I want to do more but I can’t do it. Please pray for me. I just want true discernment that it is God’s voice speaking to me. So that I may find courage. A few told me that I am not perfect (it’s true) and like in Ecclesiastes – Do not be overrighteous; nor be overwise. Why destroy yourself? I just don’t want to miss the things that God is calling me to do because I’m unbalanced. Thank you.

    • Hi Dave!

      Currently I’m on sabbatical from ministry myself, while I seek the Lord for personal reasons – but let me encourage you that I will mention your name before the Lord, and encourage you to seek the Lord for his revelation! God won’t lead you wrong, and, like Gideon, he will confirm his word to you!

    • Hi Dave,
      I totally get where you coming from…..I’ve been a Christian for 10 years but only developed a relationship with the Lord in the last 2 years. I myself have questioned on numerous occasions if I’m hearing from God….or if it’s just my imagination. Through speaking to various Christians, I have learnt that God can communicate to us in a number of different ways….some hear God speak audibly, some hear it through writing (like me), just simply through prayer, others just in everyday situations, in nature or no end of ways. I think its recognising how God talks to us is hard and takes patience and time. I would suggest praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you, to open your spiritual ears and perhaps keeping a journal noting things that you feel God is saying….to then look back on will help you see God at work. You don’t have to be formal with God, although we should always have a deep respect for him….but if you feel something in your spirit that you sense is from God, ask the Holy Spirit to confirm it…check it out spiritually too (is it biblical…is he leading you to something in the bible). Don’t be afraid to try out some different things….like any new relationship it takes time to find out how you best communicate.

      Father, I lift Dave up to you and thank you that you have revealed yourself to him. I ask that through the Holy Spirit you guide and help him recognise your voice. “The sheep know the shepherds voice” Reveal your love for him and fill him with peace and fullfillment when he hears you. Take him slowly by the hand and give him confidence to take those first steps in developing a relationship with you. Thank you for the blessing that you have available to Dave, keep him strong and encouraged. In Jesus name I pray.

      The more you work at listening to the still small voice within you, the easier it will become to determine if it’s God. I hope this has helped you.

  6. Hi Rob
    Thank you for your post. I did read it couple days back but only got a chance to reply today. First off, resurrection is something a lot of people have been talking about recently. This morning, a friend posted on FB about an earthquake in Eastern Washington and her friend asked if she was prepared. When I think of the end times, I’m excited and ignited to serve God with my all and I believe you are serving God even as you pen your thoughts here. God is glorified in you downtime as you seek Him as much as in your uptime when you serve Him. Be refreshed and keep at it as we serve Him in the harvest!

  7. Dear Brother,
    I am praying for you, I know it is very hard to see the light sometimes when in the pit of life. But God has a greater plan for you. You seek him and the answers he has, that is clear. He will reveal to you when the time is right. I had something planned a month ago, I had made many preparations for it, and on the morning of, it was postponed for three weeks. I was angry at the other party because I thought I was fully prepared. But during that three weeks, I realized I was not as prepared as I thought I was, and I actually discovered something that changed the entire course of the situation. Three weeks later, I was victorious, and not only that, God was glorified. Wait on God my brother, your patience will be rewarded. God with You!

  8. You are always so real an honest in everything you do, Robert. It is a terrific quality that I really admire about you.

    I know that God hold His own word in high esteem–He will do what He has said.

    Being willing to die is the hard part …

  9. I am pressed but not crushed (2 Corinthians 4-8)
    Persecuted, but not abandoned
    struck down, but not destroyed
    for I am blessed beyond the curse, for HIS promises will endure….

    Though the sorrow may last for the night…………

    The lyrics of this song just resonated in my spirit as I was reading.

    Be blessed my brother, and enjoy this Holy week. Will email you later. hug hug

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