Blog Highlight: Lost Sheep – You Will Rise Again

I thought that I would continue the highlights of blogs that I interact with, and friends that I have met through the blogosphere.

Lost Sheep has been my friend now for a while, and we have been walking together through her recovery from spiritual abuse.  I have been there to listen and just be a friend while she expresses her frustration and pain about being constantly told that God hated her, that she was a terrible Christian, that she would never amount to anything and the like.  It has affected her emotionally, physically and, of course, spiritually as well.  She was horrified to realize later that the ‘church’ she had joined as a brand new believer eager to know more about the Lord was actually an organization with strong cult tendencies.

She has detailed how the abuse has affected her, given her story briefly, and set up groups for mutual support and comfort for those who have been victims of spiritual abuse, as well as pastors and leaders who want to know how to help.

I have encouraged her that her story and her work is important, and it will help many.  In a real sense it will also shine light into the dark corners of spirituality (this isn’t true church by any means) and as the light shines in the darkness, it will definitely derail Satan’s plans on many levels.

So, I encourage all to go and read her blog – You Will Rise Again.  Anyone who is interested to understand how cults affect people – here is one person who is no where near the end of her journey… she is constantly battling spiritual oppression as well as apparent betrayals from those who have promised to assist her.  BUT – she keeps on going.  She keeps pressing on – albeit with a lot of encouragement from some close friends.  Her work is important.  Get involved by prayer or by reading the blog and interacting with Lost Sheep.

Pray.  Get involved.


Another “I’m Not Dead” Post…

I have some stuff going on in my mind but just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it yet.

Don’t fear -The Hand of God isn’t short (or cut off! 😆 )  Ok, bad pun.

Seriously, I have a couple ideas I want to post on.  Thank you for not forgetting me.   Keep praying!

Blog Highlight – Rosie: Stepping Stones

I just want to highlight a good friend of mine, Rosie James, and her new blog Stepping Stones.  She is a wonderful new friend who has shared her life story with me, and – along with some coaxing between myself and the Holy Spirit – has decided to follow her heart and start a blog!

She has gone through some harrowing experiences – some of which she is detailing now in her first series: Read her testimony here – part 1, part 2 and part 3…. and check out her website for further updates.

She is also a poet and has started to publish some of the poems that the Lord has helped her to write during her darkest times and during her journaling.

She is an ardent encourager and a great friend, and I am honoured to have her as a fellow sojourner in this walk with the Lord.

Rosie JamesSo, my fellow bloggers… go over to Stepping Stones and journey along the path of redemption with my friend Rosie.  Give her a shout and encourage her.  God is about to use her writing mightily – as he was the one who kept nudging her towards blogging, I have high hopes for where he will take her.