Blog Highlight: Mandy Thompson –

I met this blogger through traversing through a mutual friend’s blogroll.  I fell in love with her quirky humour and lovely posts – and recently was touched by her songs (she’s an awesome songwriter and singer, as well as a worship leader) as she posted them up when she did a blog re-design.  I was going through a very dark day and just found myself on her Albums page and just listened to her songs over and over. And over. And over.  Until I started  to see the darkness lift off my soul.

She has chosen to reveal a hard part to her and her husband’s life.  And I thought that I would forgo the post I was going to put up here to highlight her today.

Infertility is not often talked about.  But it should be.  The pain. The depression.  The wait.   She is currently going through this , and it probably took a lot out of her to reveal this publicly to the world.

Start to read up on her story so far entitled The Waiting: Part 1 – We Have A Story; Part 2 – The Real Reason I Quit Seminary;  and Part 3: Clomid.

For those who are going through, or knows someone who is going through – point them over to Mandy’s blog. And get involved.  And then explore the rest of her site – because she is FUN to be around, notwithstanding the heaviness of the above series…

And… Mandy – I love you. I love your courage, and your commitment to your husband and the rest of your family – and their commitment to you during this time. I will do my part by listening – and by sharing.  And may someone else be helped because you were open.



5 Responses

  1. Thank you, Bajan! For all the encouragement. About the music, the blog design, the comedy (or lack thereof!) and the risk of this series.
    Thank you for sending people to read this. I hope it helps someone…

    • *HUG*

      Hope it does too….

      And there’s no lack of humour, either. 🙂 Drew’s lucky lol – u’re cute ROFL

  2. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. she’s a strong gal.

    • She is, Tam… she is.

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