Fun: Pet Peeves

Decided to post a periodic series:  Just Kidding!  Time to liven up around here….

I’ve seen this kind of post several places around the blogosphere…. and I thought that I’d steal the idea today.

Several of my Pet Peeves are:

  • Being awoken from deep sleep for something frivolous.  That REALLY annoys me.  More now that I seem to be suffering from insomnia ….
  • Being talked down on or interrupted.  I REALLY detest when I’m talking and the person I’m speaking to railroads me and overcrowds my conversation to get their point across.
  • When someone puts the phone down in my ears while I’m in the middle of speaking.  REALLY. TICKS. ME. OFF.

I’m a really easy going person, so …. I’m not usually pissed off at the world… not everyday anyway.  🙂

What are some of your pet peeves?????


    4 Responses

    1. People who don’t use their turn signals.
      People who pepper their lies with half-truths.

      And my bro…Lol, jk 😀


      • Try this on for size… people who brake sharply on wet roads… think my last fender bender….. hmmmm

    2. was debating on my post—you know my bluntness–however right now my pet peeve is people who invite you to chat then don’t 🙂
      my biggest is judgmental, almighty, know it all “religious” people

      but also those that fart in small spaces (better yet they blame you)

      • Touche… touche ROFL

        I hear u about that religious people thing tho…. annoys the heck outta me too.

        Man – farting in small spaces AND blamecasting? that’s NASTY ….. pun intended! 😀

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