Important Day In History

On this day: 8th June 1978

Naomi James breaks the solo round-the-world sailing record by two days with her 53 ft yacht Express Crusader when she crossed the finish line in Dartmouth taking 272 days to complete the record.

Also on that day…

The Bajanpoet was born!

Happy Birthday



10 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day with loads of fun and laughter! And enjoy that cake :-)))

    • THank you hon!


    • Thanks Phillip 🙂 Will call you sometime soon.

  3. HAPEEE BIRTHDAY, my brother. May u see GOD’S faithfulness this coming year.
    1 Thessolonians 5-2 : Faithful is He who calls you, He will also bring it to pass.

    Love you lots.

    • Thanks Vino 🙂 Love u much!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

    • Thanks Erica!

  5. Hey Robert, what a fun post this was to read! Really made me smile.

    Happy Birthday to the bajan poet!

    May this year draw you closer to God’s heart!


    • Having your comment here made ME smile 🙂

      Thanks for the birthday blessings 🙂

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