Blog Highlights: Lost Sheep – Hockey and Faith!

I wrote before of my friend lost sheep, who started a series speaking to faith through the lens of hockey.  I loved her post then, and encouraged her to continue writing.  She’s revamped one of her blogs to focus on faith using hockey as the analogy, as well as other popular things in our culture.  I love her take on it – I told her that she might even make me start watching hockey because of her enthusiasm for the game!

This is her “About This Blog” post:

i write a couple different blogs—one on spiritual abuse and another full of poetry and my faith—i struggle dearly with my faith due to spiritual abuse, hurts, and oppression.  I am hoping to take this blog as an inspiration—I want to take this blog and relate faith to everyday life, through sports, music, reading, quotes, etc—some of this may not be positive, heck some of it may be very dark—but i ask you to take the time to read the post and see how your faith, etc does relate to everyday life—also, if you have something to share, let me know—be happy to share that on this blog also.

Please take a chance to read through the revamped blog Searching For Victory and be immersed, for now, in hockey parlance as it connects to our faith.

Here is an excerpt from her latest post  “HE is a PENS fan!! :)”

My son and I finally have a team to agree upon–the PENS–most other sports we are rivals–i tried to raise him” with the “right” teams–but he is stubborn–PENS are my favorite, and hockey is my favorite so at least we agree here—just thank god he doesn’t like the Red Wings–BLECH-i am really surprised my son doesn’t chose the red wings out of spite  just to be deviant and defiant–but i would love him anyways (so i think  i don’t know about having a wings fan in my household–hmmmpphhh)

i also dont want to be pushy “parent”  and make my son like, or do things he doesn’t want to—want him to make his own choices, and to grow up knowing he has his own choices-however, i am trying to be convincing of him to play hockey as a sport—would enjoy so much watching him play this sport—but then would also worry alot about him getting hurt.  I tell him to pray about it when he isn’t sure what to do, or team to choose.

This again makes me think of my faith in several senses—….

Read the rest here.


2 Responses

  1. Glad for the blog recommendation. It’s my first time here, I look forward to dropping by again

    • Glad to have you drop by 🙂 Please keep reading! (I’m looking at your site as well, and I love its design….) Welcome to the Hand of God!

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