Moving East (via kingdom grace)

I read this and just had to reblog it. I think that this is an awesome way to think about salvation. Don’t you? Read it and comment ….. Removing the legalistic view and having a more holistic view sounds about right….

And as one of the commenters on the blog, Maria, has stated:

“I’ve always found it fascinating that so many of the key theologians of the Western tradition were trained as lawyers (Luther and Calvin come to mind). I think those roots not only defined the way we think about salvation, but also influence the argumentative, line-drawing way we so often behave as a church culture.”

I didn’t know that the key theologians were lawyers, but if that’s true it explains a lot.

Anyway, here’s the snippet of the blog from Kingdom Grace.

Moving East The following passage describes the shift I have experienced in my understanding of Scripture. I find it interesting that Eastern Orthodoxy and Anabaptists, both traditions that were marginalized by western christianity, are beginning to become more widely acknowledged for their contributions to doctrine and theology. In the Western churches, both Catholic and Protestant, sin, grace, and salvation are seen primarily in legal terms. God gave human … Read More

via kingdom grace


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