True to my name, I decided that I’d post a poem just off the cuff … inspired by the conversation I had with my friend Leah, and a personal experience – I present – “Luscious”.  It’s free flowing, and I’m rusty from not writing in a couple months, but I hope someone is inspired…

Luscious  … An Ode

Caresses …

Luscious curves held in gripping passion;

Scent arouses animal desire,

ravaging hunger deep within …


Inhale that ….

pheromones making body tingle

Longing making desires mingle

with dripping tongue
kiss that pauses time and space

freezes passion into that


as love bites into waiting flesh…

nibbles, teases, makes you sweat –

tasting the gods’ ambrosia,

bringing longing lips to the brink of


orgasmic flutter

Cheapside chatter

As  luscious curves

Satisfy my hunger

for the best Bajan


(Notes – Cheapside is part of downtown Bridgetown where there are vendors close to the bus terminal;  Bajans call certain sandwiches ‘cutters’ – ie. a ham cutter is a sandwich made of ham stuffed into a Bajan salt bread and sometimes garnished with lettuce and tomatoes, with hot sauce to taste.)


9 Responses

  1. Nice! I wasn’t expecting the sandwich twist at the end. LOL!

    • Thanks! And official welcome to the Hand of God – it’s your first comment! 😉 😆

  2. […] Luscious… […]

  3. hahahaha thanks for the giggle!!!
    Looking forward to more!

    • 🙂 Glad you liked it, Jonie 🙂 😀 More to come!

  4. Dear poet/comedian… All this over a ham sandwich? Yeh, you really had me going… 😀

    • Glad you liked it 🙂 I read it to my wife this morning and had her in stitches lol

  5. You are so good! And to think I read this on April fool’s day . . .you got me! ha!

    • I didn’t even remember it was April Fool’s Day hehehe 🙂

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