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Today, my firstborn son is six years old.  Six years ago today, my world changed.  We were no longer two – but three.  I was scared, unsure of how to handle the new responsibility.

I have seen him grow into a compassionate, loving, beautiful son … I am awed by the fact that six years have gone so fast – and I’m looking forward to the  rest of his life!

Son, I want you to know that you mean the world to me. You are handsome, caring, loving, sweet – you shower your mother with gifts and want to do her hair, always telling her how pretty she is and how much she looks like a princess.  (I could learn a thing or two from you, kid!)  I see how protective you are of your brother; a trait I want to see you continue.)  I love your sensitivity, and I want you to learn that big men can and should cry as a result of empathizing with the hurts of others – the Bible says, “Weep with those that weep…”

I felt led to seek out the biblical meaning of ‘six’ and found out that it is the number of man.  Some of the meanings seem to have  negative connotations (the serpent was made on the sixth day, and other stuff…)  but I sense God is trying to say something about your birthday and the significance of six to Him for YOU.

I feel that God is saying that you are in His eyes, a man … in the sense that He knows the end from the beginning, and he called young men from birth to be great leaders.  I hear ‘man after my own heart’ – like King David.  Very many great men in the Bible were called as young men – Josiah was king of Judah at eight years old, and men like Daniel and David and Jeremiah were called into God’s service as teenagers.  I see that God has his hand on you, and is calling you a ‘man after His own heart’ – even at the tender age of six years old!  Continue to press into love, my son.  God’s love shines forth from you as the sun’s rays on a bright summer morning.  You light up a room when you come in.  God wants you to continue to be loving, and caring, and compassionate, and helpful.

On this, your sixth birthday, I want to bless you and publicly declare the admonition I spoke over you when I held you in my arms for the first time, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased!” And I again call you NIKAO ROBERT GIBSON –  The OVERCOMER, with BRIGHT FAME!


7 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Nik!

    • Thanks Annette! I’ll pass on your birthday wishes 🙂 If you want, FB msg me your BB pin that I can add it & stay in touch 🙂

      And welcome to your first official comment on Hand of God … I love your nick 🙂

  2. Your son is absolutely beautiful…He really looks like you gave birth to him 🙂 God continue to bless you and your family.

    • Thank you!

      • Birthday wishes to your beautiful son and those who love him! 😀

        • Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday from Texas! Great looking boy. Has his fathers grin! Congrats to you both! archie

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