Personal Devotions: Fulfilled (Joel 2:19-20)

Dead Sea

Dead Sea (via Wikipedia)


As I was replying to a friend’s post this morning I started to comment on her blog.  This is what I said:

I feel fulfilled being used by God to encourage and uplift people, seeing joy as they come through their dark stages of angst and fear and out into the marvelous light of their liberation. I feel fulfilled when my words inspire and bring a sense of “Yes!” to someone’s soul and spirit.

I haven’t been feeling fulfilled or fulfilling lately – and it isn’t for lack of trying.  I have been feeling depressed and burnt out for a little while now, but this comment reminded me of what I feel called to do, who I am called to be.

As I was writing this post, I started to remember a passage that was prophetically given to me by my friend Annie last year.  She was saying to me that God wanted to fulfill me – to satisfy me fully.  This is the passage she used, Joel 2:19 – 20

19 The LORD replied[a] to them:

“I am sending you grain, new wine and olive oil,
enough to satisfy you fully;
never again will I make you
an object of scorn to the nations.

20 “I will drive the northern horde far from you,
pushing it into a parched and barren land;
its eastern ranks will drown in the Dead Sea
and its western ranks in the Mediterranean Sea.
And its stench will go up;
its smell will rise.”

I remembered crying out to God after reading that passage – “God! Satisfy me!  I need you to satisfy me fully!  I need you to be the centre of my life again!”  I was crying out in such passion and anguish – begging God to save me, that I remember waking my wife up in the next room….

The ‘northern horde’ in verse 20 referred to the demonic oppression around me, Annie explained, and God was promising to deliver me fully from all of it .

As I ponder this verse again, looking back over the past couple months…. I think it’s time for me to cry out to Him in the same manner…

“Deliver me… make me want you again…. fulfill me… I want YOU to satisfy me FULLY… not anything or anyone else….. I can’t do this without you… HELP ME!!!!!!!

I pray that all who read this today are inspired to call out to him on their own, and again reach for fulfillment in HIM.


5 Responses

  1. Amen, my brother amen,we need to keep crying out to God for his will to be done in our lives,I was just thinking about how we get so busy doing stuff & things that we forget about pleasing God. And that’s what I’m doing crying out for his will in my life over & over again,just as you are my dear brother!!! And God will surely make our way plain,that’s what I want clear directions and a greater desire to obey “Hallelujah”! Praise the Lord!!
    May God over shadow you in his Spirit and give you clear directions.
    Love you brother

    • May we all have clear direction …

      Love you too!!!!!!!!

  2. This one sounds like a good verse for you, too: Hosea 5:15 “And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me.”

    I seek best when I’m miserable, best when I’m on my knees and helpless. You know what to do. We’ve both seen these times come and go… times of awesome fulfillment, and times to just be still, study, pray, and encourage others.

    Last winter was fulfillment, now is contentment. Do you think we as Believers can sustain that level of Spiritual intensity without some quiet time?

    I’ll keep you in my prayers, praying in agreement that God would lift your depression and burn out, and fulfill you in whatever way you need Him most. Hugs to you…

  3. Amen!

    • Hey Jenny … long time no see ’round these parts 🙂

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