My Last Post…..

This is going to be my last post.


For 2010.

I’m sorry if I scared you…. I just wanted to take this time out to thank every single person who passes through these virtual doors, meanders through these cyber corridors and those who bunk here, soaking up the electric ambiance.  Thank you for making the decision to take up the blogging banner again (after my failed attempt for a couple months in 2007) one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Relationships were forged and nurtured here, and lives have been impacted here.  People have met God here and I have found lifelong friends.  And for all of that – I’m thankful.

I want to close the chapter on 2010 by challenging all of us to go after something in 2011.  For some, the pursuit of freedom from oppression is foremost on your minds.  For others, walking through emotional trauma in 2010 has left you cynical and jaded (I know that describes me pretty much!)  Others look forward to the new year with anticipation, as 2010 rocked and was the best year you ever had!

Whether you are anticipating or dreading the turn of the clock from ’10 to ’11 – I am gonna encourage you (and myself) to keep going forward.  Like I said in my last post, my one word focus for 2011 is ‘momentum’.  Specifically ‘forward momentum.’  (Yes, that’s cheating, that’s two words.)  But if I can’t cheat on my own blog, where can I cheat, huh?  Right.   Anyway, where was I?  Okay, so I am encouraging everyone reading to start moving and pick up your momentum next year.  I don’t know what that entails for any of us, but I know that on a personal level I am going to take what one of my friends said to heart: that it is insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

So, here again – this is my last post for 2010.  But I’m looking forward to many more in 2o11!



6 Responses

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family – may it be a good year – may our Father rain His blessings down on you! Hugs, Jonie

    • Thanks Jonie 🙂 Happy New Year to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is there even such a thing as “backward momentum”? I suppose we can all do without that! : )

    Look forward to reading more good stuff at your blog in 2011. Happpy New Year, my friend…

    • I dunno… but I definitely wanna go forward and not backward…. Happy New Year!!! 😀

  3. So, I randomly came across your site while searching about house churches.. and, I’m glad I did. I look forward to reading your blogs 🙂

    • Melissa … thank you so much for visiting the blog. I pray you find inspiration here 🙂

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