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I promised a good friend of mine (Hi Wen!!!) that I would get back into blogging about what God shows me through movies and television shows.  Anyone who knows me personally would know that I spend just as much time quoting from The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and “300” just as much as I do from the Bible when I’m praying or prophesying over someone.

People would roll their eyes or groan whenever I was moved by the Holy Spirit to say,  “As Gandalf / Morpheus / Leonidas said….”  but God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, right?  I’ve mentioned this method of hearing God in some of my earlier blog posts.

And now, to the inspiration for today’s post.

I was listening to my friend Leah recount a story in which an international intercessor had a dream about her.  I read her story,  and as she was recounting it I started seeing all the connecting pieces – Scriptures came to mind, impressions and Spirit led conclusions just tied everything all together; when I told her what I was sensing she could only say, “Yes, that’s right.”

While that was going on I had a ‘flash’ of my own – I started remembering Chuck.  Now, for those who have not watched this show yet – GO AND FIND IT.  (ok, that’s my own bias and love of spy stories coming out! Ignore me if you’d rather watch sappy romantic comedies rather than guns blazing. Anyway… I digress….)

Chuck is a twenty something year old computer geek that accidentally downloads government secrets into his brain, and is now a secret agent going on spy missions.  Whenever he sees something that is relevant, he ‘flashes’ – bits and pieces of information from the “Intersect” (the collection of government secrets) link together – and he spits out the data to his friends in the secret agent friends.  This allows them to put pieces together that they could never do on their own.

As I was spitting out Scripture references and Spiritual impressions relevant to my friend’s story, it made me think of how the Holy Spirit in my life is like the Intersect in that show.  He resides within me, and based on the knowledge of Scripture and my experiences with Him, things tie together in my Spirit in much the same way as the Intersect interacts with Chuck.

In fact, one of the titles I was bandying around in my brain for this post was “Do Prophets have an Intersect in their Heads?)  😆

How many of us have Scripture references drop into our minds at the weirdest times, but the Scripture references fit perfectly into your situation?  How many of us feel like seemingly random events just tie together in some weirdly divine way?  How many have watched Chuck and feel like there’s an Intersect in their heads???? Ok, ok, maybe it’s just me….

For those who know that they prophesy – do you find this to be true for you as well? For those who don’t, does it still feel like the Holy Spirit drops things into your head – ties things together that otherwise wouldn’t make sense?


7 Responses

  1. Lol. Yrah, that is what it’s like. 😀

    • Told ya you’d like it 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Fascinating beyond belief. I knew right where you were headed with this one, because even though I don’t have the gift of prophesy, there are powerful words from God spoken to my heart, sometimes awake, sometimes sound asleep, but always undoubtably from Him.

    I write these experiences down in a little book, and in time, I can see where He led me that I would have never chosen or thought of myself.

    These are almost always things that my human nature resists. But how many times does God have to be right, before Linda decides to believe Him? Trust Him?

    I love this topic. Nobody likes to talk about this stuff, because nobody wants to seem like they’ve got a loose screw or are simply showing off. But I totally get what your saying. And I love that God makes himself so present… to you and to me.


    • Well I don’t mind people thinking I have a few screws loose …. prophecy and prophetic ministry is my favourite topic, not only because it’s my primary work of service to the Lord, but because it is just so FRICKING cool!!!!! Man even before I started prophesying … before I even really got into serving the Lord officially (I was baptized at 11 years old) I was reading up on the gods and goddesses of Rome and Greece. I was fascinated by the power encounters and the supernatural interacting with the natural. And when I started reading the BIBLE? Wooohooo! I read the Old Testament for pleasure almost as much as for theology (oh who am I kidding? – I devoured the stories of the judges and the prophets.) Elijah and Elisha were my favourites. Ezekiel and Isaiah were there too….

      And then I read Acts …. MAN I was hooked….

      And now I get a chance to do the same thing! WOW!

      That’s the original intent of this blog, as much as it has been a personal struggle as of late. It’s called the Hand of God for a reason… people are to read the testimonies of what GOD HAS DONE and either celebrate with me or bow the knee …. or maybe even both!!!!!!

  3. I’m suspicious of prophets because of all the creepy stuff I see on TV. How can a person know if the word they are receiving is real?

    I went to a really lame church for awhile, and this woman was constantly telling me she had a “word” for me from the Lord. It was always something she wanted me to do (to humiliate me) but she swore she was a prophet.

    So now I’m skeptical… not of you Rob, but of the gift itself. Would you please help me understand this gifting better?

    • Of course! I’ll send you an email tonight. Do you have Skype? Facebook?? I’m thinking instant communication might be better than having to champ at the bit to answer emails! 😉

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