One Word 2011: Momentum – Halfway Point

At this point in my life, halfway between the beginning and ending of 2011 – I would say that I am definitely picking up momentum in some ways, while slacking in others.  On the more positive side – I am definitely making attempts and strides towards getting out more and doing some things that make me feel passionate and alive! One of those things – the main thing I am striding in – is my creative side.  I have started writing poetry again in earnest and have been going to open mic and spoken word events for several weeks now. This has led to me having a great boost in confidence as those who hear me read my work are enthusiastic and keep telling me how good it is.  I also decided to finally put the poems online as well; the last time I was writing was at the infancy of the information age, and I lost over 155 pages of my early poems (that I was writing from about 14 years old) as my computer rejected the file that I was trying to save to a website (circa 1997-98.)

This time, with a more sturdy and global internet, where blogs are all the rage …. I decided to take the plunge and store them online again.  And this time I was more successful.  My new blog is called Poet: Whispers and can be accessed at I have been encouraged by all the positive things spoken about the poems that have been released – one of my blog friends has commented that she’s read the poems and said they left her “bug eyed and speechless!”  I had to clarify if that was a good thing … hehe (she assured me that it was; her way of saying WOW!)

Going out so often has the double benefit of helping to boost my confidence AND helping me to come out of my shell more. As another friend of mine has commented to me just today – she is proud of me for continuing to push forward and come out of my shell in spite of all I have gone through recently.

Now for the less positive side.  I have lacked motivation and drive to pursue the God who I know is the only one I can really, truly able and capable one, and because of that, I have seen negative momentum … it is now officially a year since my wife and I separated, and we are now faced with the decision how we are going to end our marriage. I have struggled with personal sins as I tried to cope, yet had a mental block for a long time against God and his church.  I saw and felt a pulling back towards Him recently, but again, it has petered off.  I struggle, because I still feel rebellious towards the good-boy image that has been over my life – that is one of the stigmas I want to break off.   I have constantly been telling others that I am only human and not God come back in the flesh, as those who interact with me in real life have seemed to believe (at least, this is how their actions towards me have led me to think they believe) and, now, with the seeming inevitability of the demise of my marriage, and my moral struggles and all the rest of it, the church came up woefully inadequate in providing a safe place for me to heal and feel secure.  So, I have hidden myself away – and that has only stopped recently with the poetry excursions.

So.  There it is.  My momentum for this year has not always been positive.  But it is what it is.  And I am still believing God for somehow helping me to get out of the mire.  I have prayed for the desire to change.  I have said, “Help me to want this.”  And I guess that that in itself is momentum in the right direction.

When you read this, it will more than likely be June 8th. My birthday.  My wish for this day, and for the rest of my 33rd year on this earth, is that God would not leave me comfortless, and that he would continue to pursue me until I find him again.


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  1. Happy Birthday! I love that you are back into poetry, going to readings and reading yourself. 🙂 Will pray with you for healing and help through all the not so positive things you face. 😦 I know I know I know that He is with you and He loves you!

    • Thanks Debbie!

      Your encouragement warms my heart ….

  2. Be blessed in Jesus’ name, brother! One good website for Christian writers is

    I’ve posted a few articles on it. Nothing lately, though. 🙂

    • Will check it out Josh 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  3. HI Rob…
    For one thing, what ever made you think that the church would be a soft place to fall, where you could find strength and be encouraged? I’m not so sure that’s a realistic expectation. I have so little faith in the chuch and organized religion these days. Are we too picky, or is it safe to say that it would be better to just gather up our friends, have an awesome Bible Study, and just take turns teaching?

    I’m just saying that your connection with God doesn’t lie on those folks or a certain building. I think you’re doing the right thing to pray the way you are, and I will be praying in agreement with you on that.

    I actually stopped by looking for your poetry site. Hard to believe you could be shy. I would love to see you read your poetry at a public forum! : ) Heading over there now…

    Hugs… : )

    • Well don’t forget to comment over there too! Be warned ….some are pretty graphic 🙂

  4. I have not been here in months, probably a year or so. Greeting you a belated happy birthday, as I only got to visit today… but the greetings are heartfelt.

    Thanks for your honesty. So sorry to hear about the marriage breakup,

    But happy to know you’re moving on.

    Robert, I know I offered to help, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow through. I’ve been through some rough times myself, so thought it best to hold back.

    Glad I dropped by today, to get an idea of where you are now.

    Blessings on your hew road. May God be real in your life again soon.


  5. I feel your pain. An online friend of mine recommended a book to me and it has helped me organize my thoughts. It might help you out too: It’s called _Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay_

    I know the pain that separation causes, though I’m sure your shading is different than mine. I know what I write is vulgar and wrong, but I feel I have to muddle through it to get to the other side; like I have to fill my belly with the husks before I realize that my Father is waiting for me to return home as the Prodigal.
    My realization is beginning to sink in at present, through a dear friend of mine. Though it seems hypocritical of me, I still want to convey my wishes and prayers to you and hope that you are able to see your way through this troublesome time in your life and see what new adventure lies on the other side for you.


    • All I can say is I totally feel like I have found a brother here.. Thanks for your support and concern. And no, I don’t think we are hypocrites. God knows exactly where we are. I am so glad you have come. Thank you so much.

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