Tribute to a Friend – Sara Frankl (Gitzengirl)

Choose Joy - GitzenGirl

One of my online friends is dying.

UPDATE: Sara died on Saturday, September 24th, 11:14 PM.  Go here to read the most recent posts on her blog (Mourning into Dancing,  Arrangements)

I have followed her blog for over a year and her constant choice of joy in the face of her otherwise insurmountable obstacles has been a great blessing to me.  You see, to cut a long story short, she has had a set of diseases that have literally had her trapped in her own home for years.  She was allergic to or had some reaction to almost EVERYTHING. But I don’t want you to think that her disease defined her – oh NO…. she CHOSE joy where I would have crumbled, where most other people  would have crumbled.  Her strength of character has been unparalleled.

I have linked to her blog above …. I’m not able to articulate all I’m feeling at the moment.  I have posted my tribute that I left on her blog here as well. Please remember Sara Frankl – Gitzengirl or Gitz to her friends – and be inspired to CHOOSE JOY.

I am shaken to my core.  I am not a regular commenter here, but I have been a regular reader for a very long time – I have eagerly looked forward to your posts and your lifestyle of choosing joy….Who would think that the news that you are about to head home would be so devastating to me? I never thought it would be; I mean, I would read your words and go on with my day content, without so much as a thought of contacting you myself, the way that I have done with Mandy or Tam….But …. I am.Sweet Sara, I downloaded your songs that you posted on your blog and I have listened to them in rapt attention as your melodious voice caressed my ears and mind.I have followed Riley’s antics and smiled at every picture.

I have been with you as people come in and out of your life through the pages of your blog and some through the front door.

We have never met.  But yet, we have.

I am in Barbados.  Your life has reached me.

As Gandalf said in the Lord of the Rings, “I will not say, ‘Do not weep,’ for not all tears are an evil…”

My heart is breaking.

But I have to say two more words before you go home.


Update:  Here you can listen to one of my favourite songs sung by Sara.  My Soul’s Desire.   You can hear other songs from her on the website as well.

9 Responses

  1. your comments to her blog could have been my words. i felt the same. when i read the words late last night from another blog post, my first reaction was “no, not that sara.” and yet it was. her words have touched so many. her life has graced us all. her mantra, to choose joy, will live on through us…those people she never met, but who loved her anyway.

    • I’m still shaken up…. but you put it so well, “…those people she never met, but who loved her anyway.”

      You are right. She is the embodiment of CHOOSING joy.

      Thanks for visiting, even though our meeting is under such sad circumstances – please come again…

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  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

    • She’s left a mark on the entire globe with her philosophy – CHOOSE JOY!

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  6. You eloquently pen words to what I feel. Sad. Glad. Sadto have lost friend (a new definition in my vocabulary, wenever met) and glad that she is home, no painin peace with the One she Loves.

    May we who have been touched, continue to focus on the One she loved, the one who was her Joy and Choose Joy. Let’s pass it on….

    • Amen to that.

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