Time: The Key to Relationship Building

In an earlier post, I spoke about obedience to God’s calling whenever he wanted me to spend time with him. (Click here for the link to my earlier post.)

The issue is, TIME is the key to relationship building. If you don’t invest time in a relationship, the long and short of it is that relationship will die for lack of nurture. Seeking God, like any other relationship, uses time as a unit of measure. I am convinced that we need to invest time, and lots of it, to see ourselves grow in the knowledge of God.

So, to those looking for the KEY (you know who you are!) …. it is TIME. Making time for the one you love and seeking after that time with passion – even guarding that time jealously from as much interruptions as you can.

And for those of you who have been neglecting your relationships – not just the one with the Lord, but with others around you as well – salvage them by dedicating time to them.

Find a balance – don’t give more time to one because it is weak and ignore the seemingly stronger ones; those that look stronger will crumble very fast.