About BajanPOET (and the Hand of God)

Name: Robert Gibson Location: Barbados.

I’m married with two handsome boys, who are, at the time of this writing, 2 years  4 years old and 4 months 20 months. I am a passionate worshipper and seeker after the Glory of God … I love experiencing God and his manifest presence… in a corporate worship session you will find me either crouched in a corner weeping in praise to Jehovah or seeking someone to pray for or speak a word to, as prophecy is my main gifting.  The Lord has also released me into deliverance ministry, where I see people released from bondage through the authority of Jesus Christ!

What do I do for fun? I write programs (heh! That’s my day job…. but I do love it!) and poetry (I may use this blog to post some of them.) I love singing – I should have gone to sign up for Digicel’s Rising Stars… and generally goofing off. I like to cook (I should, after all, I do it every Sunday for the family!) because I like to eat. As you can see from the verbose nature of this about page, I love to talk and express my opinions. Hence this page. 🙂

The purpose of the Hand of God is to chronicle God’s hand in my life, and testify of the things God does when I pray for others.  Here you will see slices of heaven on earth, where the miraculous meets the mundane.  I also share parts of my life and try to be as open online as I am in person.

 I have seen God move mightily while praying for others, especially over the Internet, via MSN chats, Google Chat and emails.  I have truly proven that God is not limited by time and space, as I have prayed for people from my office desk in Barbados and seen them set free of demonic bondage as far away as South Africa!  Truly our God is awesome!

I’m currently taking a sabbatical from ministry to seek the Lord. While I would normally be honoured to pray with and for you, at this time I’m devoting this time to my family and to seeking God’s face on personal matters. I will keep this page updated and let you know when I am released again to minister. The Lord is good, and his mercy is everlasting! Any who feel the Lord tugging at their heart, please pray with and for me, and as God releases me I shall be back to serve you!


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  1. Hello Robert,

    I was on another blogger’s page, and they had an extensive blog roll list on their page. I ended up clicking on your blog, and here I am. So far, I have enjoyed much of what I have read pertaining to prophecy, as well as praying for others! We do have something in common. I am a true worshiper, and there is no other place I’d rather be, than in the presence of Almighty God! In His presence, there is fullness of joy. Hallelujah! At His right hand, there are pleasures for evermore! O bless His holy name! I look forward to visiting your blog again, and I wanted to say hello! May God bless you, richly!


    • Welcome to the Hand of God! I’m so glad you have stopped by – and know that nothing is by chance! You are here because you are sent here 🙂 and I pray that as God lead you here, that you will continue to make an impact on the blogosphere! May the Lord’s hand be upon you mightily as you pen your own words on your blog, and may the Glory of the Lord be upon you as it was on Moses!

      • A change isnt a change until a change take place.I thank a praise God that your apart of this change.Keep up the good work in the Lord allow him to leave you and follow Him direction and His instruction because you cant have one with out the other.My God speak mightyly and powerful into your ear gate and you deliver in the way He and when He release you to do so.Be Blessed

  2. “… as open online as I am in person.”

    I like that about you. Just sayin’

  3. […] About BajanPOET (and the Hand of God) […]

  4. Hey brother! Visiting your blog in response to visiting mine. 😉 We both have something in common – the gift of Prophecy. God uses us both prophetically. I’m getting ready to post my testimony on my blog so be sure to check it out.

  5. this is the part one of the poem of mine that you read i hope you like it my brother poet Retreat
    That’s what I have to do
    At the Young writers retreat where I met you
    The very last day
    Approximately 8 weeks before the month of may
    at an open mic
    sharing our poetry to enhance the night
    I layed eyes upon you and said I just might
    Try to see whats good, before I go back to the hood
    I introduced myself and you gave me a tootsie pop
    A couple of words shared then the next day we stopped
    Talking to one another
    Then later on facebook we found eachother
    We began chating and you gave me your number so I can give you a call
    Funny thing I called once and said nothing at all
    But to redeem myself and stand tall I sent you a txt
    Hold on wait a second let me catch my breathe
    Txt one text two txt three txt four
    Getting to know eachother as we texted a bit more
    Like how you are black white native American and Mexican
    And im just from el salvador
    Rapidly I noticed that you were not just another girl
    There is only one of you out there in this lonely ass world
    we have so much in common like how we share the same ambition
    And agree on how it’s a mission to squash the competition
    And how I think it sucks that your daddy’s in prison
    But like you said you need to just do your thing
    so when he comes out you can take care of him
    You’ve had a rough life and so have i
    You’re a beast in school and so am i
    But not like an animal
    I find it wonderful that I’ve found someone with whom I am compatible
    And that likes me for who I are
    You said you live in east la and that’s a little bit far
    Came all the way to Hollywood to see me in your sister’s car
    And I truly appreciate that you busted a mission to come and see me
    That night was magical, I haven’t felt that good in years, girl believe me
    We held hands the entire time and finally once the moon was full
    This fool summoned the courage to ask for a kiss
    Fireworks went off right after this, oh the bliss
    Without hesitation you gave me one
    Our first kiss, that meant half the battle was already done
    We walked and stopped under the city bank sign
    Our final moments approached of this night that was ever so divine
    You had to go but before we shared another smooch or two
    There was chemistry that night, and not the homework I had to do
    Finally you left and in a single breath my attitude had changed to something rather strange
    But I was still happy as happy as can be
    Left me smiling permanently was what you had done for me

    The next day content having visions of the past
    I thought to myself that, sunny days are here at last
    Couldn’t wait for the next week cause that’d be when I’d see you again
    Having told everybody about you my brothers sisters and my friends
    The longest week that I’d ever had to wait
    I would wait for you no matter if you were late
    It was the desire the attraction of wanting to see you
    That harassed my conscience night and day “does she want to see me too?”
    Despite the bull shit, I always managed to ignore
    As things kept occurring I began contemplating more
    A couple of days left and I’d have you infront of me, this left me unhappily
    I kept waiting and waiting, for later to come along
    “can we meet Saturday” “im busy, perhaps Later on, I’m glad you’re so understanding about all this goddamn BS. I really appreciate it. I too should try my best & once again I’m sorry dude. And Yes I’m looking forward to seeing you!”
    Obstycles that we had to ever come
    And once these obstycles were over and said and done
    At last the day came when were supposed to see eachother
    Dropped off at the farmers market by chase my brother from another mother
    Patiently waiting for you to show up
    I was so nervous I had to tell my heart to shut up
    Cause it was driving me insane this game that we were playing with ourselves
    You could feel me I could feel you deep down to your cells
    As the hours strolled by and I remained sitting on that table
    I finally began to consider that she wasn’t gonna be able
    To come my way on that beautiful Wednesday
    I had never felt that sad never that alone
    The sadness that surrounded me on that lonely bus ride home
    I had been slapped in the face and punched in the gut
    I ain’t going lie that I did shed a tear or two but
    You had a valid excuse of not being by my side
    I hopped on facebook to hear your allibye
    and you said you didn’t have a ride
    cause your sister got very sick
    how I wanted to say tell that bitch to suck a dick
    I have been waiting seven days to see you again
    And now I have to calm down relax and pretend
    That its all good when you know it’s really not now I think you forgot
    That because of you I stopped smoking pot
    There was a feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t fill
    A space that required something other than a meal
    But I guess I need to chill
    We scheduled a beach trip for the following Friday
    But you had to babysit cause your sister was going out of state
    Another failed attempt at trying to see you
    And I can’t get mad cause you felt bad too.
    We planned other stuff but things always intervened
    I was going goofy for you girl much like Charlie sheen
    I decided to stop planning things and wait for the next Wednesday
    Now it’s only one week till the month of may
    Wednesday came along and hey so did you
    Waiting At that table now there was nothing new
    You gave me a hug and I felt relieved
    We talked for a bit and you said you have to leave
    We went for a walk just the two of us
    Trying to evade the obvious but I felt that I must
    Tell her that she is always on my mind
    She made me nervous but if this was nervous
    I wouldn’t mind, being nervous for a very long time
    She was hesitant to say that she liked where this was going and then without me knowing
    She was about to break my heart and now I express it through my art
    She said she had to leave almost out of state
    And it would just be a big mistake
    If we kept saying to one another that we were perfect for each other
    The reality was in a month she’ll be gone to uc Berkeley to begin her university
    she said “I’m sorry this is just a bit too fast for me
    I hope you consider this blasphemy
    But Berkeley is really where I want to be,
    but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other’s company
    Once again I have to leave I hope you comprehend,
    though this is a bit intense I just want to be your friend”
    startled i responded “wait before you leave might I ask of you miss
    if you can simply grant me just another kiss
    we connected and you kissed me right on the cheek and I couldn’t help think
    wow that shit was weak can I have real one? as a gift considering…………. my birthday is in November”
    she smiled and replied “nothing serious remember…”

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