More Divine Connections!

I’ve been thinking a lot about divine connections – about meetings orchestrated by the Spirit of God.  You know …. where one or the other person was in the right place at the right time to meet the right person?

Think about Moses.  His mother hid him away for as long as she could. and when she couldn’t hide him any more, she built a basket of bullrushes and placed her baby in it.  I’m not sure she knew what was going to happen next – but the only person who could probably have kept her baby alive happened to come to bathe – Pharaoh’s daughter!  Not only that, but the princess hired the baby’s mother to take care of him!  Think about that – being paid to take care of your own child…. interesting prospect…. (Exodus 2:1-10)

In Genesis 24, God orchestrated the meeting between Abraham’s servant and Rebekah, where Abraham made his servant swear that he would not find a wife for his son Isaac.  The servant prayed, and before he could finish praying, Rebekah turned up – who would eventually accept the proposal and agree to get married to a man she’d never met.  (Genesis 24:15-21, 26, 50)

In the New Testament, Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman (John 4) was also a divine connection,  as would be Phillip being sent to the Ethiopian eunuch – not to mention being transported somewhere else afterwards!  (Acts 8:26-40)

I’ve been thinking about the divine connections the Lord has orchestrated in my own life.  Friends of mine who I have not yet seen in the flesh, but who have, over time, proven loyalty, dedication and have become family.

There have been people I have met online through the blogosphere who have stood by me through my recent marital struggles and have been there to encourage and pray and support. Some of those people I have met I would willingly do anything for because their level of support for me has gone beyond the call of duty.  I have even met a couple people who loved me enough to let our communication end for our mutual benefit – to those people (you know who you are, if you ever read this) I owe a huge set of gratitude and love, because they took quite practically the Scripture injunction to cut off the hand that causes you to sin.  Their willingness to put to death something that started well for the sake of their knowledge of where God was taking me still humbles me.

Now God is allowing more divine connections.  I’m excited to see where he is going.  Through the internet, God is linking his entire body in such a way that people all over the world can band together and pray for issues in a short space of time.  I am enthralled to see how God has joined my heart to South Africa, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas and Canada, among others…  all these people who have prayed and are praying for me, and to whom I owe my life. God has even done some binding of hearts to others here at home in Barbados – people who definitely were meant to be in my life for the long haul.  I’m just ready to see where God goes with this!

I pray for everyone reading this… I pray that divine encounters be released to you, and that God connects you to others according to his divine plan!

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I just have to blog about the awesome connections I am having RIGHT NOW … because of my internet friends – and since the Lord has been nudging me about making connections with those who pray with and for me in my deliverance ministry more interactive, I have created a Facebook page and another area in my blog that is specific to my intercessors.  Within 10 minutes of creating these resources, I am in a 3 way MSN conversation between myself and two of my friends – one here in Barbados with me, and another in North Carolina!

It was so awesome! I was talking to Delia about exercise – she was mentioning that she wants to lose weight, and I was commenting that I find it hard to stick to it. She had just mentioned that she would pray for me, when another friend messaged me to ask for prayer because she is always unmotivated to exercise…

So now, we’re online right now chatting and getting to know one another…. speaking and praying and jelling together.   Isn’t God great?  I’m amazed at the speed at which things started to come together as I decided to follow the Lord’s leading and make the group more interactive!

God is just amazing.  In such a short time, I have made some deep, soul connections with people I have never seen face to face! Not only that, but I have cried for, prayed for and rejoiced with some of these same people as they have met challenges, and we have seen the awesome hand of God come through while we touched heaven together.  I am blessed to have been a part of the blogosphere! Long live the Internet!

Synapses: Connections in the Body of Christ

While going about my business recently, the word ‘synapse’ kept rising in my spirit. A ‘synapse’, as defined by WordNet , is “the junction between two neurons (axon-to-dendrite) or between a neuron and a muscle.” I was thinking about my earlier vision of the network of cords forming around the Church, connecting all of the forms of church assembly to each other – from ‘traditional’ to ‘traditional’ (as in, a cord joining a Nazarene assembly to an Anglican assembly), from ‘non traditional’ to ‘non traditional’ (as in, a Chinese underground cell church to an online web church), and from traditional to non traditional, forming a net-like structure.

My attention was placed on the connecting cords – in my vision, the cords were being formed as I watched, and as two assemblies were connected, or whenever two cords touched or crossed over each other, a light flashed, which I knew to represent the Glory of the Lord.

I sensed once again that the relationships between the parts of the Body of Christ were important. While at a meeting of one of the house churches in my network I heard the account of a vision that one of the members had some years earlier, of a house made of playing cards. It had looked quite fragile, but when a puff of wind came, instead of collapsing, it slid along the ground, still intact. In her vision, she was told, “The strength is in the joints.” In the same way, in the above vision, I felt that the connecting agent was relationship, and that the Glory of the Lord shines through right relationship to other members of the body of Christ.

The connections represented synapses, where, again via WordNet, “nerve impulses cross a synapse through the action of neurotransmitters.” If the cords represent the central nervous system in the Church, the ‘nerve impulses’ represent the divine will of the Lord, represented as ‘thoughts’ from the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. Continuing the analogy, the neurotransmitters would have to be those members of the Body of Christ who can sense the direction of that divine will, and be able to communicate it to the other parts of the Body of Christ – the apostolic and prophetic people, on whom the Word says the foundations of the Church are built (Ephesians 2:20).

The prophetic in the church takes the thoughts and will of the Lord and articulates it in language understandable by the rest of the body; the apostolic brings vision and direction based on the revelation of that will. As one of the leaders of my church network said recently, “Vision comes via revelation”, or, as Jesus put it – “…flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father in heaven… upon this rock I will build my church…” (Matt. 16:17-18)

It is significant that a synapse can connect two nerves together, or a nerve and a muscle. This is saying that the Lord’s will is not just to be thought about, but needs to be acted on. (James 2:17, 26)

God is calling his Church to real relationship, to end the division and in-fighting about who has the ‘full’ gospel and who is ‘right’ – and focus on acting on the revealed will of God, first in Scripture, and then through the revelations of the apostles and prophets.

Also, as the Church comes together in unity and relationship, that connectedness will make those outside of the body hungry for the relationships demonstrated, as those who are not fully connected to the Lord are usually lonely people hungry for genuine relationship. (John 13:34-35).

Citation – “synapse.” WordNet® 3.0. Princeton University. 17 Jan. 2008.