Repost: How Great is Our God!

I’m continuing with my reposting – trying to get myself back into the swing of regular posting without having to strain my brain looking for more content; as well, I get a chance to show of the ridiculously good God we have. Enjoy this – and keep on praying! (first posted in 2008!) 

How great is our God / Sing with me how great is our God/And all will see/How great/How great/Is our God!

God is awesome!!!!!

Had a deliverance session last night – it was awesome watching the Lord work and demons fleeing at the mention of the name of Jesus! It was a long session, but really rewarding – God moved sovereignly as I commanded the evil spirits out. It was even more awe inspiring to watch the Lord touch her as the evil spirits were removed and the presence of the Lord came in to fill the vacant spaces – I commanded out a spirit of heaviness and declared Isaiah 61:3, that the Lord gives the ‘oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness’, and she started to laugh; as I commanded out anxiety and spoke in the peace of God, based on Philippians 4:6-7, she visibly relaxed and you could physically see the change in her appearance as God’s peace entered her.  As I commanded out doubt and unbelief, the Lord had me release supernatural faith in its place – you should have seen the power of God hit her!

As I called out multiple personalities and commanded them to tell me their names, four identified themselves and were removed. As I broke ungodly soul ties and canceled curses of words spoken, tears flowed. Surprise was registered on her face as the Lord supernaturally revealed things that she didn’t even realize were there. After the 3 hour session, I laid hands on her and prophesied her destiny – released God’s call on her life and the power of God hit her; she could barely stand at one point. God is just awesome!!

So I’m rejoicing! One more victory for the Kingdom of God!


Deliverance and Healing

Finally I have gotten around to this question of deliverance and healing… I know I promised I would look into it. Actually, a post on another site I visit brought it up, and I decided I would link to it. I like what it said, and I agree with it. So go here to read the full article…

What about people who truly believe or truly want to be free but cannot get their breakthrough? – as a couple people who have gotten into contact with me are…

Why do some get their deliverance easily and others don’t? Is God unfair?

Supernatural Stories – Called to Deliverance Ministry

I thought I’d continue my stories with how I got called into the deliverance ministry. As I’ve said before, I was introduced to the ministry of Drs Paul and Claire Hollis by my wife, who saw a Break Free deliverance conference that was hosted by Pastor Ferdinand Nicholls.

At this time, my wife and I were having problems … we were arguing a lot and we really were struggling to keep our marriage afloat. We actually had started to see a counselor, when I went to our annual Gospelfest‘s sunset concert and was given a flier for this “Break Free” conference. I read it, but wasn’t too interested in going. She read it, and suggested that we attend. When we went, we were blown away by the teaching about open doors to the demonic into our lives, and how to get rid of that demonic infestation… and we both knew this is what we needed.

So we went to get personal ministry, and we went through the process and did the homework assigned and each had separate deliverance sessions. We were both set free from major issues in our lives – and immediately saw a more harmonious household!

The last day of the conference, Dr. Paul Hollis was scheduled to speak on “How to Stay Free” .. the premise being that the satanic forces that have been expelled will try to return, and we needed to have an understanding so that we could maintain our deliverance. We came in during the worship, and as we settled into our seats a saxophonist came out and started to play a wonderfully soulful song (I forget which one .. it was a couple years ago.)

While worshiping, I suddenly saw a vision – I was kneeling before the Throne of God, and Christ himself was tapping me on each shoulder with a long bright sword! As I became aware of the conference room again, I was in tears…. I didn’t understand it, but I knew God was calling me for something. I was crying, and the presence of the Lord came on me and I shook gently, similar to the low vibrations one would feel when touching a wire that is plugged into a power source…

After the message, Pastor Paul (which is what he’s called by his church people) asked all who felt that they were being called to the deliverance ministry to stand. I stood, along with another 100 people or so. He also asked those who felt that they were called to serve as Christian counselors (their ministry is an accredited college for Christian based psychology as well) and another large group stood. He said that he felt the Lord leading him to give an impartation, where he and his team (around twenty people) would lay hands on and prophesy over everyone who has stood up. Then it clicked! God was knighting me! He was calling me to the deliverance ministry!

The line of people who had stood up bent around the room – there was over a hundred people in that line! When I got to the front I received prophetic words confirming my call to the deliverance ministry from people I had obviously only met via that meeting. That was a great, profound experience!

I later read that Dr. Claire Hollis had received a similar vision of having a sword placed on her when she was called to the ministry as well!

Since then, I’ve gone to Tampa twice and participated in training – and I had been seeing demons routed by the name of Jesus from before this event… but this is one of the definitive moments in my life – and the start to the current ministry I am now in.

Deliverance Questions: Revisited

I will post later with the the answers to another blog commenter’s post concerning my deliverance series.  I’m just swamped with the day job at the moment.  (For those who are unaware, I’ve been discussing deliverance for the past couple of posts. To read up you can see below…)

So this is a filler for now…. I will answer the questions posted, esp by new commenter Bleeders (interesting name, btw!!!)  so stay tuned!

When two or three…

Had a great time in prayer on Wednesday night with my friends Carol and Angela.  Carol has been sensing a call to carry the gospel to the entire island, and gathering those who turn to Christ in small manageable churches (what others might call cells or house churches – I’m bucking the naming game.)  She’s asked me to come alongside and help where I can, especially in the area of deliverance.  

So we decided that we would meet once a month and seek the face of the Lord for this new intiative that the Lord is starting.  Talk about explosive!

We met in Angela’s home, in an upstairs open room that she said was built for the sole purpose of thechurch assembling. It is a lovely house… I’d love one just like it 😀

We just started to worship – I spontaneously started to sing while the others were praying in tongues… we spent a time worshipping until I started prophesying.  My hands got hot, and then…

Carol’s vision is to have passionate worshippers meeting and building community where they are, and she constantly speaks of fire – the universal emblem of both passion and the Holy Spirit himself.  So when I started to spontaneously call fire down from heaven, she felt it!  The manifest presence of the Lord filled the room as I spoke of this first meeting as being one of commissioning and consecration; I said that it was our Pentecost experience, our Upper Room experience.    Yeah, I know I didn’t have to say it 😀 but it definitely fit – the room looks out onto a balcony with a wonderful view.  Anyway…

I started calling fire from heaven and she started to react as the power of God hit her.  I saw in the Spirit an outline of Barbados, with little fires spontaneously starting up all over the island.  I started striking my hands together sharply,  calling out that the Lord was striking the matches to light these fires.  By this time both she and Angela were under the power of God, being filled with his presence and responding by praising in tongues.  

 I continued calling for the fire of God, and they continued to respond with shaking and tongues.  I was sitting in my seat still. I hadn’t laid hands on them. I deliberately stayed in my place, although the warmth in my hands is usually a sign to me that the Lord is present and I am allowed to lay hands on those present.  I stayed where I was and told God, “It’s not about me. I don’t have to lay hands for you to touch them.”  In fact, I told them the same thing.  

Then I spontaneously started to speak prophetically to Carol, commanding out fear of failure, fear of missing God or of not hearing him – and she started to heave!  At that point I went and gently touched her back while commanding out spirits of fear, intimidation, heaviness, depression… I stopped only to ask Angela to bring something for her to spit into as well as tissue.  

I started to prophesy to Carol about her apostolic call to the work that we are praying about – both she and Angela go into the parish of St. Phillip and evangelize, and need a team around them to help disciple those who come to faith.  In our initial conversations about this work, Carol kept speaking about ‘flames of fire’ – that the power of the Holy Spirit would be like fire around those who would come to faith, or something like that…

As the heaving subsided, I led in breaking soul ties and generational curses, and prayed against the main open doors which allow evil spirits to enter – when I broke off occultic covenants, she started retching again.  God moved sovreignly and she was awesomely delivered!

I prayed for Angela as well after this, for the Lord to consecrate and set apart both of them for the work he has called them  to.  Again the presence of the Lord filled them as I asked for them to receive the ability to speak, not to people’s minds, but to their spirits.

After this, while we were composing ourselves, Carol felt led to release spiritual gifts on Angela as well.  I agreed, and encouraged her to lay hands on Angela herself.  We prayed for every spiritual gift necessary for Angela’s call to be released, and I started to prophesy that I already spoke of her gift when I prayed for the ability to speak past the natural mind and into the spirit of people.  I prophesied supernatural faith – and found myself saying that healings would take place, even of AIDS!

All glory be to the Father!  Yet more adventure in the Kingdom of God…. I’ll keep you posted when we pray again.   

I’m thinking of the Scripture that says that when two or three gather in Jesus’ name that he is in the midst!  As I remarked to the others before we left… this was church! The church met, and Jesus showed up,  as he promised!  

My friend Archie calls those things “God spots”  …. let’s have another, Father!

My prayer is that you all be released into your own divine encounters – your own God spots!  May we all have more powerful times with God!

The Hand of God – Declaring Purpose!

For this new year, I am seeking God for the direction of the deliverance and prophetic ministry that the Lord as released me into.  Before this year, people were dealt with on a one on one basis, as requested.   The requests came locally by phone and referral, and internationally through this blog.  

The purpose of the blog has always been to chronicle God’s powerful hand working in and through my life – I never expected people to come here asking me for prayer!  That being said, it has been a wonderful honour to serve others through this blog.  I have seen God move mightily through online interactions – for anyone reading this post who’s never been to this blog before, please run through the site and read past testimonies (For examples, click here, here, here and here.)  

My children are still small, and I have responsibilities at my ‘day job’ as well, so I have had to think long and hard as to how to move forward without endangering life and limb by being so busy that I become no use for anyone.  So please pray for me that my strategy for balance is found quickly.

With that being said, I am now putting out publicly here on this page that for anyone reading who wants to be prayed for,  wants to have a friend to listen to and maybe be in a position to hear the Lord concerning any situation:  I am willing.  I have also seen demons flee in the name of Jesus by just my typing on a computer keyboard… testament to the fact that demons can read as well as talk!  I have prayed for people over Skype, MSN, Google Chat …. and I have seen the Lord move mightily over all forms of communicatiion!  Be blessed, and may the Lord meet you at the point of your need!  

I look forward to praying with you! 😀