Repost: Welcome To the Hand of God!

I am continuing my reposting ‘series’ … and I had a thought:  I’m trying to revive my blog, but also to bring to the surface great blog posts from my archives, right? So why don’t I repost the linky-post that welcomes all new users and has several links to different posts – and some whole series as well?  So, here we go – for all you who happen to stumble in, as well as those who have subscribed or joined recently – Welcome to the Hand of God!  Links abound – comment away!!!!

Welcome to the Hand of God!

Posted on February 9, 2010 by bajanpoet | Edit

This is a special welcome to every new member of the Hand of God, especially those personally invited by my new family at the Daily Audio Bible community.  I have made a whole new set of friends on the chat rooms there, and want to shout out AmariNanny, Calico, Dennis, Servant-Ken, Newme, Jai, Southampton and all the others that I’ve started to connect with.

So, if you’re new, you’re wondering what this blog is all about, right?  Right?  Well,according to my About page (didya see that coming? Didya?…):

The purpose of the Hand of God is to chronicle God’s hand in my life, and testify of the things God does when I pray for others.  Here you will see slices of heaven on earth, where the miraculous meets the mundane.  I also share parts of my life and try to be as open online as I am in person.

Here there are several testimonies of God working supernaturally in my life and in the lives of others around me:

My Supernatural Stories series

Here is my series on deliverance teaching – Deliverance Foundations

Here’s another series I’ve done – Life Together series

Ok! That’s a lot!  I’ll post another links page for more forays into the innards of the blog.

Please comment in the blog if you find something you like, or contact me (at) gmail (dot) com.


Come! See! Hear! Talk!

I have been rather neglectful of my blog for the past week or so… and I have resolved to make a point to update more regularly.  In fact, I may even give myself internal deadlines, like I do with my weekly newsletter to my intercessory team.

This blog chronicles God’s work in my life, mainly as it relates to prophecy and deliverance.  It is a personal journal/journey that I’m inviting all and sundry to participate in, as I know that “they (the believers) [overcome] him (Satan) through the blood of their testimony and the word of the Lord, and they do not love their lives as unto death…”

For those of you who lurk around reading my thoughts and what God is doing, I encourage you to participate! Leave a comment, use the social media buttons I recently put up (Digg, Technocrati, Facebook etc)  and share with me in the power and majesty of our awesome GOD!

Now let’s see… what has God done recently?  Well first, he’s delivered me from writer’s block! lol

I have had a deliverance session recently with a friend who was passing through the island for a weekend – she’s been delivered from spirits of grief and a spirit of miscarriage that was lurking around waiting for her to marry and try to conceive!  She’s now gloriously free of these issues! God is excellent!

Have been praying and seeking God for people on the internet for a while now, and it’s always great to see God moving in power over situations.  There are not always supernatural shivers – but always an awesome thrill to see answers to prayer.  There are depressions broken, joy released, powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit and demons expelled – all over MSN 🙂  And just as important – I have formed some of the strongest bonds of friendship through this blog! Hey Darla, Tola, Jennifer, Tam…. list goes on….  love you guys LOTS!!!!!!!

I have received a couple requests for prayer through this space, and since I have started to pray and release what the Lord had been saying, I have had the privilege of seeing people restored to right relationship with the Lord, empowered for service, released from bondage and just loving on Jesus!

So let’s exalt the name of the Lord together! Come in! See and hear amazing testimonies of God’s power and presence! Talk of the goodness of our God!