Repost: Welcome To the Hand of God!

I am continuing my reposting ‘series’ … and I had a thought:  I’m trying to revive my blog, but also to bring to the surface great blog posts from my archives, right? So why don’t I repost the linky-post that welcomes all new users and has several links to different posts – and some whole series as well?  So, here we go – for all you who happen to stumble in, as well as those who have subscribed or joined recently – Welcome to the Hand of God!  Links abound – comment away!!!!

Welcome to the Hand of God!

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This is a special welcome to every new member of the Hand of God, especially those personally invited by my new family at the Daily Audio Bible community.  I have made a whole new set of friends on the chat rooms there, and want to shout out AmariNanny, Calico, Dennis, Servant-Ken, Newme, Jai, Southampton and all the others that I’ve started to connect with.

So, if you’re new, you’re wondering what this blog is all about, right?  Right?  Well,according to my About page (didya see that coming? Didya?…):

The purpose of the Hand of God is to chronicle God’s hand in my life, and testify of the things God does when I pray for others.  Here you will see slices of heaven on earth, where the miraculous meets the mundane.  I also share parts of my life and try to be as open online as I am in person.

Here there are several testimonies of God working supernaturally in my life and in the lives of others around me:

My Supernatural Stories series

Here is my series on deliverance teaching – Deliverance Foundations

Here’s another series I’ve done – Life Together series

Ok! That’s a lot!  I’ll post another links page for more forays into the innards of the blog.

Please comment in the blog if you find something you like, or contact me (at) gmail (dot) com.


Supernatural Stories – Instantaneous Healing!

Continuing with my Supernatural Stories,  I remembered this one from when I was in Tampa on the Break Free conference with Warfare Plus Ministries – the umbrella body of New Beginnings Fellowship, where I had gone for my deliverance training.  I was staying with two of the guys Michael and David in their room that night, spending time with the group. (My aunt lives in Florida, so for the majority of the trip I was staying at her her house.)

Michael and I were talking up a storm, about anything and everything – about what we were learning at the conference, about family etc.  Michael was asking me questions about God and about ministry and I was answering to the best of my ability, as well.  He was telling me about his son and was asking me to pray for him and stuff.  We talked long into the night and finally drifted off to sleep – typical behaviour when out on a road trip, right?

In the morning, however, he woke up – and told me his tonsils were swollen.  Just. Like. That.  I mean, he wasn’t sick or anything before.  It wasn’t like he was catching something that was going around.  I even think, if I remember correctly that he was fine in the morning, but somehow this thing dropped on him and he got hoarse and felt his tonsils swelling.

All I remember is, he asked for prayer, so I was starting to ask God to heal him when I interrupted myself and felt faith rise up within me.

“I ask you Lord, to heal – No…”, I said, getting up and placing my hand gently on his throat, “I command healing NOW in the name of Jesus Christ. Be healed!”

His head rocked back a little, like if he’d been struck on the forehead.  When he brought his head up again, the pain had gone.  Instantly.

Just remembered that and thought I’d share it.  Isn’t God amazing????????

(What’s also amazing is how short this post is! HA!)

Deliverance and Healing

Finally I have gotten around to this question of deliverance and healing… I know I promised I would look into it. Actually, a post on another site I visit brought it up, and I decided I would link to it. I like what it said, and I agree with it. So go here to read the full article…

What about people who truly believe or truly want to be free but cannot get their breakthrough? – as a couple people who have gotten into contact with me are…

Why do some get their deliverance easily and others don’t? Is God unfair?

Deliverance and Healing

Coming out of my last post on supernatural stories was a question (keep ’em comin’, Arch!)…

So, how does a deliverance differ from a healing?

As I see it, a healing is where God supernaturally restores the physical body, whereas a deliverance is the restoration of the soul (or inner man.) To me, they are basically the same – in fact, a lot of physical ailments have spiritual demonic roots!

While in Tampa, I was taught in the advanced school of deliverance course that there are a lot of devilish spirits that attack us physically, and some healing cannot be just taken, but must be wrestled from the clutches of the demonic. In a later post (only because I don’t have my notes with me!) I will delve into this topic a little deeper.

Sorry for not posting recently – I’ve been extremely busy … and when I have sat to post… it’s like a giant caterpilllar comes by and eats all my ideas before they get a chance to be put onto the screen! That’s the reason for this uncharacteristically short post, too…. pray for me that the Lord helps me get rest and that he inspires me with what he wants for this blog!

MSN Healing of a Migraine Headache!

Here we go! This is a spontaneous healing that has taken place when I started chatting with my friend Rianne.

Here’s an edited version:

Hey Rianne! what’s up dear?
Rianne says:
a migraine unfortunately
BajanPOET says:
ouch! Well I pray against this pain right now in Jesus’ name! You heal and release people via my prayer. Now – pain … I command you to GO in Jesus’ name!
I pray in faith and speak against this migraine in Jesus’ name
In my mind I see something in my hand and I’m squeezing it. I am keeping on it right now. Be gone in Jesus’ name!
God release Rianne from this migraine in Jesus’ name
Rianne says:
Thanks Robert
it actually feels better

Rianne sounded surprised that she’d feel better! lol I know that it’s unusual to be prayed for like this over the Net, I know …. lol

BajanPOET says:
u sound surprised
I want it gone – In the name of Jesus Christ… I command this pain to go completely now!
Rianne says:
yeah i was here just try to do this stuff to get into my bed and i realised that i was not hurting as bad suddenly
BajanPOET says:
I’ve seen God do this several times now, as I minister to ppl over the internet So I’m staying with it. I rebuke every pain in Jesus’ name, and speak peace to every screaming nerve ending in Jesus’ name
I rebuke every spirit that is manipulating this pain and command it to leave Rianne right now in Jesus’ name…. Thank you for her healing – thank u for her deliverance
Thank you because YOU are healing her
Rianne says:
thank you lord amen
BajanPOET says:
how r u feeling now?
Rianne says:
alot better it is a reducing balance

Then I had a mini-vision … a small impression in my spirit that I communicated to her…

BajanPOET says:
I can see it squeezing smaller and smaller. So I release u into God’s hand It’ll go and u will be surprised when it does lol
Rianne says:
yeah almost there
thanks a mil
BajanPOET says:
man that’s a rush! Thank you JESUS!!!!!!
Rianne says:
BajanPOET says:
Keep pressing in! Hallellujah! The word said that he sent forth his word and healed them! The Word heals you! Jesus – the LIVING word, who carried all your sicknesses on the Cross!
Lord, I want another testimony for my blog! come on now lol
Rianne says:
u are something

After we went on to talking about other things, she then said:

Rianne says:
Amen halleujah
i need to rest tho
Rianne says:
cuz i feel the pain wanting to ince back so i am going to operate in some wisdom.
BajanPOET says:
Rianne says:
luv ya much thanks again
BajanPOET says:
I rebuke every sprit of pain…. u will not come back – even as she rests

I wasn’t going to let it stay there, not after it was leaving with a word! I kept at it… till she said:

Rianne says:
the headache is gone
BajanPOET says:

Rianne says:
i am definitely going to sleep now
BajanPOET says:

And as we ended, she was in awe of God…

Rianne says:
it is great to be used of God
BajanPOET says:
it is humbling

Isn’t God AWESOME? 😀

Testimony of Healing!

Yesterday was Sunday, and my wife’s cousin called and said that she wasn’t going to church because her younger son had gastroenteritis and she herself started to feel nauseous. So, she wasn’t going to the meeting, but had asked for some Gravinate – anti-nausea medication. My wife had asked me to give it to her, as she was late for church. My faith had been stirred up by listening to a Todd Bentley sermon on restoration, and I heard God tell me I was to pray for her healing. I called her, and told her I was coming over with the Gravinate, but that I felt led to pray for her as well.

When I got there, her younger son was there as well, doing homework and her husband was there getting a snack – so I stayed at the doorway and just prayed – releasing the power of God to heal, binding up the spirit of gastroenteritis and sending it to dry places, and I said that before the end of the day, both she and her son would be better. (This was before midday.)

I heard today – my wife had picked her up today to drop her off at her mother’s house – and she had said that by midday both she and her son were completely better! WOW! Isn’t God AMAZING???????