Happy Independence, Barbados!

Recently I went to a fish fry with my good friend Simon and was taken back in time with some lovely Bajan songs that, I must admit, I didn’t appreciate much growing up, but now that I’m older I can really say I like!  The old kiaso really tells some of the political and social history of Barbados (“Boots“, “Emmerton“, “Bajan Fisherman“, “Jack” by Gabby come immediately to mind) and on this 44th anniversary of our Independence I thought I would share some of these songs with my blog friends.

Here are a couple more:  “Hit It” (Gabby), Leggo I Hand (Grynner), Can’t Find Me Brother (Red Plastic Bag), Something’s Happening (RPB), Spring Garden, I Coming (Ras Iley)…. Ok I gotta stop now… I would fill this post with too many songs…

(I wanted to embed the videos, but due to WordPress’ policy that says I have to buy the privilege to embed videos, you’re relegating to clicking on links instead. Sorry….)

Picture of the Barbados Flag

Happy Independence!


For all my non-Bajan readers:  let’s play a game.

Bajanisms (Bajan Customs, or, Yuh Know Yuh Is a Bajan When….)

I’ve been talking to one of my Internet friends about Barbados and telling her some of our mannerisms and customs, and so I decided that I would steal some “Bajanisms” from my cousin’s Facebook page for your education and entertainment as well 🙂  So …. as my American friends are still possibly sleeping off the effects of too much food on Thanksgiving Day (called “niggeritis” in Barbados (LOL))  you can crawl to the comp, try this and enjoy celebrating with  me – and then go back to sleep again. *wink*

See if you can guess what these things mean if you’re not Bajan by birth or association…..

  • Bajanism #1: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know who Joe Monkey is…and when to look fuh he.
  • Bajanism #2: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know that the “Days” does start at 6pm.
  • Bajanism #3: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh does lower up de T.V.
  • Bajanism #4: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know de word “quiet” has one syllable and “worm” has two.

eg 1 “Boy try and keep quet!!”
eg 2 “Looka da Christmas wur-urm.”

  • Bajanism #5: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when every thing from yuh hip down to yuh toes is your “foot”.
  • Bajanism #6: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know ’bout Tam’brin balls and Sucka-bubbies
  • Bajanism #7: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know that bakes get fried.
  • Bajanism #8: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know de word “France” can be used as an expletive.
  • Bajanism #9: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat “Cheese on bread” could be a meal, or an expression of frustration.
  • Bajanism #10: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat yuh does “Keep” noise as opposed to “Make” noise.
  • Bajanism #11: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know how to stupse.
  • Bajanism #12: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know bout Sun-duh lunch.
  • Bajanism #13: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat “Cuttin’ yuh eyes”, “Cuttin’ yuh tail” and “Yuh belly cuttin” aint got nutten to do with scissors, knives or any sharp objects.
  • Bajanism #14: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when locations in your house include de veranda, de gallery and de front house.
  • Bajanism #15: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when you give bad directions. “Guh down past de gas station an’ swing up…”
  • Bajanism #16: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat “up de road” and “down de road” could be the same direction.
  • Bajanism #17: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat the phrase “My man” can be directed at males other than your husband or boyfriend.
  • Bajanism #18: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know yuh hair does bite yuh sometimes.
  • Bajanism #19: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when yuh know dat yuh pooch AINT your dog.
  • Bajanism # 20: Yuh know yuh is a Bajan when ‘boxy’ isn’t a description of a box-like shape.

So there you have it!  Guess away!!!!!  The one who guesses the most will be conferred with the title of Honourary (yes, that’s spelt right, WordPress! stupse) Bajan For the Day!


Miraculous Reconciliation!

I just want to give God a HIGH note of PRAISE for his WONDERFUL, POWERFUL intervention!  I can’t stop praising the Lord for how he has done in about three / four days what I thought was going to take the whole year to do… God is restoring my marriage completely!

Let me preface this by saying that one of my closest Spiritual connections – my South African sister Jennifer – had a prophetic word for me on November 26 last year, where she said in part,

Jennifer: yes….true….well there u go….u won’t even need to lift a finger….THE FINGER OF THE LORD IS POINTING AT YOU and He will work this out!!!!!

And he has been true to his word!

My wife Lesanne went to a leader’s retreat at church over the past couple days and on Saturday came home and lined the whole family up and prophesied to us each in turn… Through her, God told me that I had to pass through the way that I did because he was preparing me for the new season in my life. She prophesied over the entire family as a unit as well – and it was a powerful experience! She was severely impacted by the presence of the Lord while praying and laying hands on us – especially our younger son Jonathan.

But that’s not the best part!

God worked on her over the retreat so that we have become one again! There was a lot of confession, and asking for and receiving forgiveness on both our parts, and all the past has been washed away in the power of the spirit of reconciliation! And, just like Jen prophesied – without me lifting a finger.  Isn’t God AWESOME?

Since that time, we have really been re-linking and really connecting on a deeper level.  We woke up on Sunday and worshiped together, singing songs of praise and worship together on our bed – something we hadn’t done in a LONG time.  I remember when she said, “I love you,”  and I could actually see the love shining from her eyes again – that sight nearly broke me.

After the singing, I, following the prompting of the Spirit, told her that I would put our wedding tape (still VCR, haven’t had it copied to DVD, yet – I know, lazy, right?) in so that we could have it playing in the background while we got ready for church.  Guess what it started on (it wasn’t set at the beginning)?  The first things we hear are the prophetic words spoken over our marriage by the leaders of my house church at that time – an observation that the colours chosen for the wedding were white and gold, and how gold represented the glory of the Lord, and prayer – and that how Lesanne was being called into a ministry of prayer which included me, her husband.  The prophetic symbol for her was a piece of gold coloured cloth that was draped around her shoulders; when the word included me as well the cloth was extended and placed around both our shoulders together.

The prophetic word over me was an encouragement to continue in the prophetic call I had been released in – the call to show the church its dimensions and what it is to look like. Prophetically, I was given a gold coloured straight stick, representing a measuring rod. Ezekiel chapters 40 -42 detail the account of the prophet seeing an angel measuring out the exact dimensions of the Temple area with a measuring rod.  In fact, there was a time that the Lord literally forced me (naturally I was bored out of my skull at the time, but I was compelled!) to read that entire account – and I knew afterwards that this was my call.

That’s what was shown immediately after our prayer time.  Is God saying something to us?  I think so!  He is re-establishing our call together as a couple, and speaking the words over us that he did on our wedding day!

I went with her to her assembly as well that Sunday, and we were touched there powerfully as well.  The sermon was on the fear of the Lord, taken from Acts 9:31, which reads in the NIV –

31Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord.

See this same verse in the NASB

31So (A)the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria enjoyed peace, being built up; and going on in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it continued to increase. (my emphasis)

The sermon used the analogy of needing two legs to walk, with the two legs being the fear of the Lord AND the comfort of the Spirit.   That sermon was so powerful…. the congregation was challenged to come forward as the Lord wanted to release a new awareness of the fear of the Lord on us.  Lesanne and I both went forward, and suffice it to say that the Lord touched both of us quite tangibly.  There were tears and shaking and having to be picked up off the floor and everything…

And I took my diamond to lunch as well – the glass of wine went well with our meal … 🙂

We have a lot to thank God for! That’s a major understatement…. I am in awe at the majesty of our God!

Join me in praise and worship and thanksgiving as the Lord has restored us!  I pray that he puts in place what is necessary to continue to knit us together, and I pray that you will continue to pray for us as we seek God’s face together – a pride of lions roaring to our King!

What are you grateful for?


Coming off of that fairly intensive teaching series on deliverance, I was a little stumped as to what to write about.  Didn’t want to go into another heavy set of posts just yet.  My head is still spinning from the research and the editing process!

So what to talk about now?  One good friend mentioned being grateful.  She said that we aren’t grateful enough as people.  I thought – hey! Great idea!


grate·ful      (grāt’fəl)  Pronunciation Key  

  1. Appreciative of benefits received; thankful.
  2. Expressing gratitude.
  3. Affording pleasure or comfort; agreeable.

[From obsolete gratepleasing, from Latin grātus; see gwerə-2 in Indo-European roots.] 
grate’ful·ly adv.grate’ful·ness n.