NEEDING YOUR HELP–VOTE (via “You Will Rise Again”)

My friend Renee… you know her online as lost sheep … has been blogging about spiritual abuse for a while. I mentioned her in one of my Blog Highlights posts.

Now she has entered a competition put on by Pepsi, trying to raise awareness for spiritual abuse. I promised her I’d help her promote her page to get votes, so read below and then help her out – you who are connected to my Tweets and FB feed would have seen these already, but here’s one more for a worthy cause!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know i am working on a community awareness for spiritual abuse—i am gotten accepted into the voting part of the pepsi refresh grant/contest—-voting will take place from today through August 31—and you can vote up to 10 times a day—you can vote by going to this link: or going to Pepsi Refresh on FB application or going to the pepsi refresh website and once you get to the voting part … Read More

via “You Will Rise Again”

For those who just like to get to the point:  Go to and vote for Lost Sheep’s bid to raise the awareness of Spiritual Abuse via a competition put on by Pepsi.  Thanks for helping!


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